Immortal love (Epi-12)

At evening Ishani goes there. Chirag asks her to have some water. Ishani says no just take this money and get lost n give me that file. Chirag says okay and pushes her in the pool since she doesn’t know swimming she was drowning. Ranveer comes there in the nick of time and saves Ishani. Ishani had fainted due to hydrophobia. Chirag tries to molest her. Parul comes there and slaps Chirag for doing such cheap thing.
Fb:- when Ishani came to Chirag’s office she did sting operation and recorded his confession. Ishani then showed it to parul and parul apologize to her. Ishani says but Ranveer’s company reputation is in trouble so I have to go to that resort this evening. Parul says even I will accompany you. Ranveer says even I will
Fb ends

Parul calls the police and Chirag was wanted criminal. She snatches away the file and calls Ranveer and explains him about the same. Ishani gets conscious and found herself in their room. Ranveer caresses her forehead and says ur safe u need not worry. He holds her hands and says a big thank you. Ishani says Ranveer actually I went..Ranveer says I trust you and no need of explanation n was my mistake of not trusting asks how is parul? He says she is fine and went to meet her friend.
Ishani hugs him and says so mr I’m not easily convinced first to have to impress me n not by romantic means nor food.

Ranveer does some mimicry and comedy ish becomes happy. Ranveer says fine! Ishani says hmmm enough for today. In the meantime amba enters the room and says thank you ish for protecting family once again. You are a perfect and most ideal daughter. Ishani says well parul is sister in law cum my best friend and if my sister was there I would have done the same. Amba hold her hands and asks when will I hear children’s laughter in this house. Ishani asks whose? She replies urs n Ranveer’s .
Rv who was drinking water coughs and Ishani secretly smiles.

She winks to amba and plays a prank. She says in this incident I forgot to inform ull that yes I’m pregnant. Rv asks what! Amba says aren’t u happy? Ranveer shows a fake smile n says it is not that n says it’s to early mum. Amba says she has already conceived . Ranveer becomes tensed and innocently says babies are very mischievous and they speak a lot n crawl here n there n most irritating they cry at midnight . Ishani asks of course that’s natural . Even u n I did the same. Amba says even u were very naughty. Ranveer says ya and shows a fake smile.

They burst out into laughter and ish says she mum his face. Rv says means ull were joking. Rv shouts at them n says he hates these pranks n angrily leaves the room
They still continue to laugh. Ish says but I’m tensed that why he hates kids. Amba says it isn’t like that. He is lil immature in these things but ur mature and so u both are compatible. So first before conceiving u have to explain him and make him understand about joy of having kids.

Ishani says okay mum. She says good night take care n leaves.
Ranveer in his sturdy was chatting to his client name maya. He is attracted to her, and maya wants him at any cost despite of knowing that he is married. Ranveer and maya get much casual in chats and slowly maya asks him about his personal life. Rv gave brief explanation about his life and maya lied to him but actually she is a divorcee and her divorce happened due to her extra martial affairs. Later Ranveer comes to his rooom and keeps his phone in charging besides Ishani and hugs her and goes to sleep.
Later his phone starts beeping with messages.

Ranveer was fast asleep but her sleep broke and finally she was about to check his mobile. The mobile had password amd he recently changed it but Ishaani’s fingerprint was there so she unlocked the phone and was shocked to read thier messages and then recalls how he overreacted hearing Amba wish her to conceive . Ishani thinks may be they both are getting attracted towards each other and she feels insecured. She gets teary and separates the hug and comes out in the balcony and thinks what shall i do now. Her intentions doesn’t seem good. I have to know more about her she is lying may be. Ishani goes to sleep

Precap:- Ishani gets upset n goes to Parekh house Rv gives more attention to maya

Guys this maya would be jennifer winget of behad I like her personality

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  1. Guys so I at least have 10 readers for my articles n im content enough I will write few more episodes till the maya’s track end and then probably I will stop writing ffs
    Tysm for ur love and support

  2. Maya-Shelly

    Grt update dr. But don’t end. Continue

  3. Nice episode dear pls don’t stop writing

  4. Please don’t stop writing . I am big big fan of meri aashiqui. And l love to read your FF. AB to baaki saare FF BHI NAHI aate Sirf immortal love ko choda kar. Agar Tum band kardoge to acha BHI lgaega

  5. Hi dear your ff is going sooo good pls don’t end it I really like your ff and the episode was sooo awesome eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  6. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i liked it and yrs maya track is too interesting and the precap too is interesting and plz dear plz don’t end this as i am a. Big fan of ur ff plz don’t do this to us …. Plz dear u should continue dear and there is nothing in the comments as there will be silent readers too dear ……. so….plzz…don’t end.. this… dear… . PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ITS … A REQUEST FROM ME DEAR……

  7. Harisha39

    The epi was fab as usual…Maya’s intro is gonna bring confusion is Ishveers life…And ya is Arjun Maya’s husband as in Beyadh???And ya don’t end it soon!!!Anyways it’s your wish?


    Again a fantastic episode u have given sis….great update…. But pls give IshVeer moments a little more pls

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    meri ashiqui is the part of my life iam die hard fan of this serial pls don’t stop writing pls continue dear its very interesting

  10. Nice.but dont create rv fall in love with maya.

  11. Awesome !! Please add ishveer romance too :))

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