Immortal Love – Love Beyond Life (Twinj OS)

Immortal Love- Love Beyond Life (Twinj OS)

Hi ! guys I’m not in a mood to write my ff ; so planned to post os . This my second attempt for os ; hope u all like it …

So let’s start

A lady about 40 yrs nd a small boy around 5 yrs is shown hiding from some ppl at a railway station ..A loud nd harsh voice is heard ..

M- Go nd catch them ; they r hiding themselves over their …Get that b*t*h nd that ass in front me .
I’m not gonna leave them today ; they will die today nd the way I will butcher them will make humanity shame on themselves .

They were about to catch them but that lady nd child ran from their …While running they collides with a girl ..

L- Plz save us ! save us my child plzz ; these goons will kill us . They r coming behind us .
G- Come with me .

All the three hidden themselves in waiting room..

G- Tell me the reason why these r behind u ppl ; what is the reason ? Nd who is he ?…pointing towards the child..

L- He is Veer . His own relative killed his parents for their property nd now they want to kill him as he is only issue of his heir nd I’m his nun whom his parents appointed to care of him .
Plz do a favour on me ; take him with u as I know very soon they will find me nd kill me but u take care of him nd protect him nd make him meet his grandparents ..

G- U don’t worry ; now he is my responsibility nd I promise u that I will take care of him nd will surely make him reach to his grandparents… I’m taking him with me nd whenever ur find safe u can come at Taneja niwas nd ask for Twinkle Taneja; u will find me their only

So the girl is revealed to be Twinkle…

Suddenly their fell on goons standing outside the rooms with guns in their hands . One of them speaks “ They r inside the room …..finally we got them ; now where they will go?”

L- Twinkle u run ; u run from here ….plz take care of him ..

Twinkle along with Veer ran from their while goons catch the lady nd killed her .

G- Who is that girl who dare to take enemy with us ; go find her as soon as possible


T- Now what to do ; these goons r behind us….plzz Babaji help me to protect this innocent child..

She sees a car nd that too unlocked…A idea strikes in her mind .
She made both of them to hid in the back seat of car …

A boy comes nd sat on the driver’s seat nd starts to drive the car …After sometime he glances through rear view mirror nd find someone hiding on back seat….

B- Hey ! who r u ? U in my car ; how come ? Who gave u permission to enter in my car nd that too without being noticed by me .

He stops the car nd ask them to get out of the car ….

T- Plzz don’t stop the car . Some ppl r behind us …They will kill us ; plzz help me . I know I did wrong by hiding in ur car but I was having no other way to protect our lives . At least for humanity save our life ; I beg u

B- Us ? Who us ; it means u r not alone who is along with u ? Nd why ur life is in danger ?

Twinkle introduced him with Veer nd narrated whole story to him ..

B- Don’t worry I’m their to help u both….U r vry brave haannn…..or else who have gudges to risk her ownlife for someone other nd that too when u don’t have any relation with that person …Poor child see his innocent face ; I’m feeling bad for him as he has been through to many hardships …
Well when r both on the same mission to save Veer ; so we need to know eo’s name ….Hi ! myself Kunj Sarna nd u ?

T-“ Twinkle ….Twinkle Taneja ..Thank u so much for the favour u r doing ….
k- No needs for thanking me ; just trust me
T-Now if we r done with intro section can we proceed ahead so that those goons don’t catch us
K- Yah sure
V- Di nd Bhaiya since 1 days I had not ate anything ….i’m very hungry ; I need something to eat
K- Ok champ ….their is dhaba near …let’s first eat something nd then we will go ahead.

While they were eating ; goons entered the place searching for them ….Seeing them Twinkle ; Kunj nd Veer left the place …

G- Sir ; I enquired with the owner he told me that one boy nd girl came over here along with the child of 5 -6 yrs nd before 5 min they were here only but now they left in car…
M- 5 min ……come lets ctach them …they r near only…

Nd they leaves ….While on the other side Kunj’s car breakdown …

T-Now what we will do ? How we will go now ? When u know ur car is not in proper condition to drive then why the hell r u not getting it repaired? I curse the moment when I came ns sat in ur car
K- O hello !!!! who told u to come nd hid urself in my car ….Had I gave u the invitation … At first I’m helping u nd in return u r taking out ur frustration on me .. If u don’t want my help u can leave right now ; I’m also not interested in helping a thankless creature like u …

Twinkle calms down nd speaks ….” Look right now I’m in tension ; this time only this child’s life matters to me …nothing else . I don’t want to talk rudely with u but I can’t control myself ….I’m sorry”
K- Ok as u say , but now we have to wait for taking lift nd it’s difficult to find someone as this is secluded area surrounded by jungle all around….

