Immortal love (Epi-11)

The episode starts with Ishani feeling hurt and leaves from there.even Ranveer was present there but Ishaani didn’t notice him and she went to her room .Ranveer comes from behind and shouts parul how dare you say that. This time she didn’t say anything it was just a casual chat in which Milan said about his college experience. If ur my sister then even she is my wife and u don’t have any right to speak about all that rebound and all. Even I have seen the world and I know that who is good and who isn’t. Parul says so explain it to bhabhi that even someone speaks bad r love how does it feel. Parul she never says anything bad but anybody and never backb*t*h anyone but she is saying that from her experience why dont u get it. She treats u like her younger sister and loves u and cares for u. Ranveer fumes and leave. Ishani was standing in the balcony of her bedroom and Ranveer enters the room. He hugs her from behind and says sorry on behalf of parul Ishani says actually parul was right my love was rebound and now I feel guilty for being selfish . Ranveer says no Ishani we were best friends but the fact was that we both realized our love little late. Even we divorced one due to the disease factor and due to nirbhay.

U were ready to sacrifice your life for me. Ishani says even u think I rebounded with you. Ranveer says not at all I seriously love you. Ranveer comes close to Ishani and they share a liplock . He presses towards a corner of the room and nuzzles her neck. Ishani closes her eyes. Ranveer kisses her forehead and says never think of such a thing again. Ishani hugs him and says I love to. He brings her to on the bed and comes closer towards her and tries to comfort her. There share an intense liplock and later they consummate . At midnight Ishani wakes up and put on her clothes and gets out of the room as she heard some sounds. She sees parul eloping. She stops her and says what are u doing. Parul says no one cares for me in this house. Ishani says no parul it not like that . Everyone love u and cares for u and ur future. If I hurt you I’m sorry sincerely apologize and I plead plz don’t leave.

Parul says u have to promise me u won’t criticize Chirag. Ishani says okay I won’t. Parul says the sky even I’m sorry that I was so rude to u and hugs her. Ishani sees her room’s light lit on. She says parul Ranveer woke up u run fast to ur room. She enters her room and Ranveer asks where did u go. Ishani says I was out only u sleep. Ranveer says but I can read ur eyes and ur hiding something. Ishani explains the whole thing and Ranveer gets shocked and says it’s because her brother first time scolded her and didn’t take her side. Ishani says I have an idea. Tomorrow u urself prepare her favorite breakfast and I will take her for shopping. Ranveer says ya ur right. Ranveer holds her waist tight and brings her closer and Ishani jerks him n says midnight too u wanna romance and falls asleep. He goes behind her n says is there anytime written to romance my wife . Ishani says good night. Ranveer says how mean and hugs her n sleep.

Next morning Ishani alone confronts Chirag in his office to stop playing with parul’s feelings. Chirag laughs and says u are right dear I’m not interested in parul I’m interested in you . Ishani gets shocked. Chirag holds Ishani and says I love you but why did u marry that Ranveer. Ishani says shame on u. I’m his wife and cannot hear anything about him. Chirag says first u loved me correct. Ishani says that was infatuation what I feel for Ranveer is love and thank u for cheating me because I realize that I deserved better and I’m warning u to stay away from parul. Chirag warns Ishaani i have these papers just check. Ishani sees and gets shocked. This is the mistake done by Ranveer in his finance. If I submit this in the police then and he evilly laughs. If you want this do as per my instructions. Ishani leaves. Chirag texts him to meet at back spade resort with 20 lakhs. Ishani texts agreed for Ranveer’s sake.

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  1. Dont worry dr.. There wud b silent readers… N coming to d episodes… It was tooo good especially ishveers romance…eagerly waiting for d next.. Keep updatinggg dr…


    Great episode sis……but nothing bad should happen to our ISHVEER….today’s episode is very awesome…… Keep going sis….& pls always make ISHVEER to fight together

  3. Vow it was awesome please update soon i am waiting

  4. Harisha39

    A good one…Parul has been rude to Ishaani…Now she holds a good relationship with her…Waiting for Chirag to become a good person and doesn’t spoil Parul’s life…

  5. Very nice episode update the next episode soon

  6. Very nice dear Vaidehi just keep it up waiting for the next episode ?

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi vaidehi your episodes was really nice and iam a die die hard mad fan of meri ashiqui iam silent reader keep it up waiting for next episode

  8. Maya-Shelly

    Niz e dr. But y parul cant see the truth. And she is about to elope aftrr ranveer scolds. Waiting for next dr. Chirag blackmail ishani now. Update soon. Take care

  9. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i really liked it . And don’t worry dear tgat there will be so many silent readers for this ff dear and i will be always supporting u dear as i really likes ur writing .

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