My imagination of shivika love story (Part-5)

Authors note – hey this is shivanika again sorry for late update i was thinking about further story and was not getting correct storyline so i thought its better to update late than writing bad so enjoy peeps…

Part 5
Anika screams- shivaay!!!
Where is my ansh..
Shivaay came running
Shivaay- what happened and where is champ.
Anika- he is not here and panics.
Shivaay- where is that maid??
Maid comes running.

Shivaay- where is ansh??
Maid-she says that she was gone to manager but left a maid to take care of ansh.
Shivaay-what do you mean you left him with a random maid. How dare you.
Rudra comes running – bhaiyya i and O searched whole mansion champ is nowhere.
Om (hesitating)- that means it is possible that ansh is kidnapped.
Listening the word kidnap anika screams no… and then faints.
Shivaay came running.
Shivaay- anika wake up you have to be strong nothing will happen to ansh we will find him.
Anika was not yet awake and om calls doctor.

Then shivaay phone rings.
Shivaay- hello.
Tia- what happened shivaay is anybody missing.
Shivaay- what do you mean?? Is ansh with you?
Tia- you are so smart, yess your life is in my hands.
And ansh cries which shivaay hears and becomes restless plus very much angry..
Shivaay- how dare you touch my baby…
I will kill you.
Tia- if you will kill me you will never ever get your ansh.
Shivaay- what do you want?? Money assets shares what?? Tell me shivaay singh oberoi will give everything for his son.
Tia- money is such a small thing in exchange of your key to happiness and life (ansh-is the key to happiness)
Shivaay- then what you want?

Shivaay- whaaaat??
Tia- yess.. you and anika have to come to that old bridge there we will decide what i want in exchange of ansh.
Shivaay- but anika cant come she is not well..
Tia- ohh so sorry i didnt knew that but i know when she will get to know that his son is with me she must be dying naaa.. (smirks)
Shivaay- Tiaa (he shouts) not a word more for her.
Tia- you have only 2 hour get your blo*dy wife and you at the old bridge.
She cuts call.

Shivaay in anger throws the phone.
Om sees that and asks shivaay.
Shivaay tells him everything.
Om- we need to wake up anika bhabhi first.
Shivaay runs towards the room to see anika.

Doctor- she got a sudden shock thats why she fainted. I have given her medicines she will wake up in 1 hour.
Shivaay- she is fine na??
Doctor- yess but she needs to be close to whom she loves to comfort her.
Shivaay recalls about ansh and tears rolled from his eyes.
OmRu consoles him.
All the family ask about ansh to which om replies that he is been kidnapped by tia.
Pinky- oh my maata that kamini tia why she is after us now. What will happen to my grandchild.

Shivaay- nothing will happen to him. I will save him from that tia.
Anika in dizziness murmurs ansh name.
Shivaay- anika wake up plzz we will get our ansh dont worry.
Anika wakes up and cries.
Anika- my ansh shivaay where is my ansh.
And starts crying vigourously shivaay consoles her.

Precap- tia shivaay anika ka aamna saamna….

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