While they r waiting goons sees them on road …..

G- See they r over their …..take ur guns boys ….
Seeing them all the 3 started to run inside the jungle nd the goons were running behind them …


They were continually running….to save them from goons clutches …

T- Kunj now I nd Veer r very tired ….we cannot run further ….let’s rest for sometime …
K- But u know na how we will stay here ….U know na they can catch us ….Plzz gather ur strength nd run ; get up nd move …
T- Kunj not for me but at least for him . See he is very tired . Not for me but for him let’s take some rest ..
K-OK ….but only for sometime ..

They saw a hut in the jungle nd took a shelter their….Nd decides to sleep for sometime ..

After sometime Veer woke up with a shock …all wet in sweat started to cry hard ……inconsolably ..

V- Maa ;Papa don’t go !!! don’t leave my hand …I’m ur shonu beta ; I know u both r angry on me as I don’t do my homework ; i don’t eat green vegetables …. I make u both run behind me with glass of milk . But now I promise ….good boy wala promise …paakka promise that I will become a good boy nd will never make u both angry but don’t leave me ….
Maa plzzz come back I’m not able to sleep ; sing a lullaby for me nd make me sleep on ur lap ..
Papa plzz come back nd hug me ….make me feel warmth of ur love ….Come both of u kiss me on my cheeks ; my forehead ….

T- Veer calm down …don’t cry plzzz ….sshhhsshhh !!!! I nd ur Kunj bhaiya is here to look after u .

V- Di …I need my ma nd pa back ….plzzz take me to them….

He cries very badly ….seeing his emotional breakdown Twinkle nd Kunj also starts to cry …

Kunj while crying ..” Twinkle we should control our self …we should not cry …we have to give him support nd instead of that we r crying
T-“ U r right ….”…she wipes her tear nd starts to sing a song ….

“Laalllaaa hheeeyyyy hooo, ummmm aaa hhhaaa
Dil chura le , o chand se chehre wale
Muskura le , o chand se chehre wale

( While kunj hugs him nd sings…)
Din raat mein tujhse pyar karron
Par kaise bhala ikrrar karron
Tu na smjhe meri bekarriyan…

( Twinkle makes him lay on her lap …ns caresses his hairs nd sings)

Ab to meri zindagani hai tujhse
Aane wale kal ki jawaani hai tujhse ;
Maine dekha tujhke mehssoos krke
Meri saasson ki rawaani hai tujhse
Gham bhula le ooo chand se chehre wale
Muskura le ……dill chura le….

Songs ends nd she sees Veer sleeping peacefully …She cries nd washes the tears from his face nd kisses his forehead nd sleeps taking support of wall….

While Kunj was seeing her nd smiling at her nd thinks…” She is so cute ….”

Days passes on nd Kunj got attracted towards her nd fell in love with her ….
With much struggle both of them make Veer reach to his grand parents nd lodged a complaint in police regarding the goons nd their deeds….


Kunj nd Twinkle were on their way walking ….while it started to rain heavily …Kunj took a shelter to save him from getting wet..
T- Kunj yrrr u r so boring …see it’s raining ;come nd make urself drenched in the rain ….
While she started to make herself wet in rain nd started to dance …..the way she was enjoying the moment her wet body was making Kunj go crazy for her …..he was able to control him nd went near her ..

He holds her by her waist nd make her face him …he moves her wet hairs from her face to back..

Mujhko barsaat banalo
Ek lambi raat banalo …
Apne jazbaat bana lo jana …

(He started to move her hands sensually on her back ; her hands ; her face ….)

