Imagination of Mine (KRPKAB) Part 2


Neha Roka ceremony had been successful. Neha and Sona first meet with nok jhok…

Dev is working at his office when he receives a call regarding Adithya being a cheat. He is marrying for the sake of money. And also he gets to know that he is already engaged to someone else.

Dev: Do you have any proof that he is a cheat?
Caller: I have his whole history. Neha is not the first person whom he has agreed to get married. He can do anything for money.
Dev: I need proofs.
Caller: I can provide whenever you want.
Dev: But why are you helping me?
Caller: Because I don’t want any other girl to suffer like my daughter.

Dev is shocked beyond his limits. The only thing he was able to think was how to tell this to Neha. Will she accept it or will she curse her fate. Dev eyes filled with tears.

Caller: Hello??
Dev: Where can I meet you?
Caller: Today itself. I am right now in a cafe near your office.
Dev: Also I want to know about the girl who is engaged to him.
Caller: I don’t have much details about that girl. What I know is that he is engaged since 6 months now to that girl.
Dev: Ok I am coming.

Dev reaches cafe and the person provides with many proofs like invitation cards of his previous marriages and also pictures of his marriage. Dev is angry like hell. And rushes to his house.

Dev’s residence

Ishwari: Dev you came so early today. Is anything urgent? You don’t look fine.
Dev’s eyes are red as he cried for his sister. He is unable to talk but just hands over the proofs to Ishwari. Just then Neha also comes there with shopping bags in hand. Ishawari is beyond control and sits down still while eyes are beaming with tears.

Neha: What happened??
(Then she looks at the proofs and throws them away.)
Neha: I don’t believe this. This is not true my fate cannot be so bad.
She runs to her room crying and closes the door. Ishwari and Dev runs behind her and ask her to open the door. But in vain. Suddenly Ishwari faints and falls down.

Dev: Maa….

Neha opens the door and is shocked to see Ishwari in this condition. They both rush her to the hospital.

At Hospital

Dr. Sinha: She was already not well and due to stress her health became worse.
Dev: I don’t want to hear that just tell me what should I do?
Neha: Yes please doctor ( still crying)
Dr. Sinha: There are many things you both should keep in mind. Firstly look after her diet, don’t give her stress and most importantly she needs rest.
Dev: I will do anything for her. I can guarantee about rest but what should I do to keep her away from stress??
Neha: Even diet… when it comes to food she doesn’t listen to anyone. By the way doctor, what should be changed in her diet?
Dr. Sinha: We have a very good doctor she may guide you. He name is Dr. Bose.
Dev: Neha you take mom home with you. I will meet the doctor and come.
Neha: Ok.

Dr. Bose Cabin

Dev knocks at the door.

Dr. Bose: Come in.
Dev: Hello Dr. Bose.

It was Sonakshi. Both are stunned to see each other but composes themselves due to professionalism.

Sona: Yes how may I help you?
Dev: This is my mom’s report I need a diet plan for her.

Sona takes the report and examines it carefully. While Dev is staring at her.

Sona: Ok I will give you the diet plan. Her condition is really very bad. High cholestrol. Sugar also high. She is missing vitamin D…..
Dev: I am not getting about what you are saying. What I should do just tell me.
Sona: Her diet is a basis for her health.

She writes the diet and gives to Dev.

Sona: I would recommend that you follow this diet strictly and do the tests again after two weeks. And show it to a good nutritionist as I won’t be available.
Dev: What do you mean not available?
Sona: I am going to Mumbai. Its my marriage after two weeks then I am leaving. But you will have plenty of doctors available here. We have Dr. chitra she is really good also Dr. Soumya and….
Dev: Did I asked you to recommend me doctors. I will handle it.

He starts leaving.

Sona: You are welcome!
Dev: Excuse me?
Sona: I thought you said thank you.

But still Dev leaves from there. And Sona in her mind so much arrogance, Mr. Obhodro.

Dev grabs Sona’s hand and picks her in his arm and puts her in his car. While Sona is struggling to free herself.

Credit to: Taaniiyaa

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    1. I mean aditya, not neel

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    I think sona is getting married to the same boy who cheats neha

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