An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 10)

Episode 10
the episode start with Arya was hugging then after sometime arjun whisper
Arjun:even today my one touch is enough to make u senseless saying this he kiss her shoulder and neck passionately and then arjun turn haya and haya try to go but arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:u can’t run away from me
Haya:what r u doing please let me go I work here what if someone saw us it will be wrong
Arjun:u work for me and I’m saying ur work is to do what I say so right now I’m saying don’t go saying this arjun turn her and
cupped her face he kiss her forehead and haya felt that she is losing herself and was about to say something but arjun put his finger on her lips and said
Arjun:ssshhh don’t say anything from now on u will be with me and will do what I say
Arjun:no but u will as u have signed the contract and I’m ur boss
Haya:really so u should behaved like a boss and this is not the way any boss behave
Arjun:yes I know no boss behave like this but this is the way for u saying this he wink and then said
Arjun:ok now go and get the dinner we’ll have it together
Haya:no I can’t
Arjun:its not about u can and u can’t its u have to and u will so go saying this he push her little forward gently then haya came out and gone toward the kitchen as soon as she came in kitchen everyone looked at her as if asking “what took u so long” haya cleared her throat and said
Haya:I was in my room actually having headache saying this she came forward and then said
Haya:I came to take dinner for sir as he asked
Sona:ok wait I’ll set the tray ur having headache na
Then sona give the tray to haya and she came toward room she knock on door and arjun said
Arjun:u don’t need to knock babe
Haya felt an weird happiness and then she came inside she put the tray and said
Haya:dinner Sir
Arjun turn from glass window and came toward haya he hold her hand and make her sit and sat beside her make her eat with his hands haya want to refused but arjun didn’t let her speak and then after dinner haya pick the tray and was going but arjun stop her and said

Haya:in kitchen to put this
Arjun:u don’t need to do this leave it
Haya:why it’s my job
Arjun:no ur job is to take care of me so u should stay with me saying this he put the tray down and pull haya down and she fall on his lap he hold her waist tightly and haya said
Haya:what r u doing leave me please
Arjun:no saying this he tighten his grip and said
Arjun:u haven’t changed nothing has changed in u except one thing
Haya:and what is it
Arjun:ur beauty
Haya:what r u trying to say I’m less beautiful now
Arjun:no I’m saying ur beauty has increased
Haya blush and lower her face trying to hide her feelings and arjun smile seeing her effort and said
Arjun:now u r looking even more beautiful
Haya:let me go
Haya:I need to go for changing my clothes and then to tell pari that don’t make dinner for me
Arjun: ok for changing u can go later and to inform pari u can call her
Arjun:call her I will not let u go u know saying this he made a cute face and haya couldn’t control and laugh then said
Haya:ok at least let me get up and call her
Arjun:ok saying this he let go and haya call pari after sometime pari pick up and said
Pari:what happened
Haya:actually I called u to say that I won’t have dinner
Haya:I’m not hungry and I’m going to sleep
Pari:ok tc bye
Haya:u too tc bye saying this haya cut the call and arjun hug her from behind and said
Arjun:well I want to know that is this dress not comfortable
Haya first distance herself from him and said
Haya:not much
Arjun again pull her closer and tighten his grip so that she couldn’t try to go and said
Arjun:so why don’t u wear something which is comfortable
Haya:please leave me
Arjun:no and that’s not the answer of my question and remember I’m ur boss so u will do what I say and won’t stop me from doing anything
Haya:that’s not fair
Arjun:everything is fair in love and war and u have signed the contract and there was written that u won’t go against boss order so now tell me why don’t u wear something which is comfortable
Haya:I have to wear this as its uniform and if I won’t wear this rose mam will kill me she is very strict
Arjun:no u don’t need to wear this I’ll talk to rose she won’t say anything and I liked ur clothes which u used to wear and u look more good in them
Haya:but what will u say to rose mam
Arjun:that u will get to know when I’ll say for now go and change then come back I want to talk to u
Haya:about what
Arjun:I’ll tell u first go and change
Haya:no I won’t come

Arjun:its boss order so go saying this he gently push her out and haya came out and gone in her room after sometime she came out of washroom wearing black legging with pink kurti she don’t know why but she was really happy seeing arjun even if she show she don’t like him because of aman but she like to be with him and she love the feeling which she feel when he is around and on the other side arjun call at reception and ask to send a servant with a glass of milk after 5 min a servant came and give the glass milk and arjun ask him to take the tray of dinner then servant left and 2 min later haya came inside arjun saw her and came forward he hold her from waist and pull her closer then said
Arjun:hmm now u r looking my haya
Haya smile hearing “my haya”
Arjun then hold her hand and make her sit on sofa and give her glass of milk and said
Arjun:take this
Haya took the glass and looked at him and arjun said
Arjun:what u said u have habit of drinking milk before sleeping so
Haya smile and drink the milk after that both talk n talk and then fall asleep like that arjun’s left hand was on haya’s left shoulder and their right hands were entwined and haya’s head rested on arjun’s chest and arjun’s on haya’s head

Next Morning
Arjun wake up and saw haya sleeping he smile and kiss her forehead and caresses her hair and haya woke up and arjun said
Arjun:good morning jaan
Haya immediately leave arjun after realizing their closeness and sat on sofa and said
Haya:what’s the time
Arjun: its 9:25
Haya get up immediately and said
Haya:god I’m so late today I’m gone saying this she wear her sandal and was going but arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:what happened why r u so scared
Haya:because I’m late mam will kill me
Arjun:no one will even touch u I won’t let them
Haya:ok thank u but now I have to go saying this she run toward the door and arjun said
Arjun:be careful saying this he smile and gone in washroom to get ready while getting ready he thought about haya and her cute actions for hiding her feelings from him and he said to himself
Arjun:no matter how much u try haya but I won’t let u go away and I promise the more u try to go away the more I pull u closer god I love her so much saying this he smile and then he came out of room he was going out when he collision with pari and the hot cup of coffee which was in her hand fall on arjun’s suit and hand arjun become angry and said
Arjun:what the hell r u blind u spoiled my suit
hearing arjun everyone came there along with haya she looked at arjun and his hand which was burned and pari said
Pari:sorry sir I’m so sorry
Arjun:what sorry I’m already late for meeting and now I’ll be even more late saying this he gone from there in his room and haya silently gone behind him so no one can see her arjun came in his room and haya to came and said
Haya:r u alright
Arjun:what alright my whole suit is spoiled
Haya:I’m talking about ur hand saying this haya hold his hand softly and said
Haya:its burned
Arjun looked at his hand and then haya who was crying seeing his injury then haya make him sit and gone near the side table and take out the first aid box and applied cream arjun stare haya lovingly and then said while wiping her tears
Arjun:I’m fine don’t worry
Haya:I’m not worrying
Arjun:then why r u crying
Haya:I’m not crying its just that something gone in my eyes that’s it saying this she bandage his hand and wipe her tears and was about to go but arjun held her hand hand hug her tightly haya couldn’t control and hug him back then arjun broke the hug and said
Arjun:I’m going out for a meeting I’ll be back till afternoon
Arjun:u take care saying this he kiss haya’s forehead and left

Next Episode:New Way Of Boss… ?
Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 10th episode how’s it actually didn’t get much time and the time I get in that i write this episode fast and that’s why didn’t reply to comments also but as soon as I will get time I’ll reply to ur comments and tell me after reading hows it till then bye tc and love u all lot ???

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