An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 18)


Episode 18
The episode start with arjun he was coming hotel when his phone ring as he was driving he didn’t see but after sometime his phone again ring and he park the car on side and take his phone to see who is sending msgs arjun open the msg and was shocked it was Alan’s and haya’s photos when Alan was proposing her then he play the video it was haya and Alan talking this is what they were talking

“Alan:u love that arjun
Haya:Noway he is just a time pass to fulfill my needs physically and financially
Haya:off course
Alan:awww I love u
Haya:I know
Alan:but what about arjun then
Haya:what about arjun
Alan:I mean u said he is time pass but he think u love him
Haya:so what I know how to handle him when he will ask me for marriage I will say no and then we will run away that’s it
Alan:wow nice plan saying this both laugh and video end”

Arjun was shell shock he think for sometime and said to himself
Arjun:no haya is not this type of girl she can’t do this she love me genuinely I know this is wrong its false I will talk to her she will definitely tell me the truth saying this arjun drive to hotel on the other side haya was sitting on bed then suddenly someone knock on door haya open the door and arjun was standing haya turn and came inside and arjun said
Arjun:sorry I’m late
Haya angrily said
Haya:yes u r
Arjun came and hug her from behind and said
Arjun:don’t be angry babe I’m sorry
Haya jerk him and said
Haya:I will be I was waiting
Arjun was little shocked by her anger and said
Arjun:haya what happened
Haya:where were u
Haya:what actually with whom u were
Arjun:I was with no one actually when I was coming someone send me this video and pics saying this arjun show her the video of her and Alan and pics and haya said
Haya:who send u this
Arjun:I don’t know I just want to know that If u know anything about this
Haya:r u doubting on me
Arjun:no I’m not
Haya:yes u r doubting if u r not then why r u asking me
Arjun:haya please listen I’m not doubting on u because I know u can never do this u r not this type of girl saying this he hold her and hug haya she just closed her eyes and tears flow from her eyes then she looked toward balcony which was facing arjun’s back and suddenly she back off and push arjun and said
Haya:no u r wrong
Arjun:haya what r u saying
Haya:now as u know everything there is no use to hide anything
Arjun:haya why r u saying like this I know its not real because I know u and I trust u
Haya:but u r wrong this time the video and pics r real and I don’t love u
Arjun was shocked because he don’t know why she is saying like this then haya turn to other side and said
Haya:i was just using u for my needs I don’t love u and I hate u because u insulted me before and I was taking my revenge so please now as u know everything I don’t have to pretend so just get lost saying this she was going but arjun stop her by holding her hand and said
Arjun:haya why r u lying don’t to this tell me what’s wrong
Haya:I hate u please just go
Arjun:no I won’t trust me I will make everything fine just tel me what happened
Haya turn to him and said
Haya:for god sake just leave me I hate u can’t u get it I just hate u so get lost
Arjun:u did this really
Haya:yes I did this now go
Arjun get angry and hold her tightly and said
Arjun:ooh really fine then u did this right
Haya now was really angry and shout
Haya:yes I did this how many times should I have to tell u
Arjun:whatever u said in video was true
Haya:yes everything is true now just leave me alone saying is haya struggle in his arms and arjun said
Arjun:then u have to pay the price for betraying me i can’t believe u did this saying this he leave haya and he said
Haya:I will never do what u want saying this she push him out of the room and closed the door arjun was angry like really angry he walk out of hotel and sat in car he start the car and drive off he don’t know where he is going but he is just driving aimlessly on the other side haya turn and broke down on floor crying suddenly someone put a hand on her shoulder she get up and jerk the hand and said
Haya:don’t touch me Alan
Alan:don’t cry jaan what happened if arjun didn’t trust u I’m here na we’ll stay happy together always
Haya: why Alan why r u doing this with me
Alan:I told u na I love u haya now please don’t cry and wipe u tears
Haya:I hate u Alan just get lost from here
Alan:haya don’t say like this I’m ur would be hubby
Haya:i will commit suicide but I will never marry u
Alan:don’t say like that u will marry me I know
Haya:no I will not I’m only arjun’s and I will always be his
Alan:but he is not urs saying this he pull her closed and try to kiss but haya slapped him and said
Haya:don’t u dare touch me only arjun has a right to touch me got it now get lost
Alan:I’m going now but remember u r mine and if u ever forget then remember ur father saying this he left and haya cried remembering what happened before arjun came

