An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 1)

Episode 1
the episode start with a driver who is standing out of the car and was checking why it is not starting it was raining the car is in the middle of the road and there was a garden on the left side then after sometime the driver came near window and knock and a man slide down the window then driver said
driver:Sir we need to call the mechanic
Man:how much time will it take
driver:sir maybe one an a half hour
man:do it fast I want it in an hour
driver:ok sir I’ll go and call the mechanic saying this the driver gone and the man who was sitting was closing the window but stop in mid when he saw some girls were dancing in rain as he was not so far so he can see their faces then a girl was sitting on bench she was looking sad then a girl came in front of that sad girl and she drag her with her and start dancing she was dancing really well he can only see her back as her face is on other side she was wearing a half sleeve tank top with short pant which came below her knees her black shiny hairs her body was looking perfect in every way her porcelain skin was looking soft as cotton and then she turn and her beautiful face came in view her beautiful blue eyes reddish cheeks and lips as soft as rose petals and her beautiful smile which was the most beautiful smile the man ever seen she was pretty and s*xy the man was staring that girl he was lost in her beauty but then the man was disturbed by the driver the driver said

driver:Arjun sir car is started shall we go now
(so the man is our hero “Arjun”
then arjun looked at driver and said
arjun:yeah let’s go saying this he slide up the window and left from there after sometime arjun reach at his mansion it was big and beautiful house he enter in and the guards other driver and servants all greet him with smile on their face and he smile back then he enter in a huge room it was well furnished and beautiful arjun came toward his bed and fall on it and fall asleep then days passes like that it had been a week but Arjun is not able to forget that girl still he is thinking about that girl her beautiful eyes her silky and shiny black hairs and the most pretty smile then one day he was in office meeting the new people who r selected to be his PS he don’t find even a single person who can be his PS and then an other one he was sure that even this one will be rejected then a girl knock on door she slowly open the door and said
girl:can I come in sir

arjun who was looking at his file suddenly lift his face up after hearing a beautiful voice to see who it is and when he saw who it is he was mesmerized because it was the same girl he saw that night in rain the girl who is not getting out of his mind since he had saw her arjun first look at her feet nails which was painted in red nail polish then he look little up she was wearing black jeans with red kurti then he look at her hands nail which was also painted in red nail polish she was wearing red bangles and black earrings and then finally at her face again same beautiful smile then he indicate her to come in and sit she came in and sat on chair then arjun said
arjun:introduce yourself

girl:Sir my name is haya and I’m from Paris I want to make my own identity and I want to prove that a girl can live by her own I know I’m not experienced like other candidate but I can promise that I will do my work with dedication and will work hard to prove my self and I will never let down the name of this company if I become a part of it
(so the girl is our heroin “Haya”) arjun was just staring her then he said
arjun:why do u know about this work and company
haya:this company is world’s number one company and best in making sim cards this company win awards every years since 8 saying this she told everything about company and arjun was impressed seeing how confident, intelligent and bold she is then he said
arjun:u can go now we’ll let u know if u r selected
haya:thank u sir saying this she get up and was going but her file slip from her hands and fall down arjun saw and get up to help her while helping by mistake arjun’s hand touch haya’s hand and haya immediately pull her hand back and get up she was looking afraid he said sport and run out of the cabin arjun didn’t understand what happened to her just a minute ago she was so confident and brave and now just by a single touch which was by mistake she get so afraid then he thought by did he even help her then he sat on his chair and call his manager when manager came in arjun told him that the girl who’s name is “Haya” she would be his PS and he don’t want to meet any other candidate and the manager inform haya and she was happy because this job was her need like she need it badly as she was not getting job anywhere and finally she got a job

Next Episode: First Day Of Office And Rudeness Of Arjun ?

hey frds h r u all here is the 1st episode I know its short but I write short because I want to see the response first on this episode and thanks for the lovely comments on its intro so tell me how’s it till then bye love u and tc ??

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