imagino romanso phillia…with arshi and ishra (episode-1)


Imagino romanso philia….with arshi and ishra(episode 1).

I will narrate both the arshi and ishra ‘s story simultaneously.
Arnav and khushi are in different places ,only after 2 – 3months khushi will shift the place near arnav”s house.

Arshi intro.(on one side)
Usually arnav hears hindi songs while driving car.
So ,now he is inside the car and he sets songs in his phone and starts driving car..
After 4 kilometer he stops at a place where no people including an crow there.
Then he gets down of the car removing his hearphone…
He finds a girl running in that road shouting “help me,help me”.arnav goes near that girl and stops her.but she did not stop….
Arnav asks that girl that what happened why are you calling for help what happened to you..(this happens while running).
That girl replies very frightedly “ 2 boys are following me fastly”.
Arnav hearing this, stops her by telling “I will take care”.
That girl also stops hearing this.
Then both arnav and that girl stand in a street to catch those 2 boys who were following khushi.
That 2 boys are searching for that girl in each and every street.meanwhile arnav asks some questions about khushi.
Arnav asks that girl”what is your name”.
That girl replies “iam khushi”.when i came to purchase clothes ,these boys followed me throughout ,but I dint bother them but, now they came near my home .”
Arnav:ooo nice where is your home.
Khushi: why u want these details ,don’t need I will take care of that 2 boys .they are more better than you.because they only just followed me without talking but you…
Asking my know one thing iam very courageous person in my locality..everyone in our locality will fall on my legs .i have such a personality.
Arnav:oh oh then y u want my help.
Khushi: no no no I just told for fun. Don’t take it truely.
Khushi pulls arnav near her face and tells secretly…
Khushi:iam actually a dummi piece(waste).dont tell this matter to the by mister what is your name..
Khushi: nice name..

Now both the following boys comes to that place.
Khushi shouts “arnav attack them”.arnav goes near the 2 boys and he rises his hands for beating ,but the 2 boys shouts “ please we both dint follow , this madam left her shawl in shopping complex so,we both came behind to give this..but this madam took it wrongly.when we came back of her she started running fastly so only we came runningly…
Arnav hearing this, leaves both of them.
They both run away from that place after giving shawl to arnav.

Arnav goes besides khushi and tells.
Arnav:hello madam have ur shawl.
Khushi: thank you.arnav
Arnav: khushi actually I don’t think that you are thatmuch pretty and gorgeous to have boys behind should not have this are not very beautiful enough to have some boys running back of you.
Khushi: hmm…mister arnav mind your own business.
Arnav: yaa ok…I wasted time for this silly problem.
Khushi: anyway thanks..
Arnav: its ok..bye..
Khushi: byee thank you.
Arnav goes to his home..and thinks of khushi itself..

Ishra intro.
All these sequences happen before ishitha joining the nettech company,
in which raman is the head.ishitha will be joining this netech company in 2 days.

Raman is very tired ,as he did his office work for 18 hours.he slept for longtime in morning.
Meanwhile raman family (mother and father),finds a marriage broker to find a bride for raman.
After 4 hours raman get ups.
Raman comes out his room
Anjali Kapoor calls raman to the living room(hall).
Raman comes down and asks what happened .
Anjali shows 2 -3 photos of brides .but,raman refuses all the photos.
Then ,raman and his parents plan to go to marina,now they travel in car .
Anjali talks to raman.
Anjali:raman,there will be more girls in this beach ,it is the famous beach ,so,more pretty girls will come here for walking. here you select atleast one girl .you just tell which girl you like that’s enough, we will ask all the details of that girl.
Raman in angry mood.
Raman: just shut up your mouth. Are you a mother or broker.
Anjali keeps silent.
Anjali tells to navarathan Kapoor that…
Anjali: see your son ,how he is talking..
Navarathan:he is right only.. do you have sense .we are going beach only to time pass ,not to find a bride.thats clear no Anjali.
Anjali: ok ,ok you itself take care of your son.
Raman: both shut your mouth for a while.only 5 mins we will reach the beach.
They reach the beach.raman parks his car and all the three(Anjali,navarathan and raman)gets out of the car and walks in sand to go near the beach.
Now a girl with pink salwar is standing in that beach with her is our heroine ishitha.
Raman got some important call so he stops at that place and their parents only go near the beach water .
Raman while talking In phone a pink colour shawl comes flying in air and falls on raman ‘s face.
He turns back to see whose shawl was that.
Our ishitha comes runningly to get her shawl.raman ends the call.
Ishitha :excuse me sorry,my shawl please.
Raman: yaa madam.have it.
Ishitha: sorry sir for disturbing you.
Raman in dreams .
Raman: its ok its ok.
Ishitha takes her shawl and goes .
Raman keeps on telling its ok madam its ok madam.
Then Anjali and navarathan Kapoor search for raman.
They somehow found raman, Anjali went near raman.
Raman still in dream world with that pink salwar girl.(he still doesn’t know that she is only ishitha).
Anjali calls him..raman raman raman.
Raman did not hear this he is dreaming..
Anjali pulls him.
Raman is now ok.
Anjali asks raman “what happened my son”.
Raman:I saw a girl with pink salwar.
Anjali:oo love started?
Raman: shut up,just I saw that’s all, nothing other than that,you yourself don’t create these things.
Anjali: ok ok come we will go home.
They three go home.
Note:iam mentioning the pink salwar girl as ishitha (story heroine)but,raman doesn’t know her name only when she comes for interview in nettech,raman comes to know her name.
Iam telling all these to make my plot clear.

Promo: ishitha is joining nettech company.raman is the head of netech company so,he seats at the selection center.
In the quiwe pink colour salwar girl(the same girl-ishitha) is the 2nd person.raman seeing that girl,he avoids .will raman select pink colour salwar girl as staff or reject.(ishitha).

Credit to: suva

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