Immense Secret Attraction (Ekdv) (chapter-3)


Sorry ..but last few months i was so busy . And one more thing actually i wasn’t getting something to write as waiting for the original series to come up with spice .
Recap :- shravan coming to india , pushkar helping preeti and the party plans .
Chapter-3 ( his and her)
Shravan tossed the paper weight on his table.
He smirked when pushkar entered in his room.

“Shravan ….bro … she is adorable right? ??” Pushkar asked shravan and smirked too.

Shravan chuckled after understanding his question. His brother didn’t failed to realise that he ,after landing in India , first visit PCT to have a glimpse of her . Suman Tiwari . Sumo.

“No hug and greeting. .straight teasing” Shravan said and opened his arms .

Pushkar quickly hugged his brother. “I missed you ” . He mumbled.

“Did you met Sir???” Pushkar asked him . Shravan nodded in negative.

Pushkar smiled meekly. “Sir will be here after ten minutes. .then you can easily tell him about ..your. .’ Return to london again’ plan” He said and now his face was devoid of any smile.

“Little one ….it’s about my life career. …” shravan said and patted on pushkar’s shoulder.

“Think once about Ramnath sir ” pushkar said softly . Shravan nodded.

“Okay tell me what was the sumo’s reaction when she saw you ???” Pushkar asked all smiling.

Shravan clenched his fist. “I didn’t met her” . He replied sternly.

“Whaaat???” Pushka asked shocked.

He continued “you went to PCT …but you didn’t met her …but ..why ???”

Shravan gave him an annoyed look. “She is not someone …to be met specially ….she is nothing for me ” . He said coyly.

“Oh …see you went PCT to met prita ???” Pushkar asked in a teasing tone.

“Who???” Shravan asked all irritated.

” prita ..staff member of sumo’s pct …she is vry hot bhai ” said pushkar and cupped his mouth ti hold his laugh.

“Shut up ..i am so not interested in her pct and in her staff member” shravan retorted.

“That means you are interested only in her” . Pushkar asked in a firm tone.

Shravan glared him . Pushkar chuckled.

“What about party ????” . Shravan asked pushkar.

“I am so not enjoying it without booze ” pushka said all smiling.

“Call suman tiwari also …i want her in the party” shravan said and smirked.

“But you need to invite her personally …i am so not interfering in ‘Shraman’ matter ” pushkar said and raised his hands in defence .

“Who is Shraman???” Shravan asked all baffled.

“Shra from shravan and Man from suman ….so Shraman” pushkar said and raised his collar.

Shravan rolled his eyes .”what ever”” . He snapped.

” and yeah call preeti too” . Shravan said further.

Pushkar clenched his fist on hearing her name .

“Okay ” . He replied.

Suman was thinking about the man who saved her life . She was thinking about shravan .

Preeti comes and saw the incoming call on suman’s phone . Pushkar . She picked up the call .

“Hello” she said .

Pushkar who was in his towel stiffened on hearing her voice. He checked his phone to confirm that he called sumo.

” Hello pushkar” . Preeti said again.

Pushkar closed his eyes. Her voice was instigating him to drag her from her room to his and take what he want . Her innocence.

She was effecting him badly.

“I wanted to talk to sumo …pls handover her phone to her ” . He said coldly .

Preeti was irked now . She covered the phone with her palm and muttered few curses.

“Are you done muttering curses” . He said and took a sigh.

Preeti was shocked little . She rushed in kitchen and handover the phone to sumo.

“Hello pushkar” suman said.

“Bhai planning a surprise for you ..and he wanted you to come in the party ….” pushkar teased her.

“Tell him to invite me personally ” suman retorted.

“Yeah ..he is on the way to your house” . Pushkar said in a teasing tone .

Sumo was shocked.

Precap :- shravan and sumo …sumo and shravan .

So guys next pakka by thursday .love u all ??

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  1. Ariana

    Wonderful epi….Omg the PreeKar part was so cute!! Push’s reaction to her voice…awwwww…n preeta is hot!! ROFL!!!! I need an air nebulizer to breath now. The precap is sleep snatcher. Pls post the next chap ASAP coz I’m eagerly waiting
    btw I’m Ariana. It’s like a month or two I’m here so I guess we never interacted. Today I did go through ur 1st two chaps just to come back on track nd it was amazing!!! Keep posting n making me happy. Nd…..can I call u Sam? Or Di? Idk I’m 14 so friends or elder sissy?
    Anyways lots of bakwasks
    now loads of loveeee
    take care

  2. Nikita

    The episode was amazing.. I wish to catch up on old episode tho.. Can you send me the link???

  3. Sammmyy…
    After long..long..time…????
    But..u know wt…I got remembered the story…rreadig first 3lines..???
    Nice one…???

  4. WeirdSister

    Sammy..I was missing ur ff…
    What a come back…!!!
    Loved it totally…!!
    I m in awe..
    Eagerly waiting…!!
    Post very soon..

  5. This was so amazing.
    Loved it. The bros conversation was so cute.
    Your explanations were so on point. ?
    Post soon 🙂

  6. Once again an amazing episode… n so glad u r back… 🙂 Really missed u n ur ff… i am a fan of ur writing n i used to check this site everyday fr ur epi n atlast i am rewarded.. 😀
    I read many ffs n urs is among 1 of d best.. Commendable, exemplary writing. write again soon dear. waiting…..

  7. Neeti

    Hey di, aftr so many days, btwn I am Neeti, I was a silent reader bfr bt frm abt 2 months I am eating evry1s head with my bakbak, see i started my bakbak here also bt I really luv ur ff… Nd di hw old r u nw 18 or 19, dat time u were 18 na?
    Wow such a beautiful description, it is like a novel which evry1 used to say bt pls dont say novel is a big word now:-P, u must b thinking hw i knw all dis bcs dat time I was more interested in cmnts than ffs:-P:-D bt such a beautiful ff, full of emotions, a big dhamaka, lovely, secrets nd secrets, killing me, Heeeeee:-D sry I wrote too much
    may b I will nt b able to cmnt in upcoming chapt. So sry in advance, today i cmnted only to introduce myself:-)
    pakka pst on thursday, pinki promise?
    lots of luv- Neeti or Leeti (late+Neeti)

  8. Wonderful epi:-*:-*

  9. grt yaar..plz update soon I cannot weight anymore
    plz,plz plz …

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