Immortal love (Epi-14)

The episode starts with the family preparing for the Havan. They invited the Waghela family manas’ family n few other guests. Then all the married couples were made to sit together in Havan and ishveer also sat and were chatting with each other. Amba says to Falguni how strange yesterday there was some problem n now it got resorted. Amba personally talks to chaitali for sharman and parul’s alliance and says I have no problem.

The pooja begans. The pandit asks to bring some more camphor. Ishani says okay I’ll bring. Later he adds some poisonous liquid secretly in fire and runs away.Baa notices it and shouts immediately leave from here. Everyone stood up and came out of the drawing room. The fire spread everywhere. Devarsh called fire brigade. Amba says fire is spreading more and more. Kailash exclaims where is Ishaani. Ranveer says where went to kitchen to bring something oh no. He immediately snatches the shawl of baa and Falguni and sees a mini fire extinguisher. He runs inside. They shout wait. Harshad says now he won’t stop. Baa says the pandit was villain and he locked all windows and doors from inside. Ranveer fights with fire using fire extinguisher but due to the chemical it didn’t effect much. He went to kitchen and saw Ishani fainted. He wraps her with shawl and carries Ishani in his arms. Rest of the family with help of fire brigade were extinguishing fire. Baa Falguni Amba were crying. Finally fire extinguished. Ranveer came out of the room and Harshad calls the doctor and asks Ranveer to take her to her room. The doctor came n she told everyone to get out of the room so she can apply medicines to her wound n asked anyone of ladies to help her. Baa says she is my granddaughter I will help. Harshad outside the room says thank you for saving my daughter’s life. Ranveer says no papa I did it for myself. My life is in her and so I saved my own life. Harshad says I’m proud of you. The doctor comes out and says I have done the treatment. Here are some medicines. And do dressing time to time. Ranveer ask is she conscious. Yeh doctor says ya a lil bit. She can sense th surrounding. Ranveer immediately goes in.

The doctor says wait. Falguni says to him go now he won’t stop. Ranveer sits beside Ishani and Ishani murmurs something. Ranveer goes close to her and she says in fallen tone why did u play with fire I’m if something happened to u then I can’t die peacefully. Ranveer says shut up don’t say these things don’t u know how much u matter to says it was a trap. Police is investigating.

Ishani again murmurs it must be Chirag’s preplanned trap. Ranveer says may be but now u don’t take stress n rest. Ishani sees Ranveer hands n neck little burnt. She says apply the ointment right now. He says it’s fine. She asks him not to argue n do it. Ranveer says ur very dominating. Ishani says so I’m telling it for u. Ranveer says I won’t die n I just hate it infact it burns much more than it is burning right now. Ishani says it’s means it is burning right now n I’m extremely sorry as it happened because of me. Ranveer says it wasn’t ur fault. Ranveer caresses her forehead and says now u rest. Ishani shouts mom mom. Amba gets tensed n immediately comes in. Ishani says mom Ranveer’s hands and behind portion of his neck his burnt, can u plz apply ointment I said but he is not listening. Ranveer fumes at her. Amba says she is right come sit I will apply it. Ishani smirks. He gives cold looks.

Precap:- Ranveer goes with maya for dinner meeting Ishaani restless due to some reason

Hey friends I hope you’re liking the track
If not soon a major leap is coming where……………….ull hv to read it
Nandana harisha maya I think even ull were writing such an amazing ff why don’t ull continue

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  1. Harisha39

    It was so good…Happy that it was not a major fire accident…Good that there’s nothing wrong with themselves…And waiting to know y Ishaani is restless and what is the reason…Amazing update…Waiting for the next!!!Take Care?

  2. Nice episode waiting for the next update

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ranveer loves ishani wholeheartedly then why ranveer goes with maya for dinner

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ranveer u saved ishani superb u both r best couple i love ishveer

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    very nice episode waiting for next episodes

  6. myna(die hard fan of ishveer)

    realy nice episode pls continue iam the silent reader first time iam commenting because i love ishveer and a mad fan of meri ashiqui

  7. very nice episode

  8. hi guys iam a silent reader but iam a loyal fan of meri ashiqui.i don’t know your name but episode is realy nice

  9. thankgod there is no major fire accident and yes bhagya ishveer is realy best couple

  10. amazing episode..til i can’t wait for ur next update….

  11. Very nice dear I loved today’s episode very much just keep it up ?

  12. PRINCE

    Again a beautiful update u have given sis……great update????

  13. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really really liked it all the part was been awesome and yeah u r right this track is very interesting and about my ff dear tmrw exam is going to start so busy with studies dear so that I can update only after this 22nd dear ……………..

  14. Niz update dr. Its awesome and interesting.
    Regarding my ff, now I rarely get time to comment here. I will continue this month end…
    Keep smiling dr

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