Dil ki awazz banalo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jana
Nasha hoon main behakne do
Mere qatil mujhe jeene ka haq to do…

(He moves his fingers on her lips nd kisses her neck….her eyes ….her nose tip …her forehead nd finally her moves his lips towards her ….
At first he was trying hard to make his lips meet to her but finally their lips met …..Twinkle also responded very passionately ….It was long ; passionate kiss …after sometime Twinkle realized that what she was doing nd broked the kiss nd pushed him..

T- What we were doing ….it is wrong …I’m sorry ; I don’t know how unknowingly I did it …

She was hell embarrassed

K- No it was not wring ….don’t say sorry ….I LOVE U ….
T- No but I don’t love u ….i’m engaged nd going to get married soon

Listening this Kunj was shoked ; tears were gushing from his eyes nd he pulled her close to him

K- What u said right now ? U nd getting married how come ? I love u nd I Know u also love me ….how can u do this with me ?
T-I nd love u Kunj …..never ….I never loved u …for me u r always my frnd …nothing more than that

Kunj holds her by her shoulder more tightly …

K- U don’t love …..lie …u r speaking lie ….plzz say that u love me ; I can see the love for me in ur eyes
T- U r mistaken …I don’t love u ….U better mind that I’m getting married . Leave me Kunj aahhhaaa!!! It’s paining…

Kunj was crying continuously …nd leaves her

K- Ok u don’t love me …fine but from now I hate u ….I hate u ….u played with my feelings nd I wont forgive u for this ….Leave from here ; I don’t want to see ur blo*dy face
T- kunj listen to me once …”
K- Leave Miss Taneja or else don’t compel me to show u my darker side

As soon as she turned she heard a gun shot ….she turned back nd found Kunj’s face boggled ; his chest bleeding badly ….
Goon- Good job guysss … last we killed one of our enemy …
They fire gun shot towards Twinkle but Kunj came in between nd again the he got hurt by the bullets near his heart…
Twinkle was shocked ….she shouts Kunj …….

Suddenly police siren is heard which made goons to escape …

T- Kunj get up …..get up …u can’t die …why u came in between ?
Kunj open ur eyes u can’t leave ur Twinkle alone ….I LOVE U ….YES I LOVE U TOO … I CAN’T LIVE WTHOUT U …..

She ran here nd their for help to take him to hospital ….

Kunj in immense pain speaks “ Twinkle come near me; no need to take me fr medical as I will not be alive for long ; only some time is left with me nd I want to spend this moment with u ….i want to die in ur lap.
Now I can die peacefully as now I know that u love me ….thank u for coming in my life …Though I’m going but my love will always remain alive in ur heart ….whenever u will feel alone just close ur eyes nd remember me nd I will be present before u …”

Both of them cry hard while hugging eo

K- Twinkle I’m going but u have to promise me that u will live ur life to fullest nd will fulfiill ur drmzz nd I will be waiting for u in heaven …..
Kunj makes Twinkle foreline mark with his blood …
K- Now u r my wife…Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna ….forever …Jaate jaate ek kiss toh banti hai na ….
They both smile while having tears in their eyes ….while Twinkle pressed her lips on his nd they shared a liplock….after sometime she feel no respond she finds him sleeping peacefully forever on her lap ….
She cry nd shouts …” I LOVE U MY HUBBY ……LOVE U …..”….nd hugs him tightly

Bhula dena mujhe ….
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Safar ye hai tera ; ye raasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina …

After 5 yrs
Twinkle is showing playing with Veer ….
She adopted her nd named him “ VEER KUNJ TWINKLE SARNA”
T- Kunj it’s five yrs now ….I’m urs only …..ur wife forever ..
I know ur here only …”…..Saying this she kissed kunj’s pic…

Guys tell me how was the story ….Nd one more thing I’m sorry that for some time I will not able to post my ff as I’m busy with audit nd official work but when I will be free I will surely write it …but I will surely comment on other ff’s


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  1. Shatakshi

    U know at the end that song really made me emotional…??
    U r the best
    Os was wonderful
    N yes I will be waiting for ur ff
    It was so cute?????????
    Loved it to the core??????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Sattu ….sorry for making u cry ….
      I have posted my ff …it will be uploaded soon ….
      Love u to moon nd back

