My imagination part 5

My imagination part 5

Hello everyone
A special thanks to everyone who r continuously reading my fan fiction

So the next part goes like this

Anika is not shown as we know her morning part is never shown as such
So I will start with shivays pov

In mind

Should I go to that orphanage..But why should I why I am so curious to know about her past everyone AHS a past she also has..So what..He then thinks of the pandit ji words about her parents death..He them remicises about he use to say that what have ur parents done who r u surname etc..

He gets a call from Khanna for a meeting at 11
He immediately says cancel it and all meetings today i have some work to do..

Scene shifts to hall
Shivay is looking for Anika
Rudra asks Soumya where is Anika bhabhi
Soumya says that she has gone to some kirtan with Dadi and will come by evening..

Shivay checks the time it’s 930
He says in mind I’ll definitely go and leaves from om

Shivay reaches the orphanage
Goes inside and meets the lady he met.
She takes her to a small room in which there are pics of 2 small girls and some toys and bed

S why u got me in here..We could talk outside also.
L because this room has memory of your wife.
S looks around the room and says this is Anika
L yes one is Anika and one is
Shivay cuts her in between and says but yesterday it was her parents death anniversary how come is she here
L laughs and says u don’t know anything about her..
I think I should start from the beginning..So r u ready

Shivay gets a little tensed and says yes please go ahead..

L so basically Anika is an orphan
S shockingly what ????
L calm down baccha..Anika and her sister were left by someone at our door..
S her sister ???
L yes see this pic she is Anika and she is her sister..What was her name..
Shivay remembered Anika speaking in sleep chutki
S chutki
L yes vo pyaar SE ISS naam se hi bulate thi..Anika or uski behan ka tym Kuch khaas aacha nahi rha yahan bhi..yahan bhi kuch aise log the Jo bacche ko torture krte the..Anika or behan ne bhi kaafi Kuch Saha hai..
Shivay again remembers Anika saying don’t beat me..
L kahan kho gye beta
S nthng plz continue
L then after sometime that person was thrown out of the orphanage and children were safe..But Anika’s life was not so easy..One day someone came to adopt chutki..And she had to go..Anika and chutki were separated..
S how could u let her go..
L we couldn’t do anything..People always come to adopt children..We just check if there are worthy of handling a child and of they will take care of them..Which we do
S then wat about Anika
L she used to cry a lot after her sister left..But the one day she was adopted by a couple…Sahils parents..Sahil was born after Anika lived for 2 years with them..Anika and Sahil are not real siblings but always loved each other and sahils parents also never discriminated animal and Sahil..But fate is never the same..
S what do u mean
L sahils parents passed away in an accident.. Leaving anika and Sahil with their bua..Who afterwards showed her true colors..She never let both of them live in peace..She would force Anika to Go and earn money and would then snatch it.
But Anika being Anika always fought back for Sahil and herself.
She was always after Anika specially for the house of Sahil..
Shivay again goes into flashback
Where he signed a deal of the house her bua and feels more guilty..
S how do u no so much about their whole life
L smiles a little
Anika was always in touch with me..I often asked her to come back here with Sahil.. But she never came saying that she doesn’t want Sahil to live the life of an orphan..A tear falls from the eyes of shivay
L should I get something for u
S no thanks..I would take ur leave now..
L beta I don’t no y Anika didn’t tell u anything..But I no that u love her..thats y u r here..hope u and Anika always stay happy together ..God bless u my child..
Shivay leaves from there with a a heavy heart..
He drives towards the home thinking about the incidents where he insulted Anika

He reaches home and finds Anika rudra and saumya laughing together
He gets amazed by Anika’s behavior and goes to his room and thinks about the lady’s words if her really loves Anika..
His mind finally gives him an answer that yes he does love Anika..
Shivay Singh Oberoi is in love and starts smilies and blushing..

Anika enters and asks him to come for dinner and tries to leave..

Shivay holds her hand and pushes her towards himself..
They both share an eyelock and finally shivay says that Anika I love u..Anika is shocked..She is unable to speak anything and leaves..

Shivay thinks if he did right or not..

Everyone does dinner and then shivay tries to approach Anika and then only tia appears and starts shivay baby ????

Shivay and tia talk and Anika leaves the hall..

T shivay now u have divorced her plz spend some time wid me and our baby
S I have some work tia I will ttyl
And leaves

Shivay goes to room and doesn’t find Anika over there..

Anika near the swimming pool area thinks if what shivay was saying was true or her dream..

Shivay in the other hand thinks that he is in love with Anika what should he do now as DNA reports proove that he is the father of Tia’s child..

Suddenly he gets a call and gets shocked And then suddenly happy

Here Anika decides to talk to shivay and unintentionally listens to Tia’s and her her moms Convo and makes a video..

Both Anika and shivay run to meet each other and say mujhe kuch kehna hai..

So it’s the end of this epi now

So now I’ll focus on bringing Tia’s truth out and in 2 epi I’ll end it with a happy note

Please read the FF and give ur reviews ????

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    Thank u so much
    I’ll write the next episode tomm only I guess this much is enough for today ??

  5. Hey.. nice episode.. keep it up..?

  6. Yes!!!!! finally shivaay realised his feelings for anika, it was awesome nd cute… Update nxt part soon…?

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    Wow ….finally shivaay realised hope for the best waiting for shivika coming together as one….

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  15. Loving it. Atlast our billuji realised and expressed his feelings for his paanika ??? . Can’t wait for the next one. Pls post asap ?

  16. Sairan

    Once again thank u all for so many comments and I will write the next part tomm mrng so I hope it will be published by tomm evening

  17. Superb episode…

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    Ohh dhamaksdar episode tha Yar please don’t end it soon dear … Hope u will listen us . Till then tc gn

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  21. Sairan

    Thanks again all the readers
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    And safaq I’ll definitely write more

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    Fabulous…… Mind blowing!!!!!

  24. Sairan

    I have submitted my 6th part for review and currently writing my 7th part which will be most probably the last part..
    But don’t worry
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