My immature idiot (raglak)……By folly OS

I know guys I have hurted some of you by showing Ragyan and laksh as dead I can’t make laksh to be selfish and snatch raginis happiness that’s why I make him Devdas and dead….For that I have posted this os…I promise I will make remaining os only as Raglak my favourite too…..

After previous os kidnapping got second choice here you go…….
Ragini was tied in a chair in a unconscious stare also she shout at the goons if my laksh come to know you guys kidnap me then he will buried you alive remember my words…
One of the goon said beauty without brain he is the one who paid us for kidnapped you…
Ragini with teary eyes said noooooo you guys are lying he will not said she..
Goon then called laksh put it in speaker ….

Laksh:How many times you called me don’t you have sense??Tell me what now
Goon:sir she creates a huge drama b shouting what can I do shall I beat her
Laksh in a cold voice don’t you dare…
Just mix the sleeping pills in breakfast….Just do what I say now Ragini cried without any emotions in her face…
Goon switch off the speaker and went outside by continuing the call
Laksh said him don’t even try to hurt her…Then you will see who the lakshya Maheshwari is.. just make her unconscious..

Ragini said no need of breakfast what if I live or dead that doesn’t create any change…
Lucky can’t sleep here he had missed something he just stare at the empty side of bed(Ragini side)….He moved to balcony and thinks raginis actions swara and Sanskar bonding(here they married for real and live each other)I know Ragini no one can love me like you do but I can’t see you evil you are a innocent soul Ragini you should realise your mistakes…I don’t love you but I don’t know why missed you this much…

Ragini didn’t eat or sleep she just stare at the ground……
Laksh in morning call those goons asked them to leave her infront of MM..And goes from there without anyone notice no-one should know that IAM behind these all … Especially Ragini…They nodded and leave her in mm and bid her bye (they become bhaiya of Ragini after hearing her Love story from her)

Ragini with a pale face entered into MM all are having their breakfast.. Without any tension….Swara shouts Ragini where are you are you ok???

Ragini looking at laksh said yeah swara I am fine you guys carry-on..
Ragini in a dirty sari her hair are messed up….Seeing her like that laksh heart pinched…..But he remained like unaffected…

Ragini reached their room and gets into the washroom she wore her salwar as like old Ragini…No mangalsutra and Sindoor she wiped wet her and stands in balcony…
She went to living room where all are chit chatting laksh just look at his room entrance look at pale Ragini…She comes and goes towards the main door….
Ap said Ragini where are you going beta..
Ragini said just to meet papa..
Ap said ok beta why salwar mangalsutra and Sindoor…

Ragini mind says what is the need…
She come to reality when laksh says I will…
Ap waiting for her answer Ragini with a pale face said I forgot ma nothing much…
Laksh look at her in red eyes…
Ragini didn’t look at him once..She said no need laksh ji I will manage I should learn to live alone..
All of them give her confused look..

She said I mean I should not wait for anyone everyday na..
Laksh just stare her and feels something fishy…Her uninterested speech and ignorance make him restless…
She goes out when he fully in his thoughts…
Then when he come in the sense rushed out to see her…

Ragini waited for auto rickshaw ….
Laksh goes to her said what is your problem just come I will drop you
Ragini without looking at him said no need laksh ji I will..
Laksh held her shoulder make her look at him see my eyes while I am speaking damn it..
Ragini with teary eyes said I am not that much beautiful like swara na you can’t look at me laksh ji…..

Laksh loosened his grip at that time she get rickshaw and move from there…
Lakshya just get into his car and went to office…

At evening:
When he entered into MM his eyes search for her….His Ragini….
Ma where is ragini ….Ask he
Beta she will back after a week as her dadi is not well now only Shekhar ji info us..
Laksh with disappointed face said okk..
Someone miss my sister ha…

Laksh just smiles said like you miss bhai babhi…
Swara blushes..
Lucky leaves and close his room door thinks how dare she doesn’t she know I need her for everything ….I missed her so much even a day is like a years that’s why I asked to leave her in 10hiurs…

