My imagination part 3

Hello everyone
Thank u so much for your previous precious comments
So as for now my focus is on anikas past I’ll complete it in max 3 parts I suppose..
Hope u like it

So currently we see Anika calls sahils hostel and both start crying..The reason will obviously not be revealed here..Anika then says to Sahil that you don’t worry ur Didi is here na vo sab theek krde di.. she says him to take care and cuts the call..Anika gets up and changes into a plain suit and enters the hall..Dadi and Soumya r there
Anika says Dadi I have some urgent work I have to leave right now ..Dadi shows concern and says puttar wat happened any problem u look tensed Anika says nthng like that I just remembered some work..
Dadi billu ko sath le jaa Na ill just call him
Anika no Dadi no need I’ll go by myself
Dadi Abhi to Tere tabiyat theek hue hai..Accha do one thing take driver along with u..
Anika OK Dadi and leaves

After some time
Shivay enters his room to talk to Anika and doesn’t find Anika over there he gets a little tensed remembering her condition..
He goes down shouting for Anika
He asks Dadi
Dadi tells him the whole story

He thinks where would she have gone and calls the driver
Driver yes sir
Shivay where is Anika
Driver I just dropped her to the temple near so and so location and den she said to me to leave so I went for rudra sir work
Shivay so u don’t no where is she now how careless u r
Dadi says billu what happened
Shivay nthng I’m just worried
Shivay u have sum imp work and leaves

Shivay reaches the temple
Anika has already left (why will be disclosed just rite now)

Shivay enters the temple looks for her everywhere and den finally asks a pandit ki
P yes yes this girl Badi pyaare baachi hai
S how do u no her
P she just came sum tym ago for Pooja aaj akeli hi aayi thi hmesha to Sahil bhi aata tha
S u no both of them ?????
P yes Jab we inke maa baap ki death hue hai unki yaad me har year ye Pooja krate the Mai hi krvata tha..
S remembers how Anika fumbled on the dining table..Gets teary eyed
S do u no where wud she Abhi
P no beta
S calls Anika switched off..Calls at home Anika not at home he gets thinking…

Anika in auto
Of her conversation wid Sahil
S Didi don’t cry
A u also I no u r missing me I miss u too
S I’m away from u
A crying no we r always together
Now go and finish ur class

Anika stop here plz..
Anika enters a building and goes inside

Next part
Shivay too enters d Same building

Where r these 2
How did shivay came to know about Anika

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  1. Dheemahee

    U r really Express train next vala bi jaldi de dia thanks for this episode but can u post little bit longer one. Anyway this one was also good keep it up . Hope see u soon as always ? till than tata.

  2. update the nxt one asap

  3. Sairan

    Thank u soo much and definitely I’ll try to post more long next time pakka

    So should I post the next part now only??????
    Plz reply

    1. Dheemahee

      Yup if u r free then sure do it excited to read it out

    2. Please post it now

  4. Shivika

    It was awesome….awwwww strucking srsly…….post nxt one soon

  5. Interesting… With English subtitles plz

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot everyone
      Lisa I’ll try to post more in English only
      Sorry for the inconvenience
      Actually I am posting in hindi particularly just to enhance the reality as we know that in actual Anika and dadi talk in hindi only
      It’s just that to maintain uniformity we assume that the dialogue may be written in English but they r spoken in Hindi only

  6. Mukta


  7. Sairan

    I shave sent my next part for review hopefully it will be published soon

  8. Akshaya

    Nice episode sairan. But it’s small.

    1. Sairan

      I’ll try to post more long akshaya
      Thank you ?

  9. Totally loving this ff… post next part asap :-

    1. Sairan

      Thank you so much..I am glad that u r liking it and even sharing ur views
      I have already posted the next part for review and I’m working on the 5th part even
      Hopefully part 4 will be posted by tonight and part 5 by tomm mrng

  10. Waiting for next

    1. Sairan

      Thank u sso
      I have submitted it for review and even my 5th part is ready..I’m also waiting fr 4th part to be published

  11. Ruksy

    Amazing and quick Update

  12. Its superbbbb…….

  13. SamSun

    ???????????????????pls break the suspense. I am waiting for next epi

  14. Amazing episode…

  15. JanviSingh

    Damn interesting…??
    Post next one soon…,

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