Immortal love (Epi-10)

At night after dinner Ishani sits besides Ranveer and holds his hands and says u love parul correct then u must be protective about ur sister so don’t encourage her love to grow in her heart he is not a good person and will ruin her life and he is falling for her only after looking at ur family’s wealth. Parul overheard it and cries and ran to her room. Ranveer says Ishaani plz stop it. Ranveer goes to parul and consoles her.

Next day parul leaves for office. Chirag is seen bribing a driver to do hit and miss. Parul crosses the road and the car same with full speed at the blink of an eye Chirag came in between and he meets with accident. Ranveer Ishaani also witnessed this and take him to the hospital. Parul cries badly. Ranveer consoles her. Ishani gives water to parul. Ishani brings Ranveer at a corner and says it was planned I have seen Chirag bribing a driver but now I’m sure he has an evil motive. Ranveer holds his hands and rudely says plz stay out of this matter. Ishani thinks I have to expose this fraud.

After that accident after few months after convincing thier parents parul’s alliance gets fixed with Chirag and he shows that he is rich and from good family . Differences amid ishveer were increasing and parul didn’t like Ishani for that reason. Milan believes thatChirag is not good. So Milan and Ishani join hands to expose that fraud.
At evening Ishaani is seen lying on the bed thinking I trust Ranveer more than myself but he doesn’t even have some faith in my words and cries. Ranveer comes and hugs her from behind and says I admit some differences are there getting us far away from each other. Ishani says but u urself want to get away. Ranveer says why? Ishani says Ranveer u know I love u like a crazy and trust u. Whatever u say is a fact for me. Ranveer sees her crying and wipes her tears and says so even I do. Ishani says that I can see. I at least expect some respect and support from u at least and this hurts a lot.

Ranveer says why? Ishani says u are spoiling ur sister’s life. I know Chirag very well. Even his parents fixed the alliance for money. Ranveer says stop it and says I don’t want to discuss about this and these things only bring differences in us. Ishani remains silent and thinks that even he is a brother her sister’s wish is his duty let’s not discuss about it. Ishani says ur correct and hugs her back and says I love and trust u Ranveer. Ranveer says even I love you. Ranveer falls asleep Ishani breaks the hug and cover him with blanket and goes to the terrace and Milan was waiting for her. Ishani says did u find any proof. Milan says no. But I’m aware of his character Ishani says but ur bhaiya is not ready to listen. Parul also comes there and asks what happened. Ishani changes the topic and says he has crush on someone so I’m giving him tips how to impress her. Parul laughs and says u too na Milan . Sometimes I feel u dated all the girls of your college. But u know it wasn’t only me it was our whole group me ravish arhan Chirag ur bf. Parul gets angry and says enough Ishani bhabhi why are u filling Milan’s ears I into everything about ur intentions. Ur engagement didn’t happen with him so u hate Chirag because he wasn’t good but time changes everyone so also him. Get this thing very clear stop interfering in my love life. Even sometimes I think ur love for Ranveer bhaiya is a rebound because u were single and u needed love and attention. So u married my brother who had everything richness good looks n he is too innocent to recognize fakes n realities Ishani gets hurt and leaves. Milan tries to stop her. Parul says wow so for u too she matters u the most


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  1. Very nice dear Vaidehi the episode was sooo much interesting I loved it can’t wait for next episode ?


    Great episode….. But pls don’t make Ranveer to behave with Ishaani harshly….. Pls don’t do this…’s painful…..


    How dare parul talked to Ishaani liked that???????….i wish i could give her a tight slap…..sis do everything u want but make Ranveer to stand by Ishaani all the times… her….& to hell with parul she should die????

  4. ranveer should have understood ishani if she is saying that chiraag is bad then he should have atleast helped her to find truth and only milan is with her. Parul hurted ishani. I also want ranveer to support ishani. Waiting for next epi

  5. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i liked it but ranveer should have understood ishani .

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