Immortal love (Epi-15)

At night Ranveer comes to Ishani and serve her dinner. Ishani says it’s early right n wau . Ranveer says I’m going out for dinner meeting with my new cooperative company CEO maya khurana. Ishani gets shocked but doesn’t overreact. Ishani frowns. Ranveer says what happened. She says nothing I’m just feeling sleepy. Ranveer says okay u have this and then go to sleep. She says when u return just call me don’t ring the bell since everyone is tired because today’s incident. Ranveer was getting ready. She wonders why is her getting so much ready just for meeting. Does he wish to impress her. Ishani thinks I have to find out what’s exactly happening.

There Ranveer reaches the restaurant. Maya sees him and gives him a formal hug. Ranveer thinks what is she doing and then thinks oh she is born and brought up in London so.. he asks where is ur secretary and ur manager. Maya replies well they are coming with the files and papers . She tries to becomes more extrovert and friendly and introduces her as extremely bubbly type of a girl. She also says that she is divorced and her ex husband cheated on her. Ranveer says what! Maya tries to gain sympathy and gets teary . Ranveer offers his handkerchief. Maya the takes it and says thanks. Ranveer too reveals about Ishaani as his wife and says she is super cool awesome and extremely loving. Maya gets jealous and thinks it’s very difficult to break their bond but I will make sure that Ishaani believes that his extramarital affair is going on with maya. Ranveer says what are you thinking maya. Maya says I was thinking how unlucky I’m the one whom I loved cheated me. Ranveer consoles her. He was physically present there but he was thinking about Ishani.

There Ishani was waiting for him and thinks I have never seen her but from those chat I can clearly make out that she is trying to trap my Ranveer and he stupid can’t get it. According to him everyone is very good in the world. Ishani says she is constantly changing her dp to attract Ranveer and on social networking sites she never upload her pics because Ranveer doesn’t follow her. Omg God plz help me. Then her phone beeps. There were mails from hospital of her reports. She checked it and was shocked.
Precap:- Ranveer too gets shocked hearing the news
GUESS of the day:
Why was Ishani shocked???????
Friends I wish thAt ull respond to this plz humble request

Guys thank you so much
From each episode I’m getting introduced to new fans
I’m getting too much motivated n I will not stop writing the ff

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  1. really nice episode & I think she’s pregnant that way she’s shocked & ranveer too……

  2. Harisha39

    It was a good new that u r not gonna stop writing!!!U just rocked the epi…And the guess I’m not sure but it has to be Ishaani pregnant either some kind of disease???

  3. Hi Vaidehi it was too good and I guess she is pregnant or she is suffering from any serious disease due to her condition became worse

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i also think ishani is pregnent

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai vaideehi realy u rocked the episode

  6. I think she is pregnant or some other?

  7. really nic episode dear…. & its good for us that u can’t stop written bcos I really loved ur writing scale & I really epriciated…& I think sanaya’s right…I agree with her but I think another serious situation included in this matter so I’ll just wait for ur next update…

  8. Nice episode waiting for next episode

  9. myna(die hard fan of ishveer)

    super super episode ranveer is only for ishani and ishani is only for ranveer

  10. very nice episode ranveer ashiqui is only for ishani not for maya

  11. such a lovely episode

  12. hai guys iam also mad fan of meri ashiqui .and your episode is realy lovely

  13. Superb epii.. Keep updating

  14. Nandana

    Nice episode deari really liked it and ranveer serving dinner to ishani and all was very nice dear . And comming to the guess now i can’t say as i had already read the recent episode so…. . I got to know it dear annyway well done dear……..

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