An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 14)


Episode 14
The episode start with Arya came out from room in lobby where the party was then after party was over everyone gone back in their room respectively when haya came inside she saw a box on bed he came toward bed and pick up the box there was a chit she open it and this is what was written
“Please wear this for tonight’s date but only if u like it or u r comfortable… Ur Arjun”
Haya smile and gone in washroom to get ready after sometime she came out of her room and silently came down in parking lot on the other side Alan who came to meet haya in her room get worried when he didn’t find her (guys I hope u understand what Alan feels for haya but don’t worry he won’t be able to come between Arya ?) then Alan came toward balcony and saw haya down with someone as haya was in front of him he didn’t saw arjun on the other side arjun was mesmerized seeing haya she was looking really beautiful in Off White & Pink Net Lehenga Saree haya came and stand in front of arjun and said
Haya:why r u staring me

Arjun:why r u looking so beautiful saying this arjun smile and wink and haya smile back alan was seeing all this and thought to go and saw who is with haya because he was not able to see from balcony he run outside on the other side arjun open the door of car and make haya sit and he sat on driver seat and start the car Alan came but before he could see Arya left Alan get irritated and came back on the other side Arya reach at their destination but before coming out arjun blindfold haya then both came out and haya stumble and arjun immediately hold her and said
Arjun:r u ok
Haya:yes I’m fine
Arjun:sorry I’ll remove this I shouldn’t have blindfold u
Haya:its ok I’m fine
Arjun:no u could have fallen and get hurt saying this he was about to remove the cloth but haya stop him and hold his hand and said
Haya:if u r with me I’m sure I’ll never get hurt
Arjun:I promise I will never let anything bad happen to u till my last breath saying this he hold her softly and haya smile and said
Haya:let’s go now I can’t wait anymore to see m

y surprise
Arjun:yeah let’s go saying this both move forward then Arjun remove the cloth and ask haya to open her eyes and as soon as haya open her eyes she was shocked they were on beach where no one was and there was a beautiful house in the middle of the sea which was decorated with lantern there was a small bridge between the beach and house then arjun hold her hand and both walk toward the house when haya came there she was overwhelmed seeing a heart made by candles and in middle
“I ❤ U Haya”
was written with rose petals haya was in tears she turn to arjun and arjun was on his knees and there was a rose in his hand then he said
Arjun:haya I don’t know how, why and when I fall for u but trust me since I had seen u there is not even a second that I didn’t think about u I start thinking about u and end up on u my mind and heart is filled with love because of u I don’t know what good deed I done that I got u and ur love and now i don’t want to live without u not even for a second I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With U Haya I Love U saying this he forward the rose and haya as she took the rose arjun get up and haya hug him and said
Haya:I love u too thanks a lot its beautiful arjun saying this she tighten her grip and arjun too hug her and both stood there for sometime then after sometime both break the hug and arjun ask haya for dance and haya agreed arjun hold haya from her waist and haya put her hands on his shoulder and song start ( this song is from movie “Hate Story 3” )

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere 
Kitna hoon betaab main

Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main (x2)

Arya were lost in each other haya’s phone was ringing but as she silent her phone she didn’t get to know

Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)


then arjun spin haya and hold her tightly his chin rested on her left shoulder they were not dancing they were just moving slowly

Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
(Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein)
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar

Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein

then haya turn and hug arjun hug her back and slowly kiss haya’s shoulder and haya tighten her grip

Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein
Tumhe bhuloon kaise main
Meri pehli khata tum ho

then arjun kiss her neck romantically and was kissing continuously

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)


then haya also kiss arjun’s neck and then both looked at each other

Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
(Saansein chura ke)
Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke

then arjun kiss haya’s forehead, eyes, cheeks and then stare at her rose petals like lips

Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
Bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage
Main gumshuda si raat hoon
Meri khushnuma subah tum ho

then arjun lean down and capture haya’s lips with his in a passionate kiss and haya kiss him back

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)

As arjun deepen the kiss haya’s hand move from his chest to shoulder and then in his hairs caressing them and arjun hold become tight on her waist

Wajah tum ho.. (x4)

