Immortal love (Epi-9)

The episode starts at morning Ishaani was fast asleep . Ranveer wakes up and sees her sleeping. Ranveer thinks while she is sleeping she looks so innocent and when awake no less than a wild cat. He freshens up and goes to the kitchen and makes his refreshments and lemonade for Ishaani. Ishaani shouts Ranveer. Ranveer in kitchen rushes towards her and says what happened. Ishani asks that I should ask what happened last. Ranveer thinks let’s play some prank. Ranveer says u really don’t know? Ishani says no. Ranveer says Ishani u know na that I don’t like to speak about all that, Ishani sees her nail mark on his hands and near his neck and gets shocked.

Ishani says u mean that happened she realized that she had wine. Ishani fumes at Ranveer and says u added alcohol and so that I lose my senses. U know that I was not ready for all that but still u took advantage of my drunken state. Ranveer says come on its almost 2 months of our remarriage. Ishani says go I won’t talk to you. Ranveer thinks oh know that did I do the prank backstab. Ranveer says Ishaani I was joking. Ishani was so even I was joking and laughs. Ishani says I remember being on terrace then u carried me till the room and then we fell asleep. Ranveer says means even u. Ishani says for most thing is I trust my Ranveer more than myself and if I’m not ready for anything I know he won’t force me. Ranveer says now have this lemonade as hangover. But how did the nail marks come. Ranveer says when I was lifting u that time. Ishani says it must be hurting u wait I will apply some ointment. Ranveer says no need infact I get relief. Ishani smiles and hugs him. Ranveer hug backs and says so do you wish to join office again? Ishani says yes but not today because my head is aching like anything. Ranveer says have a Crocin n again go back to sleep. Ishani says no tonight ur family is returning from Australia for few days and the house is so messy. Ranveer says the credit goes to ishveer. Ishani says what’s that. Ranveer says so simple ish for Ishani and veer for Ranveer. Ishani says how cute. Ranveer says bids bye mad leaves for office.

At evening Ranveer returns from office and gets glad to see is parents brother and sister. He some some moments with them. His mother says ur quite lucky to have Ishani as ur wife. Ranveer says ya I’m and mummers to hai dad that are all wives dominating. His father says of course. Milan says then I won’t marry. Everyone laughs. Parul brings Ranveer to a corner and says I’m in love with someone. Ranveer says who. Parul says Chirag . Ranveer says so what’s the problem. Parul says his reputation is not good in society and had many ex in his life. Ishani says I’m One of them. She says I was engaged to him before i had Ranveer in my life. I just broke the engagement because he was already a father of a child whom he left. Parul says I know but now he has improved. Ranveer says we will see it later .

Guys in this ff Ranveer Chirag are not familiar to each other but Chirag is jealous of Ranveer and lust for Ishani and Milan parul Ranveer are real siblings Milan is the youngest amongst them

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