An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 17)


Episode 17
The episode start with Alan came back in his room and remember what all he saw and heard and said
Alan:no this can’t happened haya u can’t do this I loved u so much and u love that arjun no I have to do something saying this he gone out of the hotel on the other side Arya had bf and after that both get busy in work then days passed like that

After 2 weeks
haya was working when arjun msg her on iPod and ask her to come in his room haya smiled and came to his room she came inside and arjun turn and came close yo her and said
Arjun:let’s go out somewhere I want to talk to u alone without disturbance
Haya:ok I’ll just come with my phone its in room
Arjun:ok come out I’m going
Haya:ok saying this she gone out of the room and took her phone and was coming out when Alan met her in lobby he saw her and said
Alan:where r u going
Haya:actually I have some work

Alan:I want to talk to u
Haya:not now please I have to go right now when I’ll come then we’ll talk saying this haya run out and Alan came to see where is she going and saw her with arjun and he get irritated Arya left and came in some garden they were walking and haya said
Haya:is it something serious
Arjun:actually I want to talk about
Arjun:about marriage
Arjun:yes our marriage
Haya blush and arjun said
Arjun:I want to get married
Arjun stop and hold haya’s hand and said
Arjun:because I want to make u mine for lifetime that to completely I can’t stay away from u now saying this he kiss her forehead and haya hug him and said
Haya:even I want to be yours that to completely saying this both smile and then left for hotel after sometime both reach arjun ask haya to go inside and he’ll come as he have some work haya came in hotel and arjun left haya came in her room and smile seeing their photo in her phone and said
Haya:I love u arjun thanks for everything saying this she kiss the photo and smile Alan saw this and get angry but he control and knock on door haya look at door and immediately hide the phone and said
Haya:come in Alan
Alan came in and said
Alan:I need it help

Haya:in what
Alan:actually I’m in love with a girl and i want to tell her but I don’t know how to say so I want u to help me
Haya:really what’s her name
Alan:I’ll tell u later now tell me will u help or not
Haya:off course yaar why not
Alan:ok then we’ll meet tomorrow in my farmhouse I had arranged everything so u see it and then I’ll practice with u ok
Alan:thanks saying this he gone out of the room and haya in washroom Alan turn to her and smirk and left then mary aunty call haya she pick up the call and said
Haya:hello mary aunty h r u ?
Mary:I’m fine beta h r u
Haya:I’m fine
Mary:actually arjun told me that he found u and u both r going to get married
Haya:yes aunty saying this haya blush and mary said
Mary:then its a right time to tell u
Haya: what aunty
Mary:tomorrow is arjun’s birthday
Mary:yes beta
Haya:thank u so much aunty for telling me

Mary:welcome my child
Haya:ok aunty I have to go now
Mary:bye and tc
Haya:u too aunty bye saying this haya cut the call and think to surprise arjun then haya called someone and talk about something

In Night Around 11:00
Haya came in arjun’s room and ask arjun to come with her and arjun said
Haya:I can’t tell u this just come saying this haya drag arjun with her and both came out and sat on car this time haya said she’ll drive and Arjun sat beside her she was driving and arjun said
Arjun:what happened tell me where r we going
Haya:just 10 more min
Arjun:babe please tell me
Haya:arjun just 8 more min please wait
Arjun:ok saying this he close his eyes and relax and haya smile then both reach somewhere and haya ask arjun to close his eyes and both came out they walk a little and haya ask arjun to wait and don’t open ur eyes then after sometime haya came and said
Haya:now open ur eyes
Arjun open his eyes and was shocked they were in cruse ship and haya was standing in front of him wearing a beautiful Blue Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Elastic Waist Silky Maxi Dress holding a cake in her hand the ship was decorated with balloons and candles haya put the cake on table which was in right side and came toward arjun she hug him and whisper in his ear
Haya:Happy Birthday Love saying this she kiss his right cheek and looked at him smiling arjun was shocked then he said

Arjun:thank u but how do u know
Haya: mary aunty told me
Arjun:u did all this for me
Haya nod in yes and arjun hug her tightly and said
Arjun:thanks a lot babe its beautiful saying this he looked at haya and kiss her forehead then haya take him near the table and arjun cut the cake and both make each other eat then haya gone inside and ask arjun to close his eyes again he did and then haya came holding a box in her hand she came and give him the gift and ask him to open his eyes arjun open his eyes and said
Arjun:what is this
Haya:open and see it
Arjun open the box and saw it was their photo frame arjun was surprised seeing it and was really happy he hug haya and said
Arjun:thanks its beautiful then both talk for sometime and then arjun asked for a dance haya agreed and both came in central and arjun hold haya closer from her waist and haya put her hands on his shoulder and song start (this song is from movie “Roy”)

