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They all return to Mumbai. Amba and Kailash go to their relative’s place to attend a wedding. Ishani was walking in the corridor while rv comes and blindfolds her and carry her in his arms. Ishani says where u r taking me? Rv says have patience baby. She brings her to the terrace which was beautifully decorated. She puts her down and she saw and became very happy. Ranveer asks how is it she replies wonderful. She tells dining is okay. But bed! Are we going to sleep… Ranveer smiles n wink. She blushes. They have dinner there where Ranveer serves her wine forcefully. She drinks it for his sake and she asks for more. Ranveer says tumhe Chad jayegi better control she says no I want it Ranveer runs wd the bottle around the swimming pool and Ishani runs after him.

Ranveer throws the bottle in the pool. She gets angry. He says baby don’t spoil the mood the night has just started. He plays the music
They dance while Ranveer tries to get intimate wd her. He says Ishani I can’t believe that today we are here together in each other’s arms I felt fate is playing a game wd us of Union and seperation. She says this time no one can separate us. They stare each other. Ranveer creases her stomach n brings close and kisses her. Ishani then runs away while Ranveer holds her hands and brought her closer to him. He kisses her neck and her back and Ishani was conscious. He then lifts and carries her in his arms and ishani was just staring him. He lies her on the bed. He switched off the decoration love lights and he climbed the bed. He removed off his shirt and came closer to Ishani. He kisses her forehead Ishani was blushing and feeling shy. Ranveer says come on. Ishani says it just easy to say. Ranveer says it’s just u and me and our love no one is here. They get intimate and share a liplock and then she say today is the first time we our taking our relationship to next level. He nods and says today is very special and then he removes of her clothes and covers them in a blanket and they consummate their marriage.

Next day Ishani sleeping in ranveer’s arms gets disturbed by sun’s rays and wakes up she wears her clothes and wakes up Ranveer and says wake up Ranvee u want to remain artist only or will continue wd d business. He says no today I won’t go to the office I’ll spend time wd u. She says waqt bitane ko pori zindagi haI but now go to work. He says is there any guarantee. They get emotional. Ishani says yes and hugs him and says I’m always wd u now come lets go.

Guys sorry I cancelled the leap and the precap story

Ranveer was leaving for office and Ishani to was going to accompany him. He says no need so seem to be tired and u are in this house happily after so many months. She says I miss papa. Since so many memories are related to this house and then our story started in this house only. Ranveer says I gave this house in the hands of baa and we are going to shift to another bungalow.
She smiles and hugs him n says I m so lucky to have u as my life

Precap:-Ranveer was arranging things in new house and falls in an empty box. Later Ishani too loses her balance and falls on him they share romantic moments but were unable to get up.

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