  2. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ….emotinal loved it ..keep writing. …

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soo much Twinjfan- Tamanna …for ur lovely comment..
      I’m missing ur comment on my ff …I hope u r liking it …
      Thanks once again

  3. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayeeda di first of all sorry as till now I caleed u sayeeda I didn’t knew u were elder than me…but anyway
    di this is one of the best os ever.
    immortal love…its so true.
    u proved that love doesn’t need physical presence…its true love frm soul…di emotional wonderful.
    I m waiting for ur ff

    1. Sayeeda

      No Aru plzzz I would love if u call me Sayeeda only as I love it …Nd about my age don’t worry I’m not in a job it’s just a training session of professional career to learn expertise ; I still have to pass final exam to complete it …
      Thank u sooooooooo much for loving my os so much …nd the conclusion u gave was the Best ….love u

      1. Dreamer...arundhati

        Ok sayeeda…, lol
        All the best 4 training and I have 2 luv ur writing bcoz its worth it.
        Thank u

  4. Fan

    Very emotional os..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soo much Fan ….plzzz keep supporting like this ….thnx for ur comment

  5. OMG…Incredible yaar…Superbbb

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Lama …I’m very happy that u liked it ..
      Thnx for ur support

  6. Mitali

    It was…….tremendous incredible. It made me emotional n the song in last bhula Dena mujhe. It was so emotional. I just loved it.

    1. Sayeeda

      Mitali u don’t know how much happy I’m seeing ur comment ..
      Ur comment always make me feel so good …..Thank u a lot for u lovely comment …I’m glad that u liked it …
      I hope u r reading my ff too as I want u to read it ….love u to moon nd back

  7. so cute . i loved it

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Chandra …I’m very happy to see ur comment for the very first time ….plzzz keep supporting like this only

  8. Sameera

    Wow so emotional n too cute yaar plzz do write ?? more OS

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Sam for ur precious words ….I’m happy that u liked it ….
      Love u for always supporting me..

  9. Amazing superbbbbbbb didu….
    Loved it to d core…..

    1. Hell buzi isliye short comment…
      Do understand…???
      Bt ws really amazinggggggggly osmmmmmmmm

    2. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Zikra …don’t worry for short comment as for me ur comment is always very special …
      love u to moon nd back

  10. It’s super

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Dolly …I’m very happy to see ur comment for the very first time ….keep supporting like this only

  11. aww its so cute n unique story
    lved it

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soo much Sana ( ammu ) for ur awesome comment …
      Plzzz keep supporting like this

  12. Affaa

    You made me cry….you’re too bad poor kunj…whatever I am waiting for next os…sayoo twinkle and kunj is lucky to have fun like you…Please post your episode ASAP…love you my lovely friend

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Affo …sorry for making u cry nd yah I have posted next epi of my ff ….u will get to read next one soon ..
      And yah next Sunday I will write one more os ….
      Love u too my dear frnd ….love u a lot

  13. Awesome keep writing

    1. Sayeeda

      Finally u commented Zaku ….thanks for this ….
      I always wait for ur comment on my ff as u r the one among them who motivated me to come up with ff …I hope u read it ….

  14. Amazinggggggg os

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Deepali …I’m very happy to see ur comment for the first time ..
      Plzzz keep supporting like this ..

  15. Kruti

    So cute….u made me cry

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Kruti …sorry for making u cry….

  16. Sayeeda u r awesome dear…..the bhula Dena part made me very emotional…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Rashi …
      I’m happy that u liked it …
      Love u for always being their to support me .

  17. Apoorwa


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      Thank u sooo much Apoorwa
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  18. Amazing ??? .. I loved it yaar nice short n cute story

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Romaisah …..
      Love u for always supporting me

  19. Ria

    Sayeeda, it was amazing

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Ria ….
      My os was good but not more than urs ….Ur os was super se bhi uper type ….loved it…

      1. Ria

        Thank you so much Sayeeda!??

  20. omg osm sayeeda yr u really made me cry osm yr luvly i luv u sidmin

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Baby ….I’m happy that u liked it

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