Imagination of Mine (KRPKAB) Part 4


Dev and Sona’s family is planning on a mission “Sona Kidnapping”

Dev: Ok I want you all to do one thing the rest I will handle.
Sourav: What is it?
Dev: As far as I know she rides a scooty so make sure her scooty stops working when she is returning home.
Eleana: How do you know she has a scooty?
Dev: Umm you remember the day we first met I saw you both leaving in a scooty.
Dev to himself ( I was observing her like too much that day don’t know and now… concerned for her…. The orange dress she tried then …. Her regular dress white color kurti with yellow flowers…. Hair opened with perfect curls… Stop it Mr. Dev Dixit and concentrate on kidnapping)
Sourav: ok this work will be done.
Asha: I hope this works. But for how long do we have to keep her away.
Dev: I already have proofs against him but I may need some strong witnesses then we need to file a case on him and make sure he gets severe punishment till then we have to hide Ms Bose. Ok I take a leave now and don’t try to contact me. I will do that. All the best.

He leaves from their and sits in his car and dials Tina’s number.

Dev: I have few important work for you.
Tina: Yes sir.
Dev: Book 6 tickets for a movie. And make sure its a drama movie.
Tina gave a confused look and said ok.
Dev: Also I need a car which has worn out but still drives well. Know the price and keep the cash ready with address. The first thing in the morning. Did you got it.
Tina could not dare to ask why and said yes.

Dev reaches home and heads towards Neha’s room.

Dev:Neha I booked movie tickets for you all. You all will feel good and diverted from that ra***l Adithya. And mom will also feel good.
Neha: Perfect Bhai. And thank you for everything.
Dev: You don’t have to thank me. Its my duty. And I am glad that I have this job to look after my sisters.
Neha now had tears in her eyes.
Dev: Don’t cry. You know right I very sensitive towards tears.
Neha: But these tears are for a happy me as I have a Bhai loke you.
Dev: Did mom ate anything?
Neha: Yes, but you know na she is so stubborn. Someone strict should be behind her. And of course you bhai. Only you can make her understand.
Dev: I will surely do something for her. You take rest. Goodnight.
Neha: Good night Bhai.

Dev gives a side hug to Neha and kisses her on her forehead and heads towards her mothers room. And sees that she is already asleep. He enters the room silently hold her feet and cries and says in mind, ” I never hided anything from you but I don’t know how will you react on me helping a girl in her kidnapping. I want to open my heart to you but your health and the struggles you have faced already wants me to give just comfort. I promise when all things settles I will surely share with you. I need your blessings for this work. I will not spare that Adithya who hurted my family.” He quietly leaves the room and heads towards his room still un thoughts. ” I have to keep Ms Bose with me as I cannot trust anyone. But where should I keep her?? Without anyone knowing?? Office?? No.. At home?? What will I say to everyone?? What should I do??”

So keep on guessing where will Dev keep Sona. And remember nothing is suspense as we have all detectives here to guess right.

Sorry for the late update. Actually I had to plan her kidnapping without any loopholes lol. I wanted to have sense in her kidnapping and everything going on.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

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