My imagination – Part 2

Hellooooo everyone
Firstly I would like to thank all of you for such lovely and nice comments
It was my first tym and I really didn’t expect that it would be published and you all will like it so much
So I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart

So the next part goes like this
Since I ahve watched the episode of today already I will take some inspiration from it

Shivay and Anika get conscious seeing all the people. All come and meet shivika and tell Anika to have proper rest and leave.
Shivay and Anika make faces seeing each other and finally shivay asks Anika to sleep.
Anika gets up frm the bed shivay asks what is she doing Anika moves and takes her bedcover and tries to leave the room
Shivay holds her and asks what is her problem can’t she have rest she says she will sleep there only where she does and says him to leave
Shivay holds her from the other side and says that why is she doing such things firstly her fridge drama and now this
Anika shouts in pain leave..
Shivay leaves and says that don’t think that I can go to such levels just to proove me right
I don’t need to do such things if you ask your heart it will tell u that if you care for me or not
Anika too leaves from the room
She thinks how she landed into the fridge
Shivay also thinks about anikas words.

Next morning

Anika enters the room and thinks how to expose tia..Shivay enters and says that Anika.. Vo.. Actually..Kal Jo Tum..She says say na whatever you want to..You take so much time I could complete half of my work in such long time..
Shivay says vo I’m sorry for yesterday..But I seriously don’t understand that how u landed in the fridge if some happened to you then and paused..Both of them look in each other’s eyes..BG music plays
Anika breaks the eyelock and says so finally u agreed na..?
She says that I just remember that I drank the tea which I sent for you and then my head started aching I don’t remember anything..Sach plz understand..Shivay says Ok I trust you..Anika becomes shocked for a moment and says what..He says nothing but be careful next time..
And then they both leave for breakfast
Pinky is not present over there and thus Anika does breakfast with everyone..
Suddenly Dadi says today is 2 Jan yes the due date kindly do the needful..
Anika hears the date and suddenly starts coughing..Shivay sitting beside her gives water and asks what happened be careful..Anika says nothing just I remembered some imp work and tries to leave suddenly and hits the table..
Dadi says Anika any problem she says no Dadi just like that..
Shivay thinks that she is hiding something
And thinks to ask her..He tries to go to her but gets a call from office and gets busy..

Here Anika calls in sahils hostel and asks that if she can talk to Sahil
After a lot of requests they allow her to talk to Sahil..
Both sahila ND Anika cry while talking

So what happened that they r crying will be disclosed in the next episode..

Sahil is already in hostel
Tia’s truth as you know will not be out so easily so I thought to write something different

Imp note
I wanted to write something different than the show hope you people like it and plz tell me ur views whether bgood or bad

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    ???????? wow….

  3. Good plz post nxt soon fingers Crossed

  4. Dheemahee

    Hi u r to too fast bola or de bi dia next episode quite impressive. Chalo coming back to episode it was a nice one and ya u Carry on the story as u want dear because it’s you and your FF and your thinking we all r there to support u so please carry on with your own story. So Chalo bye see u soon with next one till than tc gn

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  8. I beg of you update again today or early tomorrow I actually can’t wait to read more. Your are really talented

  9. Nice…waiting for next episode

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    Wowie awesome part sairan. Anika’s past starting good work

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    More, more and moreeeeeeeeee!!

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    Great loved it post soon

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    Reallyy superb

  14. Sairan

    Hellooooo everyone
    A very good morning
    Thank you sooooooiooo much for all your comments…I am really astonished surprised and happppppppyyyyy that I can’t even explain
    I’ll just post my next article for review and hope that it is posted soon

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    Superb dear

  18. Superb !

  19. Sairan

    Hellooo guys my 3rd part is public and my 4th part is ready
    Plz lemme no what do u think about my 3rd part so that I publish my next part too

  20. May be there parents died on that day.

    1. Sairan

      Correct Shalini
      I have posted the next part also plz read that one too
      And letme know ur views

  21. Its superb…..

  22. Mrunal

    hey sairan…
    it looks something different..
    looking ahead for it…
    it’s superb…
    just a mare guess it must be death anniversary of sahil’s parents..
    but i know u must have posted the next one…
    bcoz I’m as usual late in reading..

    1. Sairan

      Awwww..So sweet of u Mrunal
      Thank u so much
      Yes all parts are updated
      I ahve written anotheer on also Anika past part 1-6 plz read them too

      1. Mrunal

        Yep for sure…
        I’ll read all of them & will share my views also..
        Eager to read furthermore…
        BTW i have uploaded next episode of my ff plz check it once…

    2. Sairan

      Ohh woww..I was watching today’s episode
      Will check
      Do watch today’s episode..Very emotional

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      No Mrunal it’s not there yet

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        Hey it’s uploaded check it again..

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      Mrunal which part ?

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