Immortal love (Epi-8)

The episode starts with Ranveer seeing the candlelight setup n asks did u arrange this! Ishani says no my spirit came Ranveer says very funny. Btw what did u make. Ishani says ur favorite sizzlers it’s on stove wait I get it. Ranveer brings his alcohol too. He pours champagne in two wine gasses and adds some alcohol in one glass for him. Ishani in the kitchen says Ranveer come here help me to lift this. Ranveer goes there and says ur sunny does man. Ishani says shut up. Ranveer says okay Ishani mata.

They sit to dine and Ishaani asks him to taste and says how is it. Ranveer tries some part of it and says make faces and says eeeyak. Ishani frowns and says sorry. Ranveer says I have tasted such awesome sizzlers in my life. Ishani pinches him and says u too na. Ranveer feeds the first morsel to Ishani. They both have champagne and by mistake Ishaani took Ranveer’s champagne. And then she bacame drunk. Ranveer realizes that there is no alcohol in his wine and says oh no.

Ishaani in drunken tone says it was so bitter still I loved it. Ishani takes Ranveer’s alcohol botte and starts having it. Ranveer prevents her. Ishani in drunken tone why only u can drink. Even I can drink and she stumbles while walking and goes to terrace. Ranveer says oh god plz save me from this storm. He runs there and says Ishani. She admires the moon and says Ranveer i always asked this moon to give me a part of his charm and so he gave u to me. You came from moon right so sometimes u behave like an alien and she laughs. Ranveer tries to lift Ishaani to take her inside. Ishaani says what are u doing . Ranveer says ur drunk Ishaani she says I know and laughs again. She comes close to him and asks what do u exactly feel for me. Ranveer says we will talk tomorrow. Ishaani holds his color and says no u hv to say and slowly falls on his shoulders and faints. Ranveer says haashhh thank god. He lifts her and makes her sleep and stares her beauty. He says umm what do I feel for you is tough question I will first analyze and then confess and kisses her.

Precap:- Ishani in morning asks Ranveer what happened last night?
Ranveer plays a prank n says ask what did not happen. Ishani says u mean that and gets shocked??

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked the part where ranveer feeding ishani and she drinking alcohol and all . The pre cap seems to be funny so waiting for it update it soon .

    1. Ty but why don’t u update dear

  2. Very nice dear just keep up eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Gud update dr
    Update next soondr
    Ishu drunk

  4. Lovely episode dr….. Waiting for the next episode…..

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