I’M YOURS & U R MINE…. (epi-10)

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Lets starts…..

Sanskar and swara slept in same room has Sanskar was not ready to leave her so with no option swara slept on couch and Sanskar on bed

@ morning

In Sanskar room sun rays started entering into room it fell on Sanskar 1st he slowly opened his eyes and sorted rubbing it cutely he looked towards his angel who was sleeping still slowly rays started increasing and fell on swara she got irritated by ray she kept duvet on her face seeing this Sanskar smiled and stood in front of her

He slowly removed her duvet from face and started staring from few minutes keeping his hands down on the chin

Soon he got bored and started poking her nose with his index finger but still she was sleeping he took peacock feathers from side table he started irritating her with that

She gets irritate opens her eyes with full angry mood but seeing Sanskar innocent smile she lost him

Seeing she was awake she started clapping his hands like he achieved a medal

Sanskar: hey angel Gus morning u know I was waiting for u from 10 minute u know u r so cute in sleep I was staring for 5 min.  But I got bored so I started waking u up see now u r awake saying he again started clapping

Swara smiles and get up keeping blanket aside

Swara: what my Sanskar need now

Sanskar: I want to go out u know I my previous home we all used to go out everyday knowing morning I used to plant small small plants there but when I came here I didnt plant anything we have a big garden here na shall we go do that plz plz (innocently) 

Swara: (monologue listening plant word) u just lost ur memory Sanskar but still u my Sanskar only u love her angel and who love to plant the trees so that nature won’t get effect u r only Sanskar my Sanskar her thoughts where broken by Sanskar again

Sanskar: say na angel we will go come I can go out alone but I’m afraid of that bag always scolds me everytime I hat him (pouts) 

Swara: okie we will leave but let me get fresh up 1st

Sanskar: okie ahhh (shouts) 

Swara: (worriedly)  what happen Sanskar

Sanskar: nature is calling take my jip (holding his pants tightly) 

Swara: (smiles)  it’s night pant there will no jip just go pull it off

Sanskar: okie and runs from there like a jet

Swara nodded her head like unbelievable and started folding their duvet smilingly

Sanskar came out rubbing his stomach 

Sanskar: (with full relief) angel do u know what will give u so much happy and relief (childish tone)

Swara: (looks at him) I don’t u tell what will give us happy and relive

Sanskar: when ever nature calls us urgently we will do tensed to stop but when we doing our nature call it gives u so much we feel so light and happy (childish tone with cute smile) 

Swara started laughing this she fell on and lagging like hell ?? she was holding her stomach

Sanskar looks at her with pout seeing her laughing when he said serious thing ??

soon swara looked towards him where he looking with pout when she tried to near him he turned his grace aside

Swara: (monologue) sir is angry no problem how to deal with him smiles and took chocolate and hides behind her

Sanskar was looking at her with corner of his eyes 

Swara: Sanskar u r angry one me

Sanskar nodded his head without looking at her

Swara: it’s okie I thought to share this with u (shows him ?) but u r not talking to me it’s okie I will alone eat this without sharing to anyone

Sanskar seeing chocolate in front his eyes he can’t control himself he immediately snatched ? from her

Sanskar: we should share everything (angrily) and who said I’m angry on u no I’m not angry on u I was just just don’t I’m not getting anything

Swara smiles seeing him like this and snatched ? from him

Swara: go do brush then only chocolate

Sanskar: I don’t want to do brush now plz after eating I will do plzz (with puppy eyes) 

Swara nodded in big no and dragged him to washroom and gave him brush to do

Sanskar with angry face started doing brush soon after brush he immediately took ? from her hand and started eating

After few hrs all had their break fast and swaragini and Sanskar went to Sanskar room to spend sometime with each other

Sanskar went down and got some drinks and chips with him to room and sat in front of swara

Ragini: (confused)  Sanskar just now u have break fast and again these things y

Swara: (smiles)  di now I will tell story na that’s y he got all these 

Sanskar nodded his head widely with giving tight smile to ragini

Ragini: (laughs) Sanskar u r so cute (pulls his cheeks) 

Sanskar: (blushes)  I know I’m cute cutey but don’t pull my cheeks it’s paining

Swaragini: awwww

Sanskar: okie tell me fast what happen after prince and princess confession

Before swara start she got a call from her PA she excused from them for few seconds Sanskar pouts seeing this

Ragini: don’t worry till that time I will continue ur story

Sanskar: my story (confused)  no it’s prince and princess story

Ragini: yeah that only (smiles) 

@swara side

Swara: hello

PA: swara today u r having meeting

Swara: I can’t come today plz handle this meeting and I want this project at any cost and I want their destruction soon I can’t see them smiling in front of me (dangerously) 

PA: yes swara we will get this project at any cost and u will see their destruction infornt of ur eyes (smiles evilly) 

Swara: thank u so much for helping me bhai

PA: come on swara u r calling me bhai and saying thanks not fair

Swara: okie okie no thanks okie (smiles) 

