Immense Secret Attraction (Ekdv) (chapter-4)


Chapter-4 (the meet)

Suman was pacing here and there in the kitchen. After pushkar’s call , she was lost in some memories.

Shravan was driving his car . As his father’s plan was changed . So he thought to invite Sumo personally . He was also lost in some memories.

“Shravan ……my friends will laugh on me ..if they spot me with you ….you know ..pride should be maintained ”

Shravan come out of his thoughts . “Pride foot Sumo …. …you will alologise for everything sumo ..just wait and watch” . He scowled.

Sumo was also in her own thoughts. She smiled little . “Sumo ..i did your homework ..go and submit it fast ….”

“Thanks shravan ” . She jumped and kissed on hia cheeks . Shravan give her an irritated look . He rubbed his cheek . “Okay need to flatter me so much ” . She pinched his cheek then.

Shravan remembered how he didn’t wash his face for two days when sumo kissed on his cheeks . Unknowingly a smile too played on his lips . But he composed himself then.

He looked at the flower bouquet. White Lillies, his favourite but suman had allergy with them .

“This is just starting Sumo …..Suman Tiwari” he said and and a fake smile glued on his lips now.

Her trance got broken when she heard the knock on the door .

Suman gulped . The door was already opened and he was standing there , with flowers in his hand.

Sumo looked him . He was wearing cream colour shirt and brown pants . No glasses. The hair was gelled up. He was looking extremely handsome Shravan than the shravan who was nerdy ten years ago.

She still smiled meekly. The innocence that she used to see on his face everyday was missing today. That was the major difference between the old shravan and the shravan standing in front of her. Shravan’s eyes were also glued on her . All his hatred propel from his mind whenever he used to look in her brown orbs. Her sweetness was a magnet to which the iron of his blood too can’t resist the pull. Sometimes he think will he able to bring tears in her round eyes. Will he ???. Shravan come out of his trance . It was nothing new for him to lose his senses in presence of her. He smirked little when he found her staring him .

“If you have done staring me ….then can i come inside???” . He asked and let out a sigh.

She blinked and her mouth opened. “Yeah sorry ….offcourse ..pls come inside ….mami ji …mamaji ….” suman said and she saw Dabbu running out of some room.

“Who is he ????” Dabbu asked innocently.

Shravan bend down and smiled. Suman saw a true smile on his face. She smiled more now.

“I am shravan …Mr dabbu” shravan answered his question.

“Sumo di’s Shravan???” Dabbu asked Shravan innocently.

Sumo get shocked. Shravan looked towards her. She quickly averted her gaze . Shravan smirked. He understood that was she must be feeling embrassing now.

“Yeah ..your Sumo di’s Shravan …Mr Dabbu” Shravan replied and pinched his cheeks.

Suman was feeling more embrassing . “Dabbu …that little minx….oh god .. i don’t know ..what shravan ask me now” . She thought and muttered few curses.

Shravan moved towards Suman . Sumo eyes widened. The boyish smile on his face was making her hell nervous.

She looked down and closed her eyes tightly when shravan come so close to her.

After a minute she didn’t saw Shravan near her. Shw turned and looked back. She rolled her eyes . Shravan was greeting Mama and Mami ji.

“So much attitude ..i will also not pay attention to him” . She murmured and looked at Dabbu who was staring her.

“Dabbu ..i have made your favorite goobi ke paranthe… will love it ” sumo said . She know that goobi ke paranthe was shravan’s favorite too.

Shravan let a exasperated sigh. He glared sumo.
“Where is nanu??” He asked.

“He is sleeping ..and he is well too” .Mamaji replied. Shravan nodded.

“Son …you and sumo ..i will bring paranthe for you . Sumo had made it” . Mamiji said. Racha too went in kitchen inside her.

” so got the license. .to work in India ” Sumo initiated the conversation.

Shravan nodded. ” how is your pct …” . Shravan asked further.

