Immortal love (Epi-13)

Next morning Ishani in uncheerfully wake him up. He says good morning. Ishani straight away asks can someone else come in your life and is capable of taking my place. Ranveer says what type of questions ur asking and goes to freshen up.
Ishani thinks I’m sure he has started feeling for her and I don’t have any problem if someone take my place for his happiness but she doesn’t seem to be a good person either. Ranveer thinks about maya how beautiful and amazing is she.
Ranveer in his study was doing some important proj n instructed that no one will disturb him not any phone calls. Later maya call comes. He gets happy and immediately receives it. Ishani observed it and got sad n thinks he said that he is busy
Inorder to cheer herself she went to Parekh mansion. She shared this problem to Falguni saying my friend got struck in it. but she got it that it was for her and Ranveer .Falguni replies it rarely happens that in this generation we find one woman man . They easily get bored with relationships and may choose the wrong way. So they must check out what’s exactly happening without knowing him what are u upt o and don’t try to control them. If he go away from u so u have to go close to him. Ishani hugs Falguni and says for sometimes I want to stay with ull. Harshad and baa comes and says of course it’s ur house.
When Ranveer returned home he didn’t notice that Ishaani isn’t there and Amba was thinking what happened to them why suddenly she went to her parents’ house. It’s better I don’t speak in between they will sort out their matter. Ishani sleeps in her bedroom which was former bedroom of ishveer and cries bitterly recalling what’s happening to him. Falguni watches her from the window and she too cries . Harshad comes and says even I wish to console her but we can’t. She has to handle the situation. We can show the way but she herself has to walk on it. Now she is married and she has to learn to handle the situations her husband and in future too she has to grow up children also. Falguni says ur right but tomorrow don’t go to office tom let her spend some time with us she will feel happy and stress free. We will call disha manas also. He agrees nThey return to their room. She hugs Ranveer’s photo frame and falls asleep leaving the window open.
Ranveer enters the room and was going to sleep and notices that Ishani was not there. Amba comes there and informs that she went to Parekh house and she was lil upset n she leaves .
Ranveer says from morning she didn’t even come to me for casual talk or to quarrel with me. Ranveer says let me go n check. As usual he climbs the pipe and reach her room and sees window of the balcony open and enters the room. He sees Ishani sleeping with his photo and the pillow portion below her cheeks was completely wet. Ranveer says how I can’t recognize her pain what happened to her n keep his hands on his forehead and says oh no did I tell her something which hurt herbut she is sleeping now it’s better I meet her tomorrow only.Ranveer caresses her forehead and kisses her n was about to leave .
His sleeve button gets stuck with her hair. While removing it she woke up. Ishani says u over here how when why. Ranveer says u will ask why? Ishani says yes. Ranveer says see ur eyes full swollen red and ur pillow fully wet and ur voice. u cried a lot but why. Ishani says I don’t know. Ranveer opens his arms n says come but Ishani didn’t hug him. Ranveer holds her shoulders n says what happened plz say I’m very restless why are u so sad did I hurt to unknowingly or did anyone say something to u. Ishani says I swear u I’m not getting what’s happening in my life. Ishani hugs him n says this morning I ask to something do u remember. Ranveer says yes and I think I don’t need to answer coz it’s obvious that ur my first n last love. Although I’m flirty but u will always be in my soul. Ishani gets some relief. Ranveer says but I’m angry. Ishani asks why. Ranveer says I never like to see u in so much of pain. Always u sacrifice u get the pain n I’m like a spectator. I can’t see u like this I can’t see u like and he shouts I can’t I u like this and then he holds
her hands n starts crying. Ishani says same here n wipes his tears. They share intense hug and kiss each other. Ranveer says now smile. She smiles. Ranveer says this is fake but I will soon make it real n winks.He says I have to leave now.She says hmm but I actually don’t want u to do
She saysMaa said tomorrow is Havan so I have to stay here till then. Ranveer says fine and hugs her and leave. Ishani says no u won’t jump go from the main door. Ranveer says but it’s absolutely fine. Ishani says no further arguments come I will drop you. Ranveer says where to Waghela
mansion. Ishani says no and she pushes him out. Ranveer says if ur maa papa sees u throwing
me out and they wouldn’t have spared u. Ishani says whatever. Harahad and Falguni were watching them from their room and he says my daughter got the best husband see much he cares for her. Falguni says I’m sure he came climbing the pipe as usual and they laugh.

Precap:- a huge fire to take place. Ishani gets stuck inside Ranveer runs in to rescue

Guys happy makar sankranti have a blast today
I hope ur liking the track keep smiling n always support me in my ff

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it and can I ask one question that is ranveer really started feeling towards Maya as when her call came he became so happy any way the part where ranveer and coming and consoling Ishani was very nice I really liked that and happy makar sankranti dear and update the next soon dear.

    1. Y u r not updating ur ff dr…

  2. Harisha39

    U just rocked the epi… It was so good…& ur precap is horrifying…Anyways waiting for the next epi…Also Maya’s track is going on na?

    1. Harisha39

      Also Happy Makar Sankrati

  3. Loved it….post it Daily dr….

  4. very nic story I just loved it…….

  5. very nic story I just loved it…….

  6. Very very nice episode pls update the next soon plzzzzz

  7. very nic story I just loved it……

  8. Hi Vaidehi happy makar sakranti to you and the episode was awesome I loved it just keep it up ?

  9. Superb epi dr… I liked it so so much… Loved ranveers entry.. ?Update d nxt asap…

  10. Superb epi dr… I liked it so so much… Loved ranveers entry.. ?cant wait for the nxt update it asap…

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    oh super episode ranveer ishani romance was awesome how they consoled each other realy super episode waiting for next episode

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    wish u a happy kanuma to al meri ashiqui loyal fans and daily commentors

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