Immortal love (Epi-7)

The episode starts with Ranveer informing Ishaani to complete the accounts in the file before coming to office. Ishani says sure. Ranveer says so I’m leaving. Ishani starts completing it and then leaves for office. At the office Ranveer says Ishani did you complete it. Ishani says yes Ranveer says at evening I have to attend an important meeting. Ishani asks in this office. Ranveer says yes. At 4 the meeting commence. Ranveer asks Ishaani to show the file to clients. Ranveer gives it to the clients. The clients says is this a loot? Ranveer says excuse me. They say the budget rate so high plus tax. Ranveer says can I have a look. Ranveer says sorry there is some mistake in the account Ranveer fumes at Ishaani.

Ranveer says sorry and says there some mistake if you won’t mind can I get some time I will just correct it and give you. The client insultingly says okay be quick. Ranveer’s impression didn’t went so good and so not of the company. Ranveer says excuse me and leaves Ishani follows him n go to his cabin. Ishaani says sorry Ranveer actually I didn’t know how it went wrong. Ranveer says what are u doing? You won’t o help me but forêt be capable of it. You aren’t doing a favor by all this! The company is suffering from losses due to the demonitisation. Ranveer says you aren’t my wife here n not always I can hide your mistakes here I have to be professional. As per my company’s norm ur suspended mrs Waghela. Ishani says sorry again amd leaves. On the way to home she gets teary and thinks how can I be so careless and feels guilty.

In Ranveer’s cabin the clients knock the door and says sorry mr rv actually there was another file of same cover lying on the desk and we took the wrong file. The accounts are absolutely correct and also the ideas for our next projects are brilliant. Ranveer does the other formalities. On the way to home Ranveer in his car recalls how she scolded Ishaani and feels guilty coz it wasn’t her fault and additionally she did layout of their next projects. Ranveer stops his car and buys bouquet and Ishaani’s favorite ice-cream. Ranveer thinks I know this won’t work but I must try.
Ranveer parks his car and opens the door with his keys and sees there is darkness. Ranveer fears whether Ishaani went to Parekh house. Then Ishaani hugs him from behind and says sorry Ranveer. Ranveer turn back and she Ishani. Ranveer hugs her tightly and explains that it wasn’t her fault and bla bla bla. Ranveer holds her hands and says I shouldn’t have scold u and kisses her hands. Ishani says in your office I’m under you and Ishaani holds his tie and says sir don’t u hv shame in romancing your co assistant. Ranveer says no in love and war everything is fair and hands over the bouquets she to her. She smiles and says not bad. He kisses her forehead and says I promise this won’t happen again. Ranveer says Btw some aroma of food is coming. Ishani says Ranveer close ur eyes .
Ranveer says I like surprises and Ishani amd him head towards the dinning hall. Ishaani says open ur eyes. Ranveer was surprised to see candlelight dinner arrangement done by Ishani along with champagne.

Precap:-Ranveer adds alcohol to his wine by mistake Ishaani drinks it and turns crazy.

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    Ooh good going dude……loved their romantic part…..Glad that both Ranveer & Ishaani patched up

  2. Maya-Shelly

    Gud epi dr
    Keep going

  3. Very nice episode dear keep it up ?

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i really liked jt . The importand thing is that i just love ur writing very much the part of ranveer saying sorry was nice and the precap seems to be more interesting plz update the next soon.

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