(Flashback Start
Haya was sitting on bed seeing arjun’s photo and waiting for him just then someone knock on door and haya immediately run to open the door thinking its arjun but to her surprise it was Alan haya’s smile vanished seeing him and said
Haya:alan u this time
Alan came inside and said
Alan:I want to show u something
Haya:what saying this she came toward him and Alan give that pics and video to haya and said
Alan:see this
Haya open the phono and was shocked wing the photos then he played the video and after seeing the video phone drop from her hands and she move backward in shocked and Alan said
Alan:how’s this
Haya:what nonsense is this
Alan:this is not nonsense its true
Haya:no its not
Alan:but arjun will think its true
Alan:yes I already had send this to arjun he will see this and will think that u betrayed him
Haya:no why r u doing this Alan
Alan:because I love u haya
Haya:Alan what r u saying
Alan:yes haya I love u since I saw u I love u we were so happy together but then arjun came and u start ignoring me I don’t know why u did this buy then I saw u with arjun that day he was hugging u and I decide that I will make u mine and I hate that arjun
Haya: but I don’t love u Alan I love Arjun please don’t do this
Alan:and I love u and what will u do when arjun won’t believe u
Haya:he will I know he will believe me only
Alan:then u have to make him believe that u betrayed him
Alan:yes u said he will not believe that video and pics right then make him believe that u did this by saying and confessing by urself
Haya:no I will never to this
Alan:ok then u will be responsible if anything happens to ur dad
Haya:no u can’t do this
Alan:I can in fact I already did see saying this he call someone and then open the cam and show her his dad working and said
Alan:look right now he is working and this guy is my man he will do what I say so if u don’t make arjun believe that u did all this then ur father is gone and not only ur father but arjun also as if he will not leave u then I have to make him leave u
Haya:no no please don’t do anything to them please
Alan:ok then di what I say
Haya:I will do what u say but don’t to anything to them saying this haya broke down on floor and cried and Alan said
Alan:wipe ur tears arjun can come anytime so be ready just then they heard car sound and Alan see through window it was arjun and Alan ask haya to sit on bed and Alan hide in balcony and arjun came and knock on door Flashback End)

Haya was crying then she get up and took her bag from cupboard and pack her bag and said to herself
Haya:if I can’t be arjun’s then I will not be anyone’s I will go far from arjun saying this she close her bag and came out as it was late not one was there she came out and open the gate she turn and looked at hotel one last time then she start walking and was walking on road crying just then a car stop in front of her and haya hide her face with her hands because of car’s headlights after sometime she moved her hands down and was shocked because it was arjun he was sitting in car staring haya with anger in his eyes hr was looking so angry that haya get scared seeing him she moved backward and arjun came out of car he came toward her and looked at the bag in her hand and then haya she moved backward and was about to run but arjun hold her and pull her closer by holding her waist and said
Arjun:running away again huh
Haya:Arjun leave me
Haya:Arjun let me go just leave me
Arjun:no way I won’t let u run away again u can’t escape from me
Haya:what is ur problem I told u I hate u and I don’t love u so why don’t u just let me go
Arjun:because I told u u will pay for betraying me so how can I let u go and live peacefully
Haya:and even I told u I will not do what u want saying this haya push arjun and he said
Arjun:u don’t have any choice babe saying this he grab her hand and bag and drag her near his car and haya said
Haya:what r u doing arjun let me go saying this she tried to free her hand but arjun didn’t listen he open the back door of car and throw her bag inside and closed the door then he open the front door and push haya inside and closed the door and locked it then he came and open the lock and sat on driver seat and locked the car again haya tried but the door was not opening then arjun said
Arjun:it won’t open its automatic lock till i don’t want it won’t open saying this he looked toward her and came close and haya said
Haya:I don’t want to go
Arjun: u don’t have any choice u have to go with me now just keep quite till u don’t step out of the car otherwise I know lots of ways of making u quite saying this he touch her lips with his fingers and haya fist her hands in nervousness and both stare each other then haya came in sense and moved her face to other side arjun smile and start e car after sometime they reach somewhere and arjun came out but haya didn’t came out and arjun said
Arjun:come out
Haya:I won’t
Arjun:haya come out else
Haya:else what
Arjun open the door and lift her in his arms and said
Arjun:else this
Haya:what r u doing get me down arjun
Arjun:shut up saying is he moved forward and haya saw it was temple haya looked at arjun and said
Haya:why u bring me here
Arjun didn’t answer and both came in but before entering haya stop him and arjun said
Haya:don’t u even know that we can’t enter in temple with shoes removed it
Arjun:fine saying this he removed his shoes and was about to step in but haya again stop him and arjun said
Arjun:now what
Haya:get me down who will removed my shoes
Arjun:o god fine saying this he put her down and said
Arjun:do it fast
Haya:show as she is removing her shoes but as arjun turn to other side she thought to run and was about to run but arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:I’m not that much fool now remove ur shoes
Haya:let me go
Arjun:haya don’t force me to do something which I shouldn’t do now
Haya:what do u mean
Arjun:I’ll tell u later now remove it shoes I don’t have all the time to waste on u
Haya removed her shoes and both came inside the temple haya was shocked to see mary there she came toward haya and said
Mary:u both took so much time come saying this she was taking haya but arjun stop her and ask mary to go inside haya is coming mary left saying send her fast in room as there was a room in temple then haya said
Haya:what is this going on I’m not going anywhere what r we doing here
Arjun:just shut up and listen to me don’t try to run away from room because the temple is surrounded by guards so no use of running away and one more thing what u think why i left from room like that i didn’t said u have to pay just like that went from there to arrange all this now go get ready and come fast saying this he drag her to room and push her inside gently by putting his hand on her back then arjun left from there and came after changing he was wearing white sherwani then after sometime haya came out with mary she was looking beautiful in Sky Blue And Baby Pink Embroidered Lehenga Saree Arjun was mesmerized seeing her then both sat in mandap and pandit start doing rituals then thay take pheras and pandit ask them to sit and then arjun put mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her headline and pandit declare them husband and wife both looked at each other then after sometime both were standing there and mary was talking to pandit arjun hold haya’s hand and she said
Haya:leave my hand arjun
Arjun:no I won’t
Haya:don’t forgot I’m ur wife just for the world
Arjun:u r right For World U R My WIFE But In House U R My SERVANT saying this he leave her hand and walk toward mary

Next Episode:U Will Live Ur Life According To Me Mrs Haya Arjun
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