My imagination part 6

My imagination part 6

Thank you everyone once again…
Ur community act as a motivating factor and urges me to write more and more

So now Anika and shivay both r running to meet each other and tell something

Finally shivay and anika meet on the corridor and say together
Mujhe kuch kehna hai..
They smile

S let me first
A boliye
S shows her the clip
A is shocked and says we should find more about it shivay
S yes kaho tumhe kya kehna hai
A ye dekhe
S gets angry and is about to break the phone
A nahiii..Isme proof hai
And both smile..
S Mai soch bhi nahi skta tha..hum Kal baat krte hai ISS bare me
A ha thik hai..Mujhe kuch or bhi puchna tha..
S ha
A vo aap Kuch keh rhe the na ki

S ha..vo..mai
A rehne dije..ap so jae ab
S Tum bhi
A ji and moves
S kahan ja rhi ho
A sone..
S ha good night
A good night
In mind..
Mai puch q nahi payi unse..
S vo yhi puchna chah rhi thi..Smiles a little..
But don’t worry Anika sab theek hote hi Mai khud ye sab tumhe khunga..
And calls someone and tells him to meet him at 10

Next day (day 1)
A in mind
Should I ask him again..nahi pehle ISS chepde (TIA) ka kaam ho jae fir..

She doesn’t find shivay anywhere and gets to know that he left early..

Shivay somewhere
S see these are the 2 things
Man yes sir give me 3 days your work will be done

He comes home and goes to room and finds Anika talking to sahil
Phone is on speaker
He hears from the door
A Sahil kaise hai tu
S Didi Mai theek hue aap theek ho na
A ha baccha mujhe Kya hona hai
S nahi vo SSO ne aapko pareshaan to nahi kiya
A laughs..Sahil kitni baar kaha hai chota hai chota bann ke reh
Accha sun Mai PTA hai aunty SE Milne gyi thi vo tujhe bht yaad kr rhi thi..
S Mai bhi aapko bht miss kr rha hue..
A Sahil Mai to hmesha Tere sath hue Na..Accha ye bta mate scul me koi sab theek hai na
S ha Didi dab theek hai..Chalo Didi mere class hai ab
A theek hai Sahil acche SE rehna

Shivay enters the room and says Anika
A ha..Apne Kuch socha
S ha Mai vhi keh rha ki
A bolenge ab aap Kuch
S Tum bolne to do

Now comes tia

T shivay baby..Mujhe kuch baat krni hai
S yes tia let’s go
Anika is left dumbfounded
She feels bad
Shivay turns sees her and feels bad and says Anika I’ll figure out everything

Later the whole evening shivay ignores Anika

Anika is unable to understand why

Finally at night she decides to confront him

Shivay is sitting in hall
A shivay mujhe Abhi baat krni hai
S I’m busy
A Mai bhi koi free nahi hue..Kaam hai mujhe

And shivay then shouts
Kya problem Kya hai tumhe..Samjh nahi aata I’m busy..Tum middle class logo ki yhi pareshaani hai.. Attention seeker ho tum..divorce do mujhe and chodo mera picha..
Anika says sorry and leaves

Anika feels upset and goes to sleep
But starts crying thinking of shivays behavior..

Suddenly lights go and shivay remembers anikas fear of darkness..

He runs towards the swimming pool area where Anika sleeps

A has slept crying
S turns on his phone and finds her sleeping peacefully and caresses her hair

He sleeps there only on the floor

Next day (day 2)
Anika wakes up and finds shivay there..She thinks to wake him up but stops and leaves to get ready..

Anika and dadi in hall
A Dadi I have some work of catering so Mai jau..
D ha puttar tera Jo Mann kre tu kr..Lekin beech me Khabar dete rehna..wrna billu pareshaan ho jata hai..
A ji Dadi

Entry of Shivay

D billu Anika to chod de Jana usko Jana hai
S Dadi I have other imp work to do I can’t go
D oye khoteya Tere biwi SE zyada Kya or zarori kaam hai
A Dadi I’ll go..

She leaves without looking at shivay

On that day shivay comes home early and doesn’t find anika..Gets tensed but doesn’t show..

He leaves to find her..But finds her entering the mansion and gets relieved..

Rudra asks Anika to come and have food..
A no I’m not hungry I’m tired I’ll go
R Bhabhi aap theek ho na
A ha ha I’m fine

Shivay senses that she is not
He follows her but gets a call and says I am coming

The same man
Sir here it is..
Shivay gets happy and gives him money

He comes home and checks on Anika..
He sees Anika sleeping peacefully and says bus Kal tak hi baat hai..

Next day (final day 3 )

Shivay calls everyone in the hall and spent find Anika..
He also enquires about the same and comes to know that she left early..
Dadi asks Kya hua billu why u called us here..
He says I am waiting for someone
And says there they are

That’s it for today..
I no it wasn’t too much good but it’s the trailer picture will be start in the next episode

Precap Tia’s truth out media present Anika falls and shivay accepts his love

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