I am become mad for her

Ragini in baadi sit in her balcony look at the view..
Shekhar come and carress her head….
She said papa..
He says did you hide something beta…
She stammer and says no..Just want to spend time with you that’s why I asked you lied to them..
Dadi gives her milk says my ladoo become pale she needs energy drink the milk and sleep beta she dark circles under your eyes…

She laughed and hugged her dad and dadi….Now sumi comes there said ma you forgot to add Kesar badam in milk..Ragini with cried eyes said in mind I have to live for these innocent people…
At midnight
Laksh struggling in sleep he decided to meet his life …He put his jacket on his tee and grab his keys…

In baadi Ragini sleeps peacefully….Laksh climb the pipe and reach her room..Just see her sleeping he thinks I lost my sleep because of her she sleeps peacefully here…Just then someone comes in to her room laksh heqrs the foot steps and hide in the cupboard…He just notice a pink diary there…

When he started reads her diary…
He now only knows who Ragini is….How bubbly and cute …He enjoyed her antics in childhood to adulthood….. Just then he started reads her college life there is him only him in the diary…..
He come to know how much crazy she is about him….
His eyes shed tears seeing her love …

He determined himself that he has to make her the old caring and Lovely Ragini who loves him…I know ragini something bothers you from the day you got kidnapped (he don’t know she know the truth)I know bacha you scared of that day…
Few days passed like this she ignored him like anything…..
His strike withan idea ..

He calls Shekhar and asked him to get Ragini here that he can’t find his important file only Ragini knows the place
… Shekhar nodded

Laksh knows if he gone to pick her she will definitely escape by saying some reason…
Ragini comes into MM she knows this time laksh will be in office so she nudges Shekhar for this time..

Laksh knows his bacha more than her..
When she enters in to room laksh pinned her to the door and bolt it…..
He asks her why did she ignore him….

Why did wear this kind of dresses and where is the Sindoor mangalsutra you are incomplete without them idiot..Why did you doing this Ragini…
Ragini pushed him says what is the need of those meaning less mangalsutra and Sindoor with the meaningless relationship….
Laksh shattered said what do you mean Ragini I love you damn it.?
Love that’s why you kidnapped me laksh….

Laksh is out of words now…..
Ragini burst out everything from her heart break on the day he broke their engagement…..
Laksh tears seeing her in pain….

Ragini moved to cupboard get the file and place it in his hand start to.leave … He held her wrist…
I know I made mistake Ragini but I just want to punish you but than I realised how I miss you..That’s why i asked them to leave you…And
If possible you could give money to them to molest me right said she laksh shouts Ragini a d slaps her hardly

A slap is enough for her to realise how possessive he is….
He holds her shoulder says Ragini is only laksh’s ……I know I should tell everyone the truth but I afraid of lose you…..if you came to know what the truth is you will start hate me and I can’t see hate in your eyes but now my afraid becomes true…

Don’t hate me ragini…I need you like a child need his mom…
What do you say you are not like swara and she is beautiful na???

You know what you are beautiful than anyone in our college….Many boys behind you and you didn’t know that…I got jealous when they see it Praise you but thought it was because I care you but the truth is I love you….I never loved swara it is an infactuation or mere a physical attraction ..
But the thing is I love you for whom you are please don’t hate me ragini……I will die.. Please forgive this immature and impulsive idiot and make me a man….Don’t hate me..
Ragini kneels down after his confession said:
I can never hate you that’s what my problem is I can’t hate you because I love you laksh…..I love you loved you and will love you…..
I’m yours always and you are..She stopped
And I’m yours bacha……

She can see the truth in his eyes …..
He just cut his thumb and fill her maang…
He take mangalsutra from cupboard and make her wear it..Say Ragini ka laksh…….
She hugged him tight………..He too hugged her……
And their first kiss…..
And lives happily ever and together….

This is how your papa get your mama beta said Ragini holding six months baby….Feed him….
Laksh lay on his bed says is this the bed time story for a baby…
This not for baby this is for baby ka paapa…….
Laksh smiles sheepishly and said baby ka hungry filled and what About baby ka papa ka hungry….
Ragu says shut up you immature idiot…..

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