Immense Secret Attraction (Ekdv) (chapter-1)


Chappy -1 ( the priceless dawn )

His hands were on the steering wheel . The palm had lost its mushiness and the pink tinge . The black Volkswagen was frantic on the streets like his thoughts . Evening time . His favourite . But still things are messed up in the skull of java man . The car was filled with the minty scent which was the result of the perfume he was wearing . The tall fingers of right arm opened the top buttons of his shirt . Generally the result of the case was in his favour . For any lawyer he was the worst nightmare . Though he was succedded yet his lips devoid of any victory sign . He steal a glance of himself on the front mirror . The black eyes never show any gleam . He was in his formals , Elegantly dressed in his uniform according to his workplace . The car halted infront of his office . Shravan Malhotra .

His name was outside written in gold plated name plate . Everyone greeted him with the smile . He had just defeated the best lawyer of London a few minutes before . He didn’t bother to smile back at their greetings . Few ladies were ogling on his left lower arm . Something inscripted on his skin in italics with the help of black ink . The hair was gelled up back and his shirt was stick to his body like a second layer of his wheatish coloured skin . Womens were lost in his world . They gossip sometimes about his toned abs or biceps which are a way lot muscular . One glance of Shravan Malhotra can blogged the senses of the women of any age . He entered in his cabin . The celebration of his victory was on its peak outside his cabin . But Shravan had his eyes glued on the picture of a smiling girl . I owe my success to you ..because the more my hatred increase ..the more I will win . Shavan throw his words towards the smiling picture . The picture was captured in his eyes. His gaze got shifted on the red lips that were smiling back . Suman . He muttered and a sarcastic smile played on his lips . The spark run down his spinal cord when his memory remind the scent of her . Fresh lilac scent .

He banged his fist cursing his brain who just throw some memories infront of his eyes which distract him from his path . Something he felt on his thigh . The damn vibration of his phone . The expressions again left his face on seeing the name on its screen . Say it Tarun . He asked irritated . Sir ,Mam had left her PCT .,now she is heading towards her home . Tarun replied lil shivering . Alright . Make sure she must reach home safely . He disconnected the call after retorting back . For five years he had a close watch on his woman . No doubt he considered her as his own property . His bile rose up . The naked chest exposing from his shirt was moving up and down . He sighed heavily . The woman had something in her smile that increased his desires to have her in his arms more . He can swear on his father that only she can distract him from his path . Her thoughts always fill his empty skull .

Shravan hate her from the core of his heart . Though his heart blandly sometimes declined the immense hatred for her . Hr chuckled when a thing strike his mind . She was not his love ,he just want to mark her as his own . The punishment for always using him . He made a call . Other side of phone had a warm soothing voice which distract him little . A light smile modify his charm . Pushkar . He rub his nose with his thumb while speaking to his brother . In this whole planet Shravan only bear the tantrums of his brother . He clenched his fist when he heard her name from him . Suman . He screamed loudly and banged his phone on the ground . Outside everyone were startled seeing his outbrust . All of them remain quiet seeing him grunting Like a wild boar . The blood was trickling down from his lower arm and collected on the floor . The cabin was ransacked by him . Shravan was holding the letter with a book .

She dragged herself towards her house . Her body was aching . The day was tiring just like her other day . A smile appeared on her lips seeing the fight of her cousins . Preeti and Dabbu. Both were involved in pillow fight . No matter how much she is in trouble all her pain vanishes seeing them smiling . A chuckle escaped from her mouth remembering her and his fight . Shravan . Her only friend . Her face again lost its gleam when realisation strike her mind . They didn’t even exchange a word for ten years . She pressed her lips and few memories filled her thoughts with lots of emotions . She smiled when she got a message from pushkar . He is coming back . Her eyes widdened . All of a sudden her confidence propell from her . Shravan . She muttered . Her eyes were wet now . Goosebumps arouse on her skin more . Suman opened her closet . Her eyes searched for a box . She removed her cloths to have a proper look . And then she found it. A new determination reflected in her eyes . Welcome back Shravan . She spoked while looking the picture of her and him together when they were in school .

Precap :- His hatred, her stubbornness

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Wow Sammy so nicely described

    1. Sammy

      Thanks pretty preeti ..will try to update it soon 🙂 🙂

  2. Omg you are such a great writer…….I am feeling like I am reading an erotic romantic novel……..I must say I will be looking forward to your ff..and pls post soon…the way you described everything was amazing……

    1. Sammy

      Thanks lily novel is a big term to describe it still thank u so much for your lovely comment . Will try to update it soon 🙂 🙂

  3. Waiting fr nxt part

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  4. Wow Sammy great I loved d way u described everything………!! 😀 awesomeeeee!!
    Erglyyyy waiting fr next chap……..

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  7. Nice start Sammy
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    Loved the way you described everything… Feels like I’m reading an erotic , cotemporary novel.. Post soon..:)

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    Just so Amazing Sammy…u r a really good writer….u use perfect words…I m eagerly waiting for ur story….

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  11. Amazing story Sammy…? n ur way of writing is commendable…. makes me want to read the next part.. eagerly waiting… keep up d gud work. Btw, how old R U?????

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      Thanks Mona for your lovely comment …and iam 18 years old just passed my intermediate exams this year …will try to update it soon 🙂 🙂

  12. Anu_u

    wow sammy !!! u nailed it totally …..outstanding ff and the way u described sharvan was so beautiful just like novels ….main tera hoye re jabra haye re jabra fan ho gya !!!!
    Eagerly waiting for the next chapter ,post soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sammy

      He he thank u anu for the song …novel is a big term to describe my ff ..but still thanks for your lovely comment will try to update it soon 🙂 🙂

  13. U r amazing writer….excellent description…each n evry bit of it can be imagined…loved it…

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    my network is really
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    Hey sammy u r amazing yar ur writing style is superb loved it

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