My imagination of shivika love story (Part-8)

Part -8
After four years.
A small four years child is shown from toe to head came running in the house and landed in someones arm.
That was shivaay who took his boy in his arms. Ansh was now four years.
He has blue eyes like shivaay. Facial features are mixture of anika and shivaay but at heart he was like his mom good and joyful but sometimes stubborn like his dad and also shows tadi to his own dad(father of tadi baaz)
Ansh- dad i want you to play football with me.
Shivaay- but i have to go for a meeting.
Ansh- dad always same excuse.
Shivaay- okay we will play but only on one condition.
Ansh- i know i will take care of mumma when you are not here. Alwayz same condition too. But what should i do with her. If i want to talk she never replys and do not play with me too. How much she will sleep dad??
Shivaays face fell and he got sad.
In flashback (4 yrs. Ago)
When the car got hit by truck shivaay fell out of the car and anika got dragged with car.
Shivaay cries anika’s name.
He takes her to the hospital where doctor informs him that she slipped into coma.
Shivaay was shell shocked when someone shook him from his hand.
He gets out of flashback he sees that ansh was calling him.
Tears were flowing from his eyes.
Ansh- okay i will take care of mumma but you dont cry plzz dad.
He wipes his tears and kissed him on his cheek. Shivaay smiles.
Shivaay leaves in a car
Shivaay thinking- its been four years that i can see you daily can caress you daily but still you are not with me anika.. i want you back plzz plzz now wake up.
He cries again..

At oberoi mansion
Pinky- o my maata ansh plzz sit on one place and have food silently otherwise your dad will go crazy on me.
Ansh- i will not come dadi you come.. giggles.
Pinky- o my maata apni dadi ki umar ka toh lihaaz karr..
Ansh- oh thats the point that you got old..
Pinky- its not likes that but still cant jump like you na..
Pinky sits on sofa getting tired..
Ansh comes and sits beside her..
Ansh- o my dadi you got tired..
Pinky- i am angry from you dont talk to me.
Ansh- i know that you cant be angry with me so long.
Pinky- you know why?? Bcoz you are my bundle of joy. In you i see my shivaay’s childhood again. Your eyes remind me of shivaays innocent eyes.
Ansh- okay okay i know this.
Can i ask you one question?
Pinky- ask two.
Ansh- from how many days mumma is sleeping and till when she is going to sleep?
Pinky gets saddened.
Pinky- god knows why he is doing this to us.
But you dont worry we will pray mata ranii for your mummas well being.
Ansh smiles..

At kapoors house.
Tia has gone away from her family as she no longer wants any revenge because what happened to swetlana. She did not wanted to land in jail. And when she got to know that her husband was alive she left with him.
Mrs kapoor- what she is coming out. Really?
Romi- yess mom swetlana di is coming in this week.
Mrs kapoor – after years got one good news.
Romi- what we are going to do mom
Mrs kapoor- swetlana will decide this.
Romi- okay

At evening
Shivaay enters the mansion, ansh comes running but due to stairs he slipped.
Shivaay runs towards his son.
Shivaay- ansh you are al right why were you running i was coming to you na.
Ansh with attitude- ansh singh oberoi dont likes people who scolds him.
Shivaay hitting ansh head- dont show tadi to ur dad bcozz…
Ansh- bcozz you are father of tadibaazi.
Shivaay laughs.
Shivaay- okay i m going to see your mumma you wanna come.
Ansh- no no you go i dont want to spoil your romantic moments..
Shivaay frowned and goes…
Shivaay enters the room and sees anika.
Who was laid on bed with machines monitoring her. He gets sentimental and tears flows from his eyes. He wipes tears and sits beside her.
Shivaay- how are you dear? You know what i am not fine without you.
All these years my only lifeline that helped me copeup from this was our child ansh. Ansh is like us only he have eyes like me; smile like you; tadibaazi like us and everything. I have always tried my best to give ansh both father and mother’s love but i know i am not capable of it and i am tired now and i need you plzz wake up.
Ansh always asks the whole family that when my mumma will wake up. Tell me what should we answer him. Wake up for him for your child our ansh plzzz.
This talking was a daily doze from shivaay to anika to which she never respond.
Shivaay like always gets up devastated from the failure to wake her up changes to kurta and headed towards the dining table.
Ansh was doing tantrums in eating food.
Shivaay- ansh now what happened.
Ansh-dad dadi is forcing me to eat karela.
I dont like it. I want chowmeen.
Shivaay- eat karela its good for health.
Ansh- no no i will not eat karela.
Shivaay- ok ok lets go and cook chowmeen you have become very stubborn.
Pinky- like you only…
Shivaay- mom…
Shivaay cooks chowmeen and feed it to ansh by his hand.
All departed to their rooms.
Shivaays room
Ansh- dad i m not sleepy..
Shivaay- come here i will make you sleep.
Ansh lept to shivaays lap.
Shivaay tenders ansh’s hair. And like a good dad makes his baby sleep in his arms.
Pinky passing by his room sees it.
Pinky- everything changes so is my shivaay i didnt knew he will be such a good dad.
Loves make everything possible. If anika could see it she must be amused as well as happy seeing shivaay and ansh’s bond.
She goes…

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