My imagination of shivika love story (Part-7)

Part- 7
Authors note – hii i am shivanika back with a new part. Its a notice that my ff will be only on shivika there is no pure focus on other character so bear me although when the true writters of IB are unable to coordinate with so much of characters so they started a spin off i.e. DBO so whom am i in this world who can do this at a time. So here continuing the part enjoy…

Shivaay calls khanna.
Shivaay- khanna where is the agency manager fr security?
Khanna- he will be there soon.
Shivaay- okay.
Anika comes there with baby’s milk bottle.
Anika- shivaay will you do me a favor.
Shivaay- what can i do?
Anika- feed ansh this milk. I am going to dadi for work.
Shivaay eyes wide opened.
Shivaay- what, you want that I the great shivaay singh oberoi will do this.
Anika frowned a little and shivaay changes his statement.
Shivaay- then you are right sso can do anything that her wife want.
Anika- thats like a gud hubby.
Shivaay thinking- i never ever imagined that i will do all these things with so much happiness.

At nafratbaaz house
Romi- tia why you gave them baby you would have killed him
Tia- my rivalry is with oberois and anika not with that baby.
I lost my baby thats why i became weak at that point .
Swetlana- you gave them baby on such small conditions atleast you have shot anika or shivaay.
But you are somewhere an emotional fool.
Tia- but dii…
Swetlana- now you all see what will i do.

In oberoi mansion
Swetlana sneaks in the house.
She plants a poisonous gas can at shivika’s room.
She goes.
The gas starts emitting. At that time no one was there accept ansh, shivaay left room one minute ago to take a call.
He returns and was shocked to see the smoke and suddenly cried…
Shivaay- oh shit ansh is in there.
He runs inside the room to take ansh.
He takes ansh in his lap and came outside.
Ansh was unconscious by then and shivaay got scared seeing this..
Shivaay called the doctor.
Anika and family comes running.
Anika- oh my god what happened to him why he fainted.
Shivaay explains everything.
Shivaay tells we need to try to wake him up otherwise anything can happen.
Anika cries but tries hard to wake him up.
Shivaay blows air in ansh mouth.
Doctor came in..
He hurriedly checks ansh and give him medication by which ansh cries and wake up. Everyone sighs in relief.
Anika takes ansh in her arms and hugs him.
Dadi- oh god what is happening in my house kisi ki buri nazar lag gyi h.
Shivaay- where came this gas explosion in my room i wander.
Rudra- i have asked fr cctv footage khanna must be coming.
Shivaay- okay.
Anika- what is this shivaay why are you not taking things seriously. For god sake plzz find the culprits and get them behind bars.
Ansh cries. Shivaay takes ansh and kisses him.
Shivaay- this is a limit now i will not spare anyone who bad eyed my family this is the last time they hurt us and tried to kill my baby its heights.
Khanna- sir here is the footage.
Om- play it on the tv khanna.
Footage is played and they see how swetlana entered house secretly.
Shivaay throwing the remote on tv in anger and it breaks.
Shivaay- swetlana how dare she??
Shivaay calls police and complains against swetlana.
Police arrest swetlana.
Shivaay and anika goez to the police station.
Swetlana sees them.
Anika- why do you want to kill a small baby what he has done to you. If you want you can kill me but why him.
Swetlana- but if ansh will die you will die thousand times dear.
Shivaay- dont dare to take ansh name. I will assure that you get harsh punishment incase of attempt to murder.
Shivaay takes anika with him outside.
Romi watched them from a distance and calls someone that they are leaving from here you know na what you have to do.
She smirks.
Shivaay anika was driving home then they meet a terrible accident with a truck.

Precap- 4 yrs. Leap…

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