Immortal love (Epi-4)

At evening Ishani was busy preparing the dinner where ranveer comes and taunts her”let it be it’s not your cup of tea” Ishani ignores. Ishani says these days people have the habit of interfering in other works. Ranveer says safety is number one priority and he leaves. Ishani smiles. And then she prepares heart shaped pizza for him and ranveer gets delighted seeing it and he pinched himself and says oh this is reality. Ishani says just shut up and try it. Ranveer says u have made it so now feed me wd ur own hands and Ishani covers it and says have it by urself I’m busy where she was trying to leave and ranveer holds her hands and shouts aaaauuuuuchhhh ranveer sees her hands burnt and says now I understood why u were not feeding me wd ur hands and scolds her for being careless and then he applies ointment where Ishani smiles. He asks what’s so funny she says my hubby looks cute when angry. He smiles.
At midnight Ishani wakes and find ranveer not in the room and she searches for him and she finds her in the study and asks what are you doing here. He says day after tomorrow we are going on honeymoon to US. She gets happy and hugs him.

Precap: at airport ishani was very angry calling RV but his phone is switched off

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  1. Nice episode Vaidehi waiting for next ?

  2. Loved it keep it up and if u can post the next epi as i egarly waiting the next epi and how r u

  3. Julina

    Such a lovely epi…. waiting for next epi….

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