My imagination of shivika love story (Part-3)

Author’s note- hey shivanika again. Thanks for liking previous parts so i thought i should continue it so its not a the end fr my imagination i will write further because of the support and appreciation.

Part 3
Somewhere in dark
Our nafratbaaz rotilana sitting.
Svetlana- so oberois got a new heir.
Tia- yes di that anika and shivaay now are parents to baby boy.
Romi- so whats our next move??
Tia- yes now its high time we are quite; i want to take revenge with oberois and anika too for my insult and for our fathers death.
Svetlana- yess you are right this is the time we need to create some havoc for oberois. They got so much time rejoicing their happy times. Lets end this happiness.
You both know what you have to do.

In oberoi mansion
Everybody comes home with Ansh.
Dadi and pinky comes with aarti and does aarti of all the three (shivaay, anika, ansh)
Rudra- dadi are we doing greh pravesh of ansh like anika bhabhi’s grehpravesh.
Pinky- oh my maata ansh is a new member of oberoi family and is the heir of oberois. We are welcoming him by doing aarti.
Shivomani (at the same time)- duffer singh oberoi….
Rudra- i only asked a ques. Yrr…
If we want to welcome Ansh then we should throw a grand party.
Om- yess first time he is right. And let me tell you shivaay you also need to introduce anika as your wife properly you havent told them about tia’s fraud and your marriage truth. Its anika’s right to be known as your wife.
Shivaay- all this time we were so busy in ansh and anika’s pregnancy that i didnt realize that we need to tell the truth to world. And anika you, you never complained. Why?? You would have.
Anika- i knew that when the right time comes you will tell it to everyone.
Shivaay- why are you so good anika?
Anika- i m like this only.
Rudra- okay lovebirds you can have your lovey dovey chat in your room.
Ansh is also tired. And i have to do all the arrangement regarding tommorows party.
All move to their rooms.

Shivika’s room
Anika- so much of peace and happiness i never felt in my life.
Shivaay- me too anika
My life was only omru family and business but you and ansh are like gravity to me.
Anika- god bless our family
Suddenly ansh gets into crying mode and both of the parents were involved in tactics to stop his crying.
Pnky sees that all from a distance.
Pinky thinking- i was so fools that i didnt understands my son’s happiness. The girl which i thought is a curse for him is truly a boon to my son. My son can’t be happy without her and i thought so wrong. May god bless them and buri nazar na lage inki family ko.
Pinky wipes her tears and go from their smiling.

Precap- ansh arrival party.. rotilana entry and can be much more i didnt decide

This one is short but when i will get time i will post long episode too.
Thanks again bye bye…

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