My imagination of shivika love story (Part-4)

Authors note- hii everyone i am shivanika again with a new part. Enjoy..
Part 4
Shivika room
Anika was getting ready for the party.
She is wearing pink anarkali lehanga.
Shivaay- someone is looking goergeous today.
Anika- who??
Shivaay-its you my dear.
Anika- really i thought i m not looking good but you made my day.
Shivaay- that’s my pleasure always.
Anika- we are getting late for the party go get ready fast.
Shivaay- okay… im going.
Anika smiles.

At the party
Rudra- hello and welcome all. Today is a very special day for oberoi family and we hereby thank you all for being a part of it.
Everyone clap.
Media person- we would want to know what are the important announcement that Mr. Oberoi had invited us all.
Rudra- its the most important. Lets wait for bhaiya.
Shivika walks in with their new born.
Everyone from the family was happy but media and outsider were shocked seeing anika and a baby with shivaay.
Shivaay- thank you all for lending your preciuos time to celebrate my special day.
Media person- what are the announcement sir?? And who is the girl beside you with baby?
Shivaay- the girl is my real wife Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and this baby is our baby Ansh singh oberoi.
Media person- but you were married to tia kapoor..
Shivaay- no it was a lie that i married tia but the truth is that i married anika that day.
Media- but why did you lie, sir??
Shivaay- i was just protecting my family reputation because tia ran away from the wedding. And after marriage she returned in a dramatic way.
And after months we all found that she was a fraud. She was married to someone and was here to marry me for her companies profit as her company was in total loss.
Media person- so we can now say that you are happily married to Mrs.Anika oberoi.
Shivaay- yes thats true. I am happy with anika and i am sorry for keeping things under wrap.
That’s all for today enjoy the party…
RoTiLana enters desguised as workers.
Romi- tia you know what you have to do.
Tia- yess i know. At the right time when no one will notice i have to kidnap ansh and will run from the back door.
Svetlana- then we will see oberois crying and sobbing for this heir.

Anika puts the ansh in royal palna with a maid beside him. She goes to meet peoples who wanted her personal interaction.
Tia comes near ansh and told maid that our manager is calling. Maid goes from their giving ansh responsibility to tia.
Tia- you creature you are the key happiness of this house and now when you are in my hand i will make your family cry for you. That freakin.. oberois are going to sob for you dear Ansh. She smirks and takes him silently with him.
Anika- shivaay i am going to ansh he must be hungry. You handle guests plzz.
Shivaay- okay you go, you must be tired too.
Anika walks towards ansh paalna.
Parts end.

Precap- oberois finds ansh is kidnapped. Anika gets shocked and faints..

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