My imagination of shivika love story (Part-6)

Authors note – hello i m shivanika back with another part sorry fr beinv late my exams are approaching so when i will get time i will update so plzz vear the inconvinience.

Part – 6
Anika with shivaay goes to old bridge to confront tia.
Shivaay- where is my son, tia??
Tia- he is here only.
Anika- take what you want but plzz gice ansh back.
She cries shivaay holds her.

Tia- okay i will give you ansh but you have to come first kneel down infront of me and beg for ansh. And shivaay you have to clear my names from criminal records plus revive my business company so that we can live our old life.
Shivaay- okay i will revive your company but anika will not beg to you.
Give our son back.
Anika- i will do it for my child.

Anika do what was instructed by tia , shivaay was controlling his anger as he cant do anything.
Tia- so here is your baby.
Ansh crying voice is heard.
Anika takes the baby and hugs him tightly.

Shivaay came running too, see his son.
Tia- so now you both know what tia kapoor can do. So be careful thats not an end here.

Shivaay- just go away.

Anika shivaay reaches mansion.

Dadi- bhagwan ka shukr h mere bache sahi salaamat aa gye.
Anika was tensed and didnt talk to anyone and directly headed towards room.
Shivaay follows her. When he reaches his room he was shocked.
Anika was packing her bags.
Shivaay- what are you doing anika why are you packing your bag?

Anika- because i am leaving this home?

Shivaay- whaaat???
What happened tell me?
Anika- because i cannot bear more torture. I cannot live where my child is not safe. I can not live my life in fear that when my ansh will get hurt or get kidnapped and…
Shivaay- what are you talking anika i will not let that happen.
Anika- then today how my son got kidnapped. You were there only. Your big size security cant even stop my son frm getting kidnapped.
Shivaay stood still as he knew that she was desperate about her son and was shocked by this drama.
Anika- shivaay plzz divorce me i will go from here with my son and will never come back.

Hearing this statement shivaay’s anger burst into a tight slap on anika’sface.
She collapsed on floor crying.
Shivaay seated aside her abd hugs her.
Shivaay- i m sorry anika but dont talk of getting far away from me. I can not live without you both.
Anika- but shivaay that tia she will kill my ansh.
Shivaay- no from now no one will be able to touch him i assure you.
Anika- pinky promise.
Shivaay a bit smiling- yes pinky promise.
At morning

Three awdorable person were sleeping.
Yess that was our shivika and their cutiepie ansh.
Shivaay wakes up and sees them. A smile crept his face.
Shivaay- yesterday was such a disasterous day i would have lost them but thank god they are safe.
He was adoring them when anika wakes up and sees it.
Anika- why are you staring like tgis.

Shivaay- embracing my life.
Anika smiles.
Shivaay- i have called khanna today for arranging new security.
Anika- thats good. Shivaay sorry for yesterday i was not in my sense and i became so selfish that i didnt realise that by doing this i am aparting father from son.
Shivaay- i know that. That's why i slapped you so that you can come back to sense.
Anika- but i am angry for that. You slapped me too hard.
Shivaay- oh sorry for that.
They both laugh but shivaay hushed seeing ansh sleeping

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