Boond boond karke mujh mein girna tera
Aur mujh mein mujhse zyaada hona tera (x2)

Arya was lost in each other then arjun spin haya and hold her tightly from behind his chin rested on her left shoulder their eyes were closed

Bheega bheega sa mujhko tan tera lage
Aaja tujhko peelun mann mera kahe
Main naa bachaa mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bachaa tujhme bhi
Jalne lagaa garm saanson se main
Tu pighalne lagaa mujhme hi

then arjun kiss her shoulder and neck romantically haya turn to him and hug him tightly and arjun hug her back even more tightly

Qatra qatra main jalun
Sharm se tere milun
Jism tera moum ka pighla dun…
Karwatein bhi tang ho
Raat bhar tu sang ho
Tere har ek ang ko sulga dun…

then arjun break the hug and looked at haya lovingly then he kiss her forehead, eyes, cheeks and then his eyes travel to her lips

Bheega bheega sa mujhko tan tera lage
Aaja tujhko peelun mann mera kahe
Main naa bachaa mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bachaa tujhme bhi
Jalne lagaa garm saanson se main
Tu pighalne lagaa mujhme hi

arjun touch her lips with his fingers and haya said in a whisper
Arjun:ssshhh saying this he lean down and capture her lips with his in a passionate kiss

Hone de kuch ghaltiyan
Rengti yeh ungliyaan
Jism ke tu darmiyaan thehra de
Lamha koi garm tu yaa ubalti barf tu
Mujhpe hoja kharch tu yun aake

then arjun released haya and stare her haya’s eyes were closed she try to go because of shyness but arjun hold her hand and pull her backward and hug her tightly

Bhiga bhiga sa mujhko tan tera lage
Aaja tujhko peelun mann mera kahe
Main naa bachaa mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bachaa tujhme bhi
Jalne lagaa garm saanson se main
Tu pighalne lagaa mujhme hi

then arjun lift haya and came in a room he lie her down on bed and haya turn to other side arjun lie down behind her haya turn to him and arjun kiss her again which last for long time then both hug each other and fall asleep

Next Morning
Arjun wake up and stare haya lovingly then haya wake up and arjun said
Arjun:good morning babe
Haya:good morning
Arjun:thanks a lot jaan for the surprise
Haya:ur welcome saying this she smiled and then both left for hotel after sometime both reach hotel and get busy in work

In Evening
Sam came to haya and said
Sam:where were u last night
Sam:I was looking for u I want to tell u something
Haya:yeah say
Haya looked at her and saw her blushing and said
Haya: did Neil said it finally he proposed
Sam nod and smiled haya hug her and said congrats then sam told haya how Neil proposed and they r getting married next month haya was really happy for them

In Night Around 8:00
Haya came with Alan at his farmhouse before coming haya called arjun but he didn’t attend as he was in meeting then both reach there and Alan practice while practicing Alan took haya’s name and when she asked he said
Alan:actually her name is also haya
Haya:really what a coincidence
after sometime both came back in hotel but before entering Alan ask haya to not tell about this to anyone haya when asked why he said he will give surprise to everyone haya agreed and then came in her room she changed and arjun came to her they had dinner and then both fall asleep talking Alan saw them through window and get jealous

Next Morning
Arya get up and had bf after sometime arjun tell haya that he had a meeting and its out of town but he’ll be back in night and haya asked him to go and come back ASAP arjun left and alan saw him going and he came in his room and call someone and said
Alan:this is the right time send the photos and that video but not now in night saying this he cut the call and smirk

Next Episode: For World U R My WIFE But In House U R My SERVANT…
Sometimes When Misunderstanding Occur Between 2 People It Made Them Close And Make Them Partners For Lifetime
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 17th episode how’s it and what do u think about the new twist tell me after reading and how’s the quote I wrote it so tell me till then bye tc and love u all ???

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    As usual you are awesome, but the twist is sad… still i agree with you because if twists and turns are present then only life will be interesting…. and this will be brilliant for sure as i know you are THE BEST…. Take care…

    1. hey love
      Thanks means a lot really ?

  7. Bl**dy alan….. arjun should trust haya…after all love is all about to trust the partner …..

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