My imagination part 7

My imagination part 7

Hellooooo readers

I hope u r not much upset about the last part I wrote but this episode will be fun

So here is the next part

So shivay says here they all come

We see tia her mom and media people entering.

All are stunned including Oberoi family.

Media people start saying that saying sir what is the reason for this sudden press conference

Shivay says just a minute.

He plays a recording.

In which tia and her mom’s talk is shown
They r saying that child is of Robin but we have proved that it’s of shivay.then tia says if Anika had not followed me then Robin would have been alive now..And I’ll take the revenge of my husband’s death also..I will marry shivay and then take his property and leave him..

TIA says shivay baby it’s all false..We did the DNA tests

Shivay yes tia I no
Then. Both the doctors come and confess that they changed he reports as tia ma’am bribed them..

Shivay says that also she lied that tia is robins sister..
He shows them all tia’s and robins wedding pics
Anika told me many times but I didn’t believe her..

All u did was a lie tia and whenever Anika tried to tell me about you I never agreed and now I repent that..

TIA is enough shivay..
U r blaming me for that cheap girl..
Yes I did all of this because I wanted to marry you for your property and u were also marrying me for the deal so what’s the difference ha

Shivay shouts
there is a difference tia u were cheating on me and I never hided anything from u frm the beginning it was known that I was marrying u for this deal only..So stop it
And now u and ur family will go to jail for cheating the Oberoi’s

And now in the presence of all the media I would like to tell that I didn’t marry tia I married the girl whom I love immensely Anika because miss tia ran away from the wedding and then told us that she was kidnapped.

So Ms tia now u may leave

Inspector here are your culprits
(In my ff that father drama is not included only robins death and property matter is included)

Media people
So Mr Oberoi..Who is this Anika
What does she do where is she we
Would like to meet her

Shivay I know that you would like to meet her but this much is enough for today please leave now..
After a lot of pressurization they finally left…

Rudra says bhaiya how u came to know about this

He tells how he Anika found a clue and then he hired a private detective..

Dadi says billu I knew u and anika are made for each other only
Tum dono takkar ke ishqbaaz ho

Shivay smiles..Pinky says I cud not believes tia size kr skti hai..Anika me firse mere bacche ko baccha liya..Now I will accepts her as my bahu..

Everyone waits for Anika to come home..
Jahanvi pinky and dadi plan to give proper muh dikhaye gifts to their bahus and leave..

Tej and Shakti also leave to sought the legal matter

So now we are left with shivay rudra soumya

Anika comes home and shivay says Anika I want to say something

Anika says not now.. I’m not in mood to listen to ur allegations
Shivay is hurt and remembers his behavior towards her..

She walks a little and falls on the floor..

Shivay shouts anikaaaa

He picks her in his arms and takes her to their room and calls for the doctor..

Doctor says nothing serious she is in strees I think so and hasn’t got proper sleep and food..That’s why her BP and water level is low..I have given her injection she will be fine in 2-3 hrs

Dadi says but how it is possible..
Shivay tells them how he behaved with Anika and dadi says billu tu usko bta nahi skta tha dekh kaise uski tabiyat kharab ho gyi hai..

In between Anika wakes up and asks what happened ?

Dadi tells how Tia’s truth was revealed..
Anika gets happy and looks at shivay..
She then remembers his words and says that we should now complete the rest of the work of the work also…

Rudra asks which work
Anika says divorce papers Wala..

Everyone is shocked especially shivay…

Everyone looks at shivay

Shivay says u take rest we’ll talk later..

Dadi says billu I want to talk you..She asks others also to come..

She asks shivay billu what is all this..See what has happened because of you..Now do anything and convince Anika not to go..

Here shivay enters the room and thinks how to talk to anika..

S Anika so u really want to divorce me ?
A vo to ek din hone hi tha..U wanted this only na ?
S I am asking about you..
A shivay mujhe Sona hai Mai bht thak gyi hue..Aap bhi so jae..And tries to leave..
Shivay stops her
S u can rest here only..
A nahi theek hai
S Mai puch nahi rha Keh rha hue..Dadi beech me aa gyi to unhe bura lgega..
A Ok..

Suddenly lights go..

Anika shouts shivay..
S Anika I am here only..
A shivay mujhe bht darr lgta hai andhere se…
S shhhh Anika I no..Bas chup..
And hugs her..???

Lights come..
They break the hug..
S I know everything about your past I visited your orphanage and hot to know everything
A par apne kyu kiya aisa
S Janna chahta that tumhare baare me..sab kuch..
A Kya pta chla aapko
S sab kuch..Tumhara vahan rehna tumhara andhere se darr..Tumhara or Sahil ka rishta…Sab
A par isse Kya fayda hua aapko..
S har cheez me fayda nahi dekhte..Mera bhi ek sawal hai.. Anika u want to divorce me ?
Anika is silent..
A sabkuch apke hisaab SE hota hai..Shaadi apki marzi se..Mera yahan rehna apki marzi se or divorce bhi apki hi marzi se..
S but ye divorce mere marzi se nahi hai…tumne hi kaha tha
A par mujhse pehle aapne kaha tha na..
S par maine or bhi kuch kaha tha na
Vo bhul gyi tum
A nahi yaad hai..Aapne kaha tha chle jao mere zindigi SE..
Shivay gets angry and holds her
S maine I love u bhi kaha tha
Anika is shocked..
A aap kabhi kuch kehte hai kabhi kuch..Kis baat pe koi bharosa kre
Shivay is shocked and leaves her
S Sirf ek baat me
A konsi
S I love u Anika…I really love u..I know Maine bht hurt kiya hai tumhe ..I am really sorry..Kya Tum mujhe maaf krogi..
A isme aapki koi galti nahi hai shivay tia hai hi aise..
S to ab tum bhi mujhse Keh skti ho
A Kya
S yehi ki tum bhi pyaar krte ho mujhse
Anika smiles a little and hugs him..Shivay also hugs him back..

Next morning

Shivay and Anika come together hands in hand and everyone gets seeing them like this and get happy and bless them…

The end..

Hope u all like it..
Plz let me know
Thank u everyone for ur views and sorry I don’t reply to everyone’s comments personally…

I’ll write more os or ff according to the latest spoilers which I will come to know..

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  1. Akshaya

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    1. Sairan

      That is really really sweet of you dear?? But all good things come to an end..
      I have some other works also..
      Anika past part 1-6
      Shivika story part 1-4 ongoing

      1. Mrunal

        Ohh thanks dear..
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