“Good ” she replied curtly.

“Shravan …look i am sorry …” sumo said but halted when she saw Shravan looking his phone. She frowned and muttered few curses.

“He had become so tall ..but seems like his brain didn’t developed” .

Shravan who heard her curses put a fake smile on his face. Sumo saw him smiling looking at his phone. She felt bad that he was not paying attention to her.

“Shravan ….how is lalaji and kamini aunty???” Sumo asked trying to gain his attention.

“All good the way were saying something ” . Shravan said and looked up.

Sumo smiled meekly. “I am sorry” sumo said.
Shravan gave her a confused look .

“Sorry for what???..Suman” Shravan asked her with a fake smile on his face.

“Sorry. For what happened ten years ago” Sumo replied.

“What happened ten years ago? ??” Shravan asked her again. He again acted confused .

“You and me fighted” sumo said but stopped when she saw him laughing.

” oh common …suman …move on are still sticking to those old things ….” . Shravan said and laughed again.

Sumo felt little low . She cursed for acting so naive. “Yeah ..nothing big happened ten years ago ” .

Shravan’s grip on the glass got tightened . His bile rose up . His anger was at peak . The glass was about to break in his hands .

Preeti and dabbu were fighting . There voice distracted shravan.

He was still looking at glass. ” i am throwing a party …all school friends will be there .. so i brought a gift for you ” . Shravan passed the bouquet and the packet to her.

Sumo smiled fully . But after a minute she started sneezubg sneezing. “You forgot ..i have allergic to Lillies…” . She said and sneezed again.

“Oh really ..sorry i didn’t remember. .” Shravan said coyly. Sumo looked at him . She felt bad.

“Open the packet ….Miss tiwari” shravan said while pointing towards the packet.

Sumo nodded. She opened the packet and smiled fully. Shravan looked at her lips . His gaze was glued on them only. What she said further , shravan didn’t paid attention. He was lost again in admiring her silently. The way she was rolling her eyes. The hair strand on her cheeks . One hair strand touching her luscious lips. He was staring her angelic face without blinking.

Sumo stopped when she saw shravan staring her . Goosebumps rise on her skin and her cheeks heated up . She blushed .

The pink tinge on her cheeks was testing his control. How badly he wanted to bite those.

“Shravan . This dress is so expensive ….”sumo said.

“I know will say this only …..typical sumo” shravan said all smiling.

Suman was surprised and happy too . He called her sumo . Shravan saw her shocked expressions. He gave her confused look.

“You called me sumo ..thank god you remember…few things of past” sumo said .

Shravan stiffened. “Shucks. ….did he just said that …how could he forget that ..he hate her ….” shravan thought and smiled little in return.

“Well this dress is not that expensive too …and in friendship …exchange of gifts is necessary” shravan said with a smirk on his face.

Suman nodded. “And yeah ..preeti is also invited in the party i know mamiji will not allow you to go alone in the night”. Shravan added further.

Sumo nodded again. They looked each other. The eyelock was broken when mamiji entered.

“Shravan will go after having a lunch with us …” mamiji said. Sumo too insisted.

His heart wanted him to stop there but his ego didn’t allow him to accept her request.

“Thanks ..aunty ..but ..i need to go and meet dad too some other day ” shravan said and stood up . Sumo frowned but composed herself.

Shravan moved out of the house. Sumo followed him. She lost her balance but hold the wall. She looked at shravan who didn’t pay attention on her scream . He was smiling again looking at his phone. Sumo got upset . Shravan get inside his car . He asked sumo to come to the party on time and left. He looked at the rear view mirror. He saw her standing . It started raining . But she still was looking his car . Shravan averted his gaze and drove off.

Song dedication. ..:-hoothon pe tere shikwoon ka shor hai …par yeh nigahein ..kehti kuch aur hai …. (as you know song can best describe shraman scenes)

Precap :- blast in the party.

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