An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 19)


Episode 19
The episode start with Arya leaving temple both came near car and sat inside Arya first drop mary at her home as she is not working in arjun’s house anymore because of her health then after dropping mary Arya was alone in car haya was looking out as tears were flowing from her eyes she never thought that the day which was suppose to be the most happiest day of her life will become the most worst day arjun was looking at haya from the corner of his eyes he can feel she is crying and its affecting him even when he know it shouldn’t because according to haya she betrayed him but he don’t know why his heart is not ready to accept that she betrayed him he remembered each and every thing which she did and said and their moments and haya was remembering the same then after sometime both reach home he didn’t take her to hotel they came at arjun’s house seeing the house haya remembered how arjun took her here before when she don’t have any place to stay then arjun came out but haya didn’t arjun came he open the door and said
Arjun:come out I’m not going to say again n again

Haya:I don’t want to stay with u
Arjun:I’m ur husband so u will stay with me
Haya:husband yeah u become my husband forcefully

Arjun:that doesn’t matter what matter is I’m ur husband now come out or u want me to take u inside like I took u in temple saying this he came close to her and haya push him and come out arjun closed the door and took her bag from backseat both came inside arjun locked the door and grabbed haya’s hand and took her in his room both came inside and arjun push her inside and throw the bag haya stare arjun in fear he closed and locked the door and haya’s heart start beating fast as he came toward her she took few steps backward arjun stop when he saw her going back he looked at her feet and then at her his eyes were red because of anger and he moved even more faster toward her she was about to run from there but arjun entwined their hands and pins her against the wall there was only an inch gap between them arjun was staring haya in such a way that haya felt he is going to kill her and she struggle in his arms to get free but then stop altogether hearing arjun
Arjun:if u won’t stop struggling babe neither u would be able to go out of this room nor u would be able to stay in saying this he lean his head in her neck and haya closed her eyes tightly feeling his breath on her neck then arjun said

Arjun: and trust me jaan I won’t leave u even for a second saying this he kiss her neck passionately haya felt her heart will come out as it was beating so fast she was losing herself in his arms even when she don’t want to but dam his intimacy she can’t resist then she gather some courage and said
Haya:Arjun please leave me her voice was so affected by his closeness that arjun can feel it and arjun instead of leaving tighten his grip and looked at her and both stare each other then arjun lean down and kiss her hard on lips leaving her breathless completely and haya tighten her hold on his hand and as she did that arjun kiss haya even harder then arjun released haya and looked at her haya open her eyes but then lower her eyes not able to look at him then slowly slowly arjun released their hands and make haya looked at him by holding her chin her eyes were filled with tears haya stare him for few second then she immediately turn her face to other side and was going but arjun held her from back and warp his hands around her waist along with her hands and whisper in her ear
Arjun:I’m not done yet

Haya:I don’t care just let me go
Arjun:even I don’t care that u want to go or not I know that I want u and I’ll not let u go so easily saying this he rub his nose on her neck and said
Arjun:u smell so good and ur skin is so soft
Haya:arjun please stop it
Arjun:I don’t want to
Haya:but I want u to stop
Arjun:that doesn’t matter because from now on U Will Live Ur Like According To Me Mrs Haya Arjun
Haya:no I won’t just let me go
Arjun:please stop shouting let me go because u know I won’t and if u didn’t shut ur mouth then I’ll make u and u know how I will so if u don’t want it then just shut up and listen to me carefully
Haya shiver thinking about that he will definitely do what he is saying if she didn’t shut her mouth then arjun said

Arjun:from now on u will take care of this house but u will only cook as I like the food u made and u will do everything related to me and servants will do rest of the work and after doing everything they will left and u will wait for me whole day alone in house and u can’t go out without me and u will do whatever I say and u can’t refused because if u did then the punishment will be very long and bad and I’m sure u won’t like it so that’s it for now and one more thing I want everything on time so now go and sleep saying this arjun left haya and gone out of the room without hearing anything and haya just stood there shocked on the other side arjun came back to hotel he came near reception and ring the bell Alan wake up as he worked at reception he was shocked seeing Arjun in sherwani and then said
Alan:sir u r here this time saying this he stare at arjun’s sherwani and arjun said
Arjun:yeah actually coming from temple after getting married
Alan was shocked and said
Alan:after getting married with whom
Alan:what haya with haya

Arjun:calm down don’t shout come with me I want to talk to u saying this both came in arjun’s room he closed the door and said
Arjun:i know haya betrayed both u and me and that’s the reason I married her
Alan:what do u mean
Arjun:look she never said she loves u because she is behind money so till u don’t get rich she is not urs as she married me because I’m rich right
Alan looked at him and arjun can see him convinced and said
Arjun:so until u don’t get rich like me let her stay with me as my wife then I’ll leave her because if u r not rich she can leave u too because she don’t love u and trust me I’ll help u I’ll give u promotion but u have to work hard for that
Alan:but what is the guarantee that she will marry me if u leave her
Arjun:simply when I’ll leave her people will insult her and then when you’ll support her she will marry u because u will rich too right
Alan:hmm right thanks sir u r great

Arjun:its ok yaar I just want revenge from her
Alan:ok sir till I don’t get rich she is all urs
Arjun:ok and listen tomorrow there is a party in hotel in this party I’ll announce that I’m married and haya is my wife so everyone will know as we want everyone to know right
Alan:yes sir

Alan:ok sir don’t worry I’ll do everything
Arjun: and don’t even tell haya about this I mean about our deal she might leave u
Alan:ok sir i won’t saying this he left and as he left arjun said
Arjun:fool believed whatever I said he think I’ll leave haya for him huh if I want to leave her then I would have never married her she is mine and when something is mine it stay mine for rest of the life and I won’t leave her for anyone not even for u alan blo*dy idiot saying this arjun too left and came back home he came inside his room and saw haya sleeping on floor her clothes were changed she was in black legging and white kurti she was shivering because of cold as she was not having any blanket then arjun closed the door and changed his clothes then he lift her in his arms put her on bed and lie down beside her he switch off the lights and pull blanket over them just then haya turn and hug him in sleep arjun smile and hug her back and both sleep off

Next Episode:Arya’s Romance And Party ??

Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 19th episode how’s it and yeah some people asked me about my other ff so I’m giving the link below of the other ff

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So tell me how’s it and the other ff till then bye tc and love u all ???

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    hey Angel plzzz give the link of episode 13 of love is all I need…

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