Then song end and after sometime both release each other and arjun stare haya lovingly and haya hug him because of shyness Arjun hug her back and then both came inside and lie down on bed both talk about their future and haya said
Haya:I want to tell u something
Arjun:hmm sure
Arjun:what happened
Haya:I want u tell u about my past
Arjun:babe I told u I don’t before arjun could complete his sentence haya put her finger on his lips and said
Haya:but I want u to know saying this she remove her finger and said
Haya:I was 18 when

(Flashback Start
when haya was 18 her mom fixed her marriage with some boy who was rich and was going to invest In her mom’s business haya was not ready because it was a deal her mom was dealing haya’s life for her own benefits haya refused but still her mom fixed the alliance after 2 week of her engagement the boy start to meet her daily haya don’t like him at all but her mother force her to meet him he always try to get close but haya always stop him but then one day he came to house and he directly came in her room haya get scared and try to call her mother but she didn’t came and he get close to haya she stop him saying she is not liking this but he didn’t listen and try to force her haya somehow manage to came out of her room and gone to her mother and ask her to stop him but she said its ok as they r going to get married haya was shocked at her mother’s thinking and then the boy hold haya’s hand and drag her in room haya shout for help but her mother didn’t listen and just stood there but as the boy was about to close the door haya’s dad came and slap the boy and save haya she immediately hug him and cried then and her dad took haya with him as her parents stay separately then 6 months passed like that and one day someone call haya and told her that her father met with an accident and died haya was shattered and her mom took haya with her when haya came home she get to know that her mom get married again she never talk to her step father then haya’s mom told haya that she had again fixed her alliance with that same boy haya refused and said if she forced her she will commit suicide but her mother didn’t listen and forced her again haya’s life become hell she don’t know how many times she saved her self from that boy then one day when haya was in her room crying remembering her father her step father knock on door haya wipe her tears and said come in he came in surprising haya he came and sat on bed and said
Step father:I know what ur mom is doing and its wrong I don’t know how to stop her but I know how to save u and trust me u r like my daughter and I want to help u that’s why I brought this for u saying this he give her ticket and money then said

Step father:tonight is ur flight pack ur bags now as ur mom will come tomorrow morning and I told her that I’m staying in my frd place tonight and don’t worry she won’t doubt on me as she think I don’t consider u my daughter so run away beta please I know if ur father would have alive he would also help u so just consider me as ur father and just go away from here saying this he put his hand and her head and bless her he was going but haya stop him and said
Haya:thank u papa
Step father:u don’t need to thank I’m happy u called me papa and from now on if u need any help just call me I’ll give u new number so that ur mom don’t get to know about ur whereabout saying this he left and haya immediately pack her bags and that night she run away from there away from her life which was worse than hell she never thought that her step father is just like her real father since then haya consider her step father as her real father and hate her mother
Flashback End) Present Day

Tears were flowing from haya’s eyes and she said
Haya:I don’t want to hide anything from u I don’t want u to think that u did mistake by loving me and if u want then u can left me or u can reject before haya could say further arjun cupped her face and kiss her on lips and then after sometime he release her and said
Arjun:never ever say that again i told u this before that ur past doesn’t matter to me and my love is not that much weak that just because of ur past it will be finished u r not just my love but u r my life and u know what I need u so much that now I feel like I may survived without oxygen but i won’t be able to live even for a second without u haya smile hearing him and he said
Arjun:now promise me from now u will never talk about leaving me got it
Haya nod in yes and hug him arjun hug her back then arjun told haya about his mother and how she left him for other man and he also told her that he saw her first time in garden and since then he like her and then arjun said
Arjun:babe can I ask u something

Arjun:is aman the same guy who tried to force u
Haya was shocked and said
Haya:how do u know his name
Arjun:that day when u left I came in ur cabin and then saying this he told her that he check the CCTV footage and he saw aman misbehaving and what all he said haya was shocked and then asked
Haya:did u did his accident
Arjun:yeah I wanted to kill him but I don’t want him to died this easily I will punish him my way for hurting my love haya was in tears knowing how much he love her then both talk for sometime and then left for hotel after sometime both reach and changed then haya came in arjun’s room and lie down beside him arjun turn and haya said
Haya:can I sleep here I’m feeling scared alone
Arjun:off course my love saying this he hug her and then both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Episode: Arjun’s Meeting With Haya’s Dad And Arjun Secretly Asking Haya’s Hand For Marriage… ❤
hey frds h r u all?
here is the 14th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u too ???

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