Immense Secret Attraction (Ekdv) (chapter-2)


Chapter -2 ( his reign )
He walked out of his washroom and stood infront of mirror . The wet locks are falling on his forehead . An innocent smile glued on his lips . Using lots of gel he arranged properly all his dishevelled hair . He took out a violet coloured shirt . Perfect he muttered . Pushkar after getting ready stood infront of his mirror . He wore the watch which was gifted by shravan on his birthday . Rollex his favourites . Pushkar treaded his steps out of his house .

“What is the need to go personally to receive Shravan from airport …ramadeen can also bring him safely ” . Pushkar halted and turned towards the source of voice. He rolled his eyes and sighed heavily . ” Because he is not only my brother ..but my best friend too ” pushkar retorted back . Kamini narrowed her eyes and folded her arms on her chest . “Really best friend …but why I always think that both father and son duo had made my son …a slave who is serving them without demanding a single penny ” she turned her face to avoid his intense gaze .

“Mom ..first of all I will not listen a single word agasint sir and you are talking of shravan bro ..he loves me more than you ” pushkar bend his torso and touched kamini’s foot . Before she could say anything he had already moved towards his car . He got inside his dark blue turbo and drove off . Kamini was irked seeing his stubbornness. She muttered few curses and moved inside her house . While crossing the first signal his gaze shifted on someone . All of a sudden his face lost all his smile . Preeti . He spoked . Rains were still pouring down . Her dress got stuck to her body showing her perfect curves . Pushkar gritted his teeth when he saw some man ogling on her . He turned his car in her direction . The window pane slid down and preeti startled seeing pushkar . He opened the door of his car and didn’t looked towards her . She averted her gaze in the direction of his . Her lips parted when her gaze met with leery ones of some men . “Get inside the car ” he barked but still his gaze was fixed on those men . Preeti replied back ” no thanks ..i will manage” . Pushkar didnt say anything for a minute . His grip got more tightened on the wheel . Preeti saw him still staring those men .She quickly get inside the car on seeing his clenched fist . Her hair were wet and she was almost drenched too .The car accerlated . Pushkar opened his mouth to speak but stopped when her phone buzzed. Preeti smiled and picked the call . “Prateek ..I am sorry .. I will not be able to come ” preeti pressed her lips while speaking .Pushkar clutched steering wheel more tightly and his back stiffened hearing prateek’s name.

A mischievous smiled played on his lips . He switched on the FM radio and increase the volume . Preeti looked towards him and saw him tapping his fingers on the steering wheel . She quickly disconnected the phone as it was diificult to hear anything in that loud music . He accerlated more . She switched off the radio . “What was that. ..can’t you see I was talking to my friend ” she shouted on him . Pushkar halted his car and looked towards her . She gulped seeing his angry glare on her . He bend towards her and put on her seat belt . While moving back her pendant got stuck with the button of his shirt . Already preeti was nervous seeing him so close and now her left confidence was also scattered . She quickly tried to remove her pendant and because of that the button also got broken . Her eyes widdened when his naked chest came into her view. The rippling muscles of his chest and his woody Cologne knocked breath out of her lungs . Pushkar’s gaze was on her parted red lips . He looked down when his button got broken . He smiled little seeing her crimson red cheeks . Preeti blushed and stammered ” iam sorry pushkar ” . He get back on his seat and turned his car back . Preeti remembered how her friends talked about pushkar .About his practice in the court and his well developed body. She came out of her thoughts when he halted his car . She got down and turned to back to thank him but he turned his car and left without looking towards her . Preeti rolled her eyes and get inside . The words were ringing in his ear . They need to learn a lesson . His car halted and he saw those boys passing leery comments on other girls . He quickly got down took off his jacket and put it inside . The shirt started getting wet . He folded his sleeves and land a strong punch on the face of one of them . The latter fall on the ground oozing blood from his mouth . Pushkar didn’t stopped there . He hold the collar of one guy and spoked in his hoarse voice .” Don’t you dare call my women ‘ bombshell ‘ …and if I find you jackassing around anywhere ..then you will face the worse of me ..pushkar malhotra ” he pushed that guy and kicked on his manhood .Those boys picked up each other and run away . Pushkar moved his fingers in his hair pulling them back . He moved towards his girl . The girls were staring only him .They were gossiping among them about him . Pushkar get inside his car and muttered ” Damn preeti have made me a goon ” . He turned his face forward and headed the airport .

