IMMORTAL (ishqbaaz fanfic)


CAUTION: there’ll be a lot of swearing.
“Oh no, not again, this is bullshit you call this a car? It can’t even run a mile without breaking down” I wail kicking the car. “Oh pardon me, your highness. But, to remind you, you’re the one who bought this not me” my younger sister spats back. We’re her stuck in the middle of nowhere but guarded by scary trees all because of this idiot standing in front of me. “I am hungry” she wails again. Ladies and gentlemen I present Soumya Sharma the famous paratha eater.
“Sumo, stop wailing and find out a way out of here” it ain’t my fault.
“Let’s Uber back,” she says the world’s easiest solution. I am proving, again and again, I am an ass.
“Yeah do it”
The full moon in its full glory shined bright up in the sky. “I’ll be back,yourself” I say “Oh princess you into trouble or you’re prince in a shining armour should come to your rescue, wait- do you have one?” Sumo asks sarcastically while I just brush it off and leave the wood. I know I am crazy but I’m just intrigued.
The roots were deep in and the trees were tall and greenish. The more I went in the darker it became. Suddenly there was hush behind the bushes and I froze. The cold air touching my skin made me shivered like hell.
There was a movement behind me and I’m sure it was a man. When I turned back there was nothing. I tried to hurry back into the road but a wolf attacked me. It pinned me on the ground while it’s golden eyes sparkling at me. I didn’t know what it was going to do but suddenly in a swift movement it was taken down by what I don’t know. I stood up frantically looking around but there was nothing. But I’m sure it was a man but something sort of inhuman, really inhuman. I hurried back into the road where soumu was waiting with UBER. I got into the cab but still in thought.
Soumu shook me “Oi, what happened? Did you see your Romeo?”
“Oh shut up” and I said the entire incident back in the woods. “Silly girl, it’s your imagination” she laughed it off and took her phone to check Insta. I still knew whatever I saw back there was real but inhuman. Something different, something unbelievable and I’ll make it my cause to find it out.
“Oh fu*ck” soumu sighs as we entered our house. We are back in India after her studies finished. “Never mind, go and freshen up. I’ll order some food” I act as a high responsible sister. I go and look at today’s newspaper with headlines as “Shivay Singh Oberoi signs yet another perfect deal” his name sounds familiar looking up to the picture, his eyes captivate me those black darn ones with sparkles. This gives me bad vibes, he is the same person I used to get flashes about, and all those secrets I’ve been guarding for years can’t go down the drain.
“Di!” soumu’s frightened voice echoed from the kitchen. ¬
“What?” I shouted back worried.
“C-Come her fast” she was stuttering, which happens when she is panicking.
I went to the kitchen and saw something which was indeed terrifying 7 words; those 7 words gave us shivers. It was written in red paint
Who would write something like this? Who wouldn’t want us to come back to India? Was there a hidden reason chichi didn’t allow us to come to India? I have so many questions, but right now I looked at Soumo who was so scared, so I pulled her into a hug and said: “Everything is alright”.
I have to find out what this is.

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    This is about anikas and soumyas past…nd here they r sisters!!!! Amazing yaar

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