An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 2)

Episode 2
the episode start with haya get up in morning and get ready for office then she had a quick bf and left for office she was waiting for taxi but no taxi was ready to go that way then finally she get one she was late 30 min as she came in office arjun call her in his cabin and haya came in his cabin and he was standing near a glass wall looking out while drinking coffee it was a 20th floor building and his cabin was on 20th floor and on this whole floor there was just 2 cabins 1st arjun’s and second for his PS who is now haya and no one else and if someone want to say or ask then first they have to call his PS and she will ask for his permission if he want to meet or not then anyone else can come in his floor then haya said
haya:sir did u call me
arjun:what time is it now
arjun:and what is your office timing
haya:from 8:00 to 6:00
arjun turn and said

arjun:then why the hell u r late 30 min
haya get scared when he suddenly shout then she said in a low and scared voice
haya:sorry sir actually no taxi was ready to come this way and after trying hard 1 taxi agreed that’s why I sorry but I promise it will never happen again
arjun:yes it should not happen again or else u will be out of this office because I hate late people got it
haya was silent and didn’t said anything because of sacredness seeing her silent arjun shout
arjun:do u get it or not
haya:yes sir
arjun:next time I want an answer at first
haya:yes sir
arjun:now go and make a cup of coffee for me its cold now go
haya looked at arjun and said
arjun:do u see anyone here except u and as u r my PS so u will do what I say and don’t forget u have sign the contract so u can’t refused now go
haya can’t say anything as she had sign the contract and she have to listen and do what he say then she said
haya:yes sir and saying this she came out there was a small kitchen she came inside and was shocked because it was well design and furnished then she came back and knock on door and arjun said
Arjun:come in
haya came in and said
haya:what kind of coffee do u want
arjun looked at her and said

arjun:strong and without sugar bitter and dull
haya said in low voice:just like him
arjun:what did u said
haya:nothing I didn’t said anything
arjun:don’t lie tell me what u said

haya:I didn’t said anything sir I’ll just come with ur coffee saying this she run out of cabin and came in kitchen to make coffee then after sometime she came and give coffee to him then gone in her cabin which was beside arjun arjun was in meeting and there was not much work so after finishing that work haya left for home as arjun ask her to go home after this then time passed like that it had been a week now since haya joint this company and now everyone in office is her frds because she is excellent in work she learned everything fast and everyone praises her work but she is scared of arjun as he get angry really easily because she saw him getting angry on someone she don’t know why he was getting angry but arjun give him a lots of work as punishment to that man it was max 50 files and arjun told that man that he will not go home till he finish his work and haya understand that why media call him heartless then one day haya was just looking out of the glass wall it was a beautiful view from 20th floor at the same time arjun came from meeting and saw haya she was looking so beautiful arjun couldn’t understand why he just want to look at her she was simple like other girls but still she was so special since he had start business he met many girls like his office stuff there is many females and other female clients and those girls always try to impress him but she is different from others she is just so special for him he can’t believe that this innocent girl without even trying had made him so restless for her and now he can do anything to keep her with him anything means everything then suddenly his phone ring and he came in his sense and haya turn to see who it is arjun cut the call and came in her cabin he give some files to her and said
arjun:check these files and correct the mistakes

haya:yes sir saying this she takes the file and arjun said
arjun:before that make a cup of coffee for me
haya:yes sir saying this she was going but arjun hold her hand and haya felt like someone had given her an electric shocked haya without turning try to free her hand but he didn’t let go then haya said
haya:sir what r u doing please leave my hand
arjun:what if I don’t
arjun: let it be well put the files on desk and then go to make coffee
haya looked at other hand and she was holding files she turn and arjun let go her hand and was going haya put the files down and said to herself
haya:what’s the need to hold hand I would have stopped if he had asked me to stop and i just don’t understand why he don’t smile always serious and talk rudely such a arrogant and angry bird he is saying this she turn and arjun was standing at door as haya saw him and she was about to say something but arjun cut her in mid and said in anger
arjun:coffee in next 5 min in my cabin saying this he left and haya get scared and run to kitchen to make coffee after sometime she came and knock on door he ask her to wait and then after 5 min he ask her to come she give his coffee and was going but arjun atop her and said
arjun:what the hell its cold
haya:it wasn’t u ask to wait that’s why it get cold

arjun:ooohh really then go and make another cup
haya was about to say something but arjun said
arjun:its a part of ur job so go saying this he indicate her to go and haya take the cup and left she came in kitchen and make another cup of coffee and give it to arjun then she came in her cabin and start her work she was working and arjun was stating her while drinking coffee and he remember what she was saying when she was putting files on desk and smile thinking angry bird and then said in his mind
arjun in his mind:so cute and innocent she is and now she is mine only I will make her mine at any cost not because she is a excellent worker but because arjun need her for him for himself

Next Episode: He Is Not Heartless…

hey frds h r u all?
here is the 2nd episode how’s it
I’m really sorry guys couldn’t post any ff actually I was at my bhabhi’s home was staying with her and family so didn’t get even a min to write or reply to ur comments and came home late in night and was having a bad headache so I fall asleep immediately so sorry but don’t worry after this I’m writing the next episode of “Hate: The First Step Of Love” and will post ASAP so till then bye tc and love u all ???

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