Shravan was in his car . His flight was already landed . He was heading towards pct . Tarun told him that during day time Suman go back to her house . His eyes were narrowed . The rains were heavy now but any calamity too cannot stop shravan . He scowled and cursed himself more for behaving like a complete jerk . Pushkar reached airport but Tarun informed him that shravan had already left . Pushkar understood where shravan had gone . He sighed and moved back towards his home . Shravan was in his white T-shirt and in ripped blue denim jeans . While driving he was lost in his childhood memories . Some good memories occupied his mind . His cute fights with her ,he chuckled and smiled remembering how she moved her fingers in his hair . Shravan unknowingly lifted his arm and moved his fingers in his hair . His nerves calm down reminiscing about the bone crushing hug he get from her when he used to complete her homeworks .Shravan laid back more . He realise how things changed in his life . A sarcastic smile played on his lips .The smile vanished when he remember how he was ignored by her infront of her friends . His heart pierced thinking how she jerked him when he come towards her to share his world . His eyes got wet now . Suddenly he halted his car . The front view had just captivated his heart . His heart skipped a beat seeing her drenched in rains . The window pane moved down and now the drops had started wetting him . Unknowingly he smiled again seeing her fight with the auto rickshaw drivers . Sumo . He blurted out . Suman tried to hire rickshaw but all were occupied . Her palm was aching carrying because of the heavy vegetable bag she was holding . Shravan was lost in her . He just rested his elbow on the steering wheel and put his face on his palm . After ten years Shravan was looking her . His heat was pacing and he sighed heavily seeing her anger which for shravan is the cutest thing on this mother earth.

He captured her in his brown eyes . His gaze averted on her luscious red lips . He gulped and for a moment he just forget his anger towards her . Suman was in her sky blue anarkali suit and hair were clipped in the bun from which few strands were falling . His attention diverted when he saw the open manhole which she didn’t noticed . Shravan scowled . Idiot woman . Always so careless . . His heart sink seeing foot near that hole . After a min his patience give up and he got down from his car . Though he didn’t like to be drenched in rain yet he just ignored their presence because of her . Suman feet stuck inside the man hole and she fall down . All her vegetables also now on the street. A car suddenly moved above that man hole crushing all vegetables. Suman was lying on the footpath . She was on the ground . The crowd gathered near her . She looked up to see who save her in the nick of time . She tried to remember who just pulled her behind and save her from the speeding car . She looked towards the street but because of the crowd she unable to look her saviour . Suman somehow stood on her feet and looked her crushed veggies and bags on the road . Again the thing happened a minute ago flashed in her mind . Her foot was stuck in that hole and she was about to knocked off by car but someone from behind quickly hold her one arm and pulled her back on footpath . Actually he throw her back on the footpath . She corrected herself in her mind . She thank lord and her face frowned looking at smashed vegetables . She quickly picked her things hired a rickshaw and left . Shravan who was watching her in his front mirror was breathing heavily . He wiped the sweat drops from his handkerchief . For the first time he was so scared when the thought of losing her came in his mind . He start his car and moved ahead .Shravan cursed suman for million times in his mind for being so careless . He just wanted to slap her hard . His eyes got wet thinking about the outcome of the accident . Shravan paced the speed of his car almost colliding with others . His blue veins near his arm were getting pressurised because of the fast flow of blood . He gtunted like a savage animal . All he want to throttle her for unknowningly risking her life . He rubbed his forehead from his fingers and moved towards his home .

Precap :- The meet .

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Precap :- his ignorance ,her stubbornness

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  1. I dont have any words seriously……….
    I though dat i am reading a beautiful romantic novel u just nailed it!!
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    1. Sammy

      Thanks maria for your lovely comment ..will try to update it soon 🙂 🙂

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    you describe so well.. loved it..!! post soon

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  3. Nice epi.

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    Guyz one error pushkar moved towards his car …actually girl is typed when he hit those goons and 2 precap lol ..sorry typed in a hurry 🙂

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    Yr u r such a great writer … fab work ???

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  14. Hi
    Usually I don’t post a reply to d stories, but urs is absoutely mind blowing.
    Ur writing is beautiful.
    Read the two chapters nd now awaiting more to come….pls pls continue with this story line…
    It gv me a feel of reading a mills n boons book.
    Thank you.

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