Imagination of Mine (KRPKAB) Part 3


Well thank you all for your comments and yes your guess is right. Adithya is the same person marrying Sona but with lots of surprises. Stay tuned…


Adithya’s truth is out. Dev mom needs a nutritionist. Dev gets to know that Sona is getting married.

Dr. Sinha’s cabin

Dev: Dr. Sinha recommend me some other nutritionist as Dr. Bose will not be here after two weeks.
Dr. Sinha: Oh I totally forgot about her marriage well she was the best nutritionist I have known but don’t worry I will let you know until you follow Dr. Bose diet guidelines.
Dev: By the way do you have any idea about her marriage like where with whom…
Dr. Sinha: Yes ofcourse she invited me too the groom name is Adithya and the marriage is in the grand hotel. I would say the arrangements were made in a hurry but they managed to arrange all the things at right time.
Dev: Adithya??
Dr. Sinha: Adithya Keshav. He is a business man recently started his business and going pretty successful.

Dev was beyond shock and did not wanted to express it in front of Dr. Sinha.

Dev: Oh ok so where does Dr. Bose live? I should congratulate her family.
Dr. Sinha: Yes she lives ………..

Dev rushes to Sonakshi’s house.

Sonakshi’s residence

Dev knocks at the door and Asha opens the door.

Asha: Yes?
Dev: Hello I wanted to tell you all something important. It is about Adithya.

As soon as he mentioned Adithya’s name Asha starts crying and Bejoy comes from behind and consoles Asha.

Asha: I know what you want to say. But we are helpless. Adithya has given us warning if we tell anything to Sonakshi he will kidnap her and will make our life miserable. He even left someone behind Sonakshi to keep an eye so that no one tell her the truth. I request you too don’t tell anything to Sonakshi otherwise… (She starts crying very badly)

Adithya’s residence

Gayethri: Adithya please don’t spoil Sonakshi’s life. I have been silent because of your threats and you already ruined so many lives.
Adithya: Mom I will not ruin Sonakshi’s life I promise. I love her. I ruined so many lives just to have Sonakshi in my life. I needed money to make Sonakshi mine. So what wrong did I do to get my love. This Dev Dixit got to know about me otherwise I would have taken his half business. Then me and Sonakshi would live a lavish life.
Gayethri: But Sonakshi is not your type. She is simple and dreams of simple life. She never wanted money then why do you want money.
Adithya: I asked Sonakshi many times to marry me but she never bothered to look at my feelings. Always her family was her priority. She wanted to earn for her family. With so much difficulty I managed to grab this much money so that I can marry Sonakshi and she will not deny me this time that she has to support her family as I will do that. Even I had to torture her family to make Sona realize that I want to marry her. With much difficulty and At Last I am getting married to her.

Sonakshi’s residence

Asha: He wanted to marry her within two days but with much difficulty we managed to extend it till two weeks. I can’t even tell truth to Sona.

Asha, Bejoy and Sona’s dadi starts crying. Dev got so angry that if Adithya was to be in front of him he would have killed him.

Dev: I can help you all if you want me to?
Bejoy: How can you help us?
Dev: I have a plan. But it will be between us.
Dadi: I can do anything for my Sona.
Dev: I have a question does Ms Bose loves Adithya?
Bejoy: No she is just listening to us. Adithya was threatening us to convince Sona for marriage.
Dev: So it will be easy for us now. I will kidnap Ms Bose and I will keep her safe until this threat thing has calm down.
Asha: Why should we believe you? We met you today itself.
Dev: Don’t you think right now you don’t have any other choice except me. You decide Adithya or kidnapping?

Everyone agreed with Dev and started planning to how to kidnap Sona.


Keep on guessing guys……

Credit to: Taaniiyaa

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