Imagination of Mine (KRPKAB)

So here is an imagination of mine. Same characters but except one family which will play an important role in my story. Adithya, his mom Gayethri, his dad Mr. Gupta, his aunt and his sister Aaliya.

At Dev’s residence

The house is full of hustle and bustle as its a roka ceremony of Neha with Adithya. Ishwari is busy looking at the arrangements of the food, Ria and Nikki are looking after the decoration. Dev at one corner talking on his phone with someone regarding arrangements.

Neha is her wearing a purple long frock with silver border and silver jewelry. She is looking like a heaven. Sitting silently in her room waiting for her to be to arrive. Dev comes in her room.

Dev: Can we talk?
Neha: Yes ofcourse.
Dev: Are you happy? Do you like Adithya? If you want to share anything with me please do share and don’t hesitate to ask anything.
Neha: Dev I am happy. Even after knowing that I am not very good in English Adithya is ready to accept me. I just hope that no evil eye should come today.
Dev: Don’t worry! Everything will be just perfect. I will take care of everything. Do you believe me?
Neha: Ummm.. I will let you know later.
Dev: Its alright.

Dev gives a side hug to Neha and with a smile leaves the room. Adithya’s family comes and the ceremony starts. Everyone looks happy and music is on. The ceremony goes well without any hurdles. And after all the rituals everyone bid goodbyes and goes to their respective rooms and houses.

Next day Dev decides to buy a dress for Neha. He goes to a shop and start looking for a dress for Neha. A beautiful girl comes wearing an orange anarkali with golden border. Her hairs curled and falling on her face and she gracefully removes them from her face. Dev misses a beat but composes himself but still staring her. She was none other than Sonakshi.

Sona: Eleana how am I looking?
Eleana who is busy on her phone doesn’t see sona and answers hurriedly.
Eleana: Its good. But why don’t you try another dress?
Dev (in his mind): It gorgeous!!
Sona: Is it? But I think its good.
Eleana: no!
Sona realizes that she is not concentrating.
Sona: I am taking this dress. You be in your phone.
Eleana: Sorry sorry! Oh yes its pretty.

Then they both go to the counter to buy that dress oblivious of Dev’s attention towards them. Sona realizes that the dress is far more expensive then she thought. And asks Eleana,” leave it we will buy from other shop.” Dev realizes it but brushes his thoughts and thinks to buy that dress for Neha. Sona and Eleana leave the shop. They both stop outside the shop and start discussing.

Eleana: Sona you were looking beautiful. Take the dress.
Sona: Eleana its very expensive. You know right I am running the house.
Eleana: Its ok how much were you expecting to invest?
Sona: I don’t know.
Eleana: Ok do one thing put how much money you want the rest I will pay. You can give me later when you have money.
Sona: but..
Eleana: Come on lets go! Otherwise someone else may take.

In the shop, Dev is about to pay for the dress but Sona comes running and snatches the dress.

Sona: I want this dress.
Dev: But you left.
Sona: So what I came back.
Dev: But deal is already done. I am taking this dress.
Sona: But I chose it first.
Dev: So then you left.

They both start arguing.

Eleana: Hello mister we were discussing.
Manager: Sorry but you both are creating a havoc here other customers are getting disturbed.
Dev in his arrogance. And Sona in her stubbornness.
Dev: Let her take that dress as she has already tried it. I will not give this dress to my sister whom someone else has already worn.
Sona: So mean. So much arrogance. I won’t take that dress.

All the three leave that place.

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  5. If Dr Bose is a nutrionist, wonder what role she has to be in Devs house from Morning to Night.. As Dev family seems to be wealthy, thy can have cook who will cook as per the diet chart. Is Dr Bose staying in Dev house required

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