An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 11)

Episode 11
The episode start with haya was working in kitchen thinking about arjun while smiling that time Alan came and said
But haya didn’t response Alan again said
But no response then at last Alan came forward and shake haya and she came in her sense and said
Haya:what Alan
Alan:r u ok I mean u were lost I’m calling u and u r not responding
Haya: I’m sorry I was just well let it be tell me what happened
Alan:nothing just like that
Then after sometime haya’s phone ring and she take out her phone and smile then said
Haya:I’ll be back in a min
Alan:yeah ok
Haya came in her room and pick up the phone and said
Haya: yes who’s this
Person:I’m ur hot boyfriend
Haya:sorry but I don’t have any boyfriend
Person:then make me
Haya:I don’t want to make u
Person:but I want to be urs for lifetime
Haya blush and said
Haya:what if I say no

Person:then I’ll kill myself because I can’t live without u
Haya:arjun please don’t say anything like this ever again
Haya:because I said so don’t say anything like this ever again else I’ll not talk to u
Arjun:I want to say something
Arjun:I Love U Jaan
Haya get shocked and said
Haya:what did u just said
Arjun:I Love U Babe I Love U So So Much ok now have to go see u in evening bye saying this arjun cut the call and haya was shocked she didn’t expected this the sudden confession haya was blushing and a wide smile was on her lips she was feeling special and she was on cloud nine she was lost in arjun’s thoughts that time then neil and sam came in her room and knock haya came in her sense and said
Haya:come in
Neil:hey where r u
Sam:we were looking for u
Haya:why what happened
Neil:nothing just like that actually we thought to throw a party
Haya:party why
Sam:actually tomorrow is Alan’s birthday

Haya:ooohh nice
Neil:so we’ll give him a surprise party tonight
Haya:nice idea
Sam:ok so u arranged the things and we’ll handle him ok
Neil:ok then here is the list u go and bring things from shop ok we’ll decorate Alan’s room
Haya:ok saying this haya take her purse and gone out she sit in taxi and called arjun and inform him that she is going out and arjun said come soon as he’ll be coming back in an hour then haya brought all the party stuff and came back as soon as she came out after putting everything in room Neil and Sam said
Neil&Sam:thank god u came yaar
Sam:sir has asked about u 20th time he is not able to find something important now please go and give him that thing
Haya:ok saying this she turn and smile Alan saw her and thought what happened to her then haya came and was about to knock on door but before she could arjun said
Arjun:come in haya
Haya came in and said
Haya: how do u know its me
Arjun turn and pull her closer by holding her waist and said
Arjun:I can feel u and ur presence

Haya blush and lower her eyes arjun smile seeing her and whisper in her ear
Arjun:u r making me crazy haya I just can’t handle this I’m going mad for u now I can’t stay without u I need u more than anything in this world saying this Arjun kiss her ear shell and as soon as haya feel his lips on her ear she tightly hold his shirt as her hands was on his chest and then arjun lips move down and he kiss her neck and haya said in a whisper
Arjun looked at haya and came close and kiss her forehead then eyes and cheeks then he was about to kiss on her lips but seeing haya’s nervousness arjun said
Arjun:jaan what happened
Haya open her eyes and said
Haya:i…I need sometime I’m not ready for this
Arjun:is everything ok

Haya:I’m feeling as if just yesterday we met and thing r going so fast between us I want it slow I mean i don’t even know u properly and I don’t want to do anything wrong i hope u understand
Arjun felt embarrassed and hurt he didn’t know that haya don’t trust him it hurt him a lot as he loves her so much he thought he would purpose her but now he is getting to know that the person he love don’t trust him yet then Arjun said
Arjun:sorry saying this he distance himself from her and turn to other side then his phone ring he looked at it and cut the call and after sometime he said
Arjun:i called u to say that tomorrow there is a party in hotel for Alan’s birthday as rose told me that they do party for employees so tell other stuff also about tomorrow birthday party and now u can go and send a cup of coffee if possible saying this he left in other room and haya felt guilty for saying like this and thought
Haya:god he is hurt I shouldn’t have said it like this then haya left and arjun was in his study he was feeling hurt and bad thinking haya don’t trust him he was angry and in anger he throw his files from table after sometime he pick the files and put them back on table and someone call him again arjun attend the call and that moment haya cane inside she was about to knock but stop when she heard arjun saying
Arjun:cancel the date
Person:but Sir the decoration is completed
Arjun:so what if decoration is completed do hell with it now I don’t want it so destroy everything and everything means everything
Person:but what about our hard work sir

Arjun:I’ll pay and if u really cared then take ur gf on date now shut the hell up and don’t call back saying this he cut the call and throw the phone on floor and because of it haya get scared and jump in fear Arjun heard the sound and turn to haya and she said
Arjun:put it on table please I’ll just fresh n up saying this he smile and left but haya know that this smile is just to show her that he is not hurt then haya put the coffee on table and left and Arjun then came out and get busy in work then whole day passed like that arjun didn’t call haya again neither for lunch nor for coffee he just worked and worked to avoid making haya uncomfortable

In Night
Haya came with dinner she knocked and came in arjun was on phone talking to someone about office work arjun saw haya and indicate her to put the dinner on table and again get busy in work and haya thought she shouldn’t have said that she don’t trust him it hurt him so much off course he should be angry because if he would have said that to me it would have hurt me to so how much it would be hurting him haya wait for sometime but arjun was just talking then haya came forward and stand in front of him and arjun said
Arjun:ok I’ll call u back in a min yeah ok saying this he cut the call and said
Arjun:what why r u standing in front of me
Haya:have dinner first its getting cold
Arjun:ok I’ll have it

Haya:no have it now
Arjun:ok fine saying this he sat on sofa for dinner and was about to eat but before eating arjun asked
Arjun:did u had ur dinner
Haya:no I’ll have it later u have it
Haya:first u have it then I’ll have it after work saying this she serve him and then arjun said
Arjun:come now have dinner else u won’t have dinner and will work till late
Haya smile seeing his care and thought in mind
Haya:I hurt him but still he cares so much I should say sorry and I should tell me the reason of stopping him arjun saw haya lost and said
Arjun:what happened its ok if u don’t want to have dinner with me
Haya:no noting like that saying this she immediately came and sat beside arjun then both had dinner and haya then left to put the utensils in kitchen after sometime haya came to ask arjun if he want something but as she came in she saw arjun there was a ring in his hand and a card he was staring it then he throw them in dustbin and haya saw him wiping his tears haya felt so bad and guilty because she made him cry and he is hurt because of her arjun turn and saw haya and he immediately smile and said
Haya:do u want anything
Arjun:no nothing

Arjun:good night
Haya:good night saying this haya left and arjun came in his room for sleeping then haya gone in party which was in Alan’s room they celebrate and haya told everyone about tomorrow’s party in hotel then after party everyone gone in their room respectively

Next Episode:I Stopped U Because I’m Afraid To Lose U… ?

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 11th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all ???

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