My imagination part 4

So once again hellooo
Now Anika and Sahil Convo is revealed and reason behind Anika’s restlessness is also done

So what is not known is shivays next move
The next part goes like this
Anika stops the auto and enters in a simple 2 floor building.

Anika enters the door
There are so many children playing together..Anika goes and meet them starts laughing and playing

Here 2 ladies enter and hug her and say my baccha u r here u never forget to come to meet us..
El Tum hi ho Jo is orphanage SE jaane ke itne years Baad bhi Hume nahi bholi hue..
A how can I forget u both u r everything to me..
One lady I’ll come in sometime I have to go somewhere for work..
She leaves
Anika and the other lady sit and chat..
(That is not of much importance just how r u types)

Just on the other side
Shivay reaches the same building and finds that lady and asks her showing anikas pic

L how do u no her
S I’m looking for her
L why who r u
S I’m her..Vo I’m…
L her husband
S how do u no
L (laughs a little) says every husband blushes when asked about her wife
S can I meet her
L she didn’t tell u that she is coming here
S no she didn’t
L u fought
S no..She never tells me anything ?
L then she must not have told u anything about her past life also..
S what do u mean ???
L don’t worry baccha I will tell u everything just come here tomm at 10 am and u will no everything
And she leaves
S is confused but thinks that he will go

He goes inside and sees so many children Anika and one elder lazy playing and dancing..They stop and the last hugs Anika and Anika says she should leave now..
They see shivay at the door

A what r doing here..How did u no I am here..R u following me ?
S we can talk wen we reach home
Chle ?
L Anika Kon hai ye ?
A aunty wo..Ye
S I’m her husband
A shocked
L ohh beta come na..sit will u have something
S no no ma’am we should leave our family is worried for Anika
A but I told Dadi
S ya but
L no prob beta we will meet soon
And hugs Anika and says to take care of herself

In car
Shivay thinks of the lady’s words
Here Anika thinks how is he here
A aapko kaise PTA Mai yahan hue
S I called the driver
A he left me at the Mandir
S yeah after that I tracked ur phone
He thinks that how he called Sahil and asks that after temple where would Anika go and takes promise that he won’t tell Anika about this
A y
S because everyone was worried about u
A BT I told Dadi
S yeah bt still by the way y u went to temple
A thinks Shud I tell him..And says just like that..Just Mann hua
S why is she not telling me about her parents death Pooja

The rest of the journey is silent

They reach home
Dadi and rudra r sitting
Dadi says anika kahan gyi thi
Anika says Mandir
Dadi says something special
A no Dadi aise hi
D puttar agar kabhi bhi kuch btana ho bta skte ho tum
Shivay looks at anika nd thinks why is hiding from Dadi also

It’s night
Anika goes to room takes her bedcover and leaves
Shivay thinkS I will definitely go and meet the orphanage lady..

So that’s it

Precap shivay meets and lady and gets to know about Anika past

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