PA: okie bye take care

Swara: bye

@sanskar side

Ragini started telling him after the confession what happened


Arjun was still lost in his own world

Sanskar: (looks at him)  Arjun what happened

Arjun came to senses ntg man

Arjun: (monologue)  I can’t say u now Sanskar u r so happy today I don’t want to make ur mood sad what I have seen is true means ur life is in danger but who is back of u

Swara: Arjun bhai where u lost again

Arjun: ntg swara wait what did u call me

Swara: Arjun bhai (hesitation) 

Arjun: wow what a change Arjun to Arjun bhai

Sanskar playfully beat him on his arms

Arjun: anyways thank u so much my sweet sister I don’t have any sister now u full filled that place (hugged her)

Swara: (smiles)  u know even I don’t have any bhai that’s y I called u bhai when ever I see u with Sanskar I used to feel to call u bhai see now I got bhai
Sanskar was seeing them with pout face bcoz no one is care about him both lost in their brother and sister feeling

Sanskar: (dramatic way)  ohhh god what I have to do now no one is caring about me here

Arjun and swara beat him playfully  he winced in pain

Voice: whats going here how can u both tease my brother 

All looked towards the direction that non other than ragini before swara hug her Sanskar hugged in side ways

Sanskar: see now I got my sister for my support

Swara and Arjun looking at them in shock swara was shocked bcoz Sanskar Is calling her di has his sister and Arjun was shocked to see who is she

Swara sister jealously raised in her she went to them and separated hugged her di tightly

Swara: (jealousy tone)  she is only my sister my di

Ragini: (smiles seeing jealousy and keeps hand on her head)  okie I’m only sister okie leave me now

Swara nodded in negative

Swara: (looking at Sanskar)  I won’t share my di with anyone

Sanskar: (shocked)  ur di means u r shona I’m mean her shona

Swara nodded her head

Ragini: shona see he is ur Sanky who is my tutor and my Sanky bhai

(guys Sanskar was tutor and he gain money from this so that he can’t depend on his parents)

Swara: u r that Sanky panky

Sanskar: what sanky panky (shouts) 

Ragini laughs loudly seeing both them but a pair of eyes where looking at her like he will eat that is our Arjun

Ragini: okie let me tell u bhai she was jealous that in short period of u got close to me so she was angry on u that’s it

Swara made faces seeing her but Sanskar smiling widely

Sanskar: that means u r jealous of me (teasing way) 

Swara:(making faces)  what ever but I won’t my di with u she only my di

Sanskar: okie madam don’t share ur sister with me happy now

Swara: okie (smiles widely) 

Ragini: okie shona chalo it’s already late we have to leave I came to take u ur car is still in garage so chalo we will leave saying she said bye to Sanskar and looked towards Arjun who was still in his world

Seeing him even ragini was in same state

Before ragini continue swara came to them and started shouting that she will say

Swara: stop it di now it’s my turn I will say

@flashback starts again

Both swasan looked towards Arjun again to ragini but both are so lost in each other that they forget that their lovely sister and brother where seeing them

Swara: (whispers) Sanskar I think there will be other story in line

Sanskar: haha shona even I’m thinking the same

Swara: (shouts)  don’t call call me shona

Listening swara shout both Arjun and ragini came to senses

Sanskar: (confused)  but y

Ragini: what happen now (irritating tone) 

Swara: only my di have right to call me shona not u okie I’m only ur angel that’s it (angry tone) 

Sanskar: (shocked)  I don’t know that u r so much possessive about ur sister swara

Ragini: u don’t know about her bhai
Before she continues swara shouted again

Swara: di don’t u dare to call him bhai 
Ragini raised her eyebrows in angry way

Swara: (pleading tone)  plz di 

Ragini was looking her in same way seeing this swara got sad and bent her down

Ragini: (nodded her head) okie shona I won’t call him bhai but tell me one thing u r calling Arjun has ur bhai like same way even I feel to have a bhai na and I got Sanky bhai

Swara: (pouts)  okie u can call but u should support me out when ever we get fight u two (ragarj) should support me only not Sanskar

Sanskar: (shocked) I don’t know u have these many angles in u god y I feel in love with…. Before he completes ragini stopped him placing hand on his mouth bcoz only she know what will happen when he completes the sentence

Ragini: (whispers)  bhai don’t say anything or else my sister will eat u alive

Swara: (folds her hand around chest) what u r going to say

Sanskar: vo vo vo I’m saying that I y I fell in love with u instead I have to love u more and more u think (smiles widely) 

Swara: (stern tone) really

Sanskar: yes…. Yes

Arjun: okie let’s leave its already getting late looks at ragini again seeing she blushed again which is not gone unnoticed by swasan

Ragini: okie shona chalo if u wont come na now dadi will dance on my head

All four left to their respective places after bidding bye to each other

Screen freezes on 4 of them

Precap: stay tuned…….

***********episode ends**********

Keep smiling guys….

Bye bye….

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