Immortal love (Epi-16)

She calls Ranveer . But Ranveer cuts her call. Ishani says how can he do so. She again call him . Ranveer switched off his phone. Ishani calls his driver and says inform him to come home immediately. The driver does so and Ranveer excuses himself and goes to house. In the house garden she was waiting for him. Ranveer comes and gets tensed and says what happened. She hugs him and cries. She wasn’t stopping. Ranveer separated the hug and hold her face and wiped the tears. He asks plz tell me what happened. Ishani shows her the mobile reports. He read it and says crestfallen. He got the most terrible shock of his love life. Ishani sat on the lawn emotionless dejected n she was traumatized. Ranveer decided to stay strong for her and he too sat besides her. He holds her hands and says I’m with you. Ranveer says says ish ur pregnant. We should be happy. Somedays before u and mom were discussing about having kids. Even I’m happy and Ranveer smiles. Ishani says what about that.

Ranveer says I’m getting positive vibes that it will cure. Ishani says don’t pretend to be that strong that u have u kill ur emotions I know what u must be feeling I’m worried for u. Ranveer gets teary. She says I’m not sure whether I will be able to give birth to my baby. Ishani says I’m tensed for u and baby if it got transmitted to him/her. After I die. Ranveer shouts shut up just shut up did anyone ask u about ur opinion nothing will happen to u or the baby. Ishani cries. Ranveer hugs her and he too breaks down. Ranveer says it’s u are stuck INITIAL STAGE OF CANCER. It will get cured. And if I die then? What will happened my baby, no I just can’t handle it she get restless n says I will die.. Ranveer slaps her for calming her down.

She hugs him. Ranveer says it’s late now let’s go to in .Ranveer makes her sleep. Ishani says we always get incomplete happiness. Ranveer says no until we are together we are the happiest on this earth. Ishani says what about maya. Ishani says sorry to say but I think she is trying to trap you. After I die I don’t want u to be with a wrong person. Ranveer gets angry and says again the same thing its initial stage and u will get fine.and i know maya intentions but I’m concerned with my deal. Ishani says what? Ranveer says I know u think my extramarital affair is going on but she is falling in her own trap. She divorced and cheated shikhar an old best friend of mine and she took his property as alimony which she didn’t deserve. So I was trying to get proof against her and the case trap of the business.Ishani says ohhhhh I’m so sorry. Ranveer says never mind let’s go to sleep. At midnight Ranveer dreams that Ishani fell of the terrace. He shouts ish and woke up. He saw Ishani was not there. He saw the cupboard was empty and her suitcase was missing. Ranveer shouts oh no she left me. He saw divorce papers signed and a letter written.

Precap:- a major leap of 6 years in San Francisco in America

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  1. Harisha39

    Ishaani is pregnant but she is also suffering from cancer!!! I think she would be cured as she is in her initial stage!!!Waiting to know what is gonna happen after the 6 years leap…Is Ishaani alive? Is Maya replacing the place of Ishaani?What will happen to Ishaani’s baby? So many questions running on my mind…And the questions will be only solved by u so please post the next epi soon!!! Anyways it was a breath taking epi!!!Fantastic epi…Waiting for the next…Take Care);

  2. It’s so bad u can try to do better

  3. Nandana

    Nice episode dear good going dear u r adding more more spice dear but sad to know that idhani is suffering with cancer but no problem dear its ok i hope that nothing happen to ishani and happy to know that she is pregnant . And its good to hear that ranveer is traping maya not any attraction towards her but our ishani had went from there with out telling anyone 🙁 . And waiting to know what will be happening after this leap………… . Keep updating dear…

  4. nic but sad episode……

  5. ya metoo nic but too sad

  6. I am so much eager to know that what will happen to them and the episode was interesting pls update the next episode soooo soon ?

  7. Nice episode waiting for next episode

  8. Nooo my ishveer cant separate

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    what happened after 6 years what happened to my ishveer and ishveer’s baby

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    very sad but nice

  11. Oh no. Y she went from there. she is pregnant and also suffering from cancer. But y she left. Now 6yrs leap. Waiting for the leap. I think Ishani will be alive but will ranveer forgive her for leaving him and what about their baby?

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