I’m Tolerating My Feelings Alone – OS

” Go and eat quickly “

Mother told me. 

” Hm ” I replied , having no intention of eating tonight.

“Why are these things happening to both of us ? What do we have than others? ” I questioned from my twin sister.

“You know why. Don’t ask”

I fell into a deep thought.. My feelings were going to drawn in sad. I know how to control myself when others get jealous of us and do something.. But I can’t control now. I can’t! How can I ? If these jealous people shout on us , blame us , laugh at us , discourage us I don’t care ! But I can’t tolerate this because they are insulting my parents! Why do they say insulting words to my mom and dad? If they get jealous of us , why insulting them ? Mom and dad have to tolerate all these because of us ..

” Remind me why they get jealous of us ” I told from my twin sister again. 

” Because we are intelligent than them “

I felt it like a joke. A sarcastic smile came to my face. I never thought that someone will be jealous of us because we are more intelligent than them. I knew that I am not the cleverest of all. I could never imagine how this feeling will be when I was a child. None can feel the pain I have. How can I tell it ? Who will understand? Who will believe? 

” You don’t worry. I am here for you. We don’t want anyone else. ” I made a soothing sentence to make my twin alright. 

She was happy by hearing my words. She was encouraged by it. This is the only reason why I can’t show my inner sorrows out. This is why I never show my inner sadness and the pain I get. If I ever show it , it’s not me who will go down first , but my twin. 

I don’t know whether any twin can understand my state . Being envied by someone because me and my twin is intelligent! Can anyone ever imagine such a thing? Can anyone believe such a thing? I’m afraid none will understand my situation.

” Go and eat ” I told her . 

” Come let’s go ” she took my hand and went to her kitchen. 

While having dinner , I murmured my thoughts to myself to get rid of this depression. My twin asked , 

” I saw you murmuring . Tell me what’s it ? “

” The moon is so light today . I can see a rabbit in it too! See ” I changed the topic tactfully. 

I knew I couldn’t run away from my feelings. How can a child tolerate when their parents have to hear insulting words because of them ? I would have been alright if it was a one who is in our age. But.. even their parents!!! I got a flash back at this time. I remembered how parents looked angrily at us when we were going to a class. 

” That rabbit can’t run away from moon and it won’t too . Same here . But I don’t know whether I will be successful or not ” 


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  5. TUFriendsForever

    Is this really your story?? It had a good thought inside I liked I have a twin friends in my school n we call ourselves three idiots and as far as I have noticed they can do anything for each other u r very lucky to have a twin and u r the best priii keep writing

    1. Priyu

      Yeah it’s my story?three idiots!! ???? Awesome ?? yes I’m lucky to have a twin ruff ? thank you so much rufffffffffff ? love you so much ruffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ??????????????????????????????

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