I’m sorry swara plz forgive me – TS (part-3)

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Let’s start,

Morning !
Our cute couple was sleeping peacefully but our princess got up 4:00 early In the morning today she was staring from an hr but still he was not getting up she got irritated now she started waking him up
Swara: sanku (Shakes him) sanku get up na
Sanskar (with sleepy tone): shona let me sleep I’m sleepy and cause no today is Sunday so I can sleep more saying he hugs her more tightly

Swara: sanku plz get up na I’m bored
Sanskar: u also sleep with me princess
Swara: but I’m not getting sleep (innocently)
Sanskar: but I’m Feeling sleepy na princess see I never woke u up when u are more sleepy right like that let me sleep more
Swara: okie but only for 10 min
Sanskar: okie saying he sleeps but disturbed after 10 min again
Swara: wake up it’s 10 min now
Sanskar : just more 10 min
Swara: plz na Sanskar let’s play (sad tone)
Sanskar couldn’t listen to this voice so he woke up and asks wt u want to play
Swara thinks by putting her finger On Sanskar chin instead of her
Sanskar: shona wt is It y r u keeping ur finger on my chin

Swara: I saw in a movie a kid keeps his hand on his chin and he said see if we do like this
we get idea
Sanskar: but y u kept on me
Swara: I kept on u bcoz u should get idea
I’m small na Im not getting any idea so kept on ur chin so that u will get ideas sanku

Sanskar smiles looking at her innocence.
Sanskar: acha okie now I will say that mummy daddy game in this wt will daddy say mummy should listen
Swara nodded her head and I will be daddy
Sanskar: wt how can u will be daddy u r girl na so u will be mummy
Swara: in mummy character I can’t order u na Sanku that’s y I’m daddy

Sanskar: (think) hey bhagwan I thought now I can make her sleep but u even snatched this option
No shona u shouldnt think like that u have to play mummy role and me daddy role his given this character and see even ur mini do the same
Swara:? sachi mini also do the same character okie then I will also take that only my mini is the best

Sanskar: (sign in relief) thank god I’m saved
Acha now morning na so mummy will kiss daddy
Swara nodded her head and kissed him on cheeks
(But our Sanskar want something more than than and u all know wt is that ?)

Sanskar: shona I this game na u should kiss on lips not on cheek
Swara: but y on lips y not on cheeks Sanku
Sanskar: (Think) Question master?
Vo vo shona I’m ur husband na if we are playing this game we should kiss on lips bcoz we are wife and husband na
Swara: okie she said pecks her on lips
Sanskar touches his lips and smile think shona when u will become normal then I will kiss u passionately but right now this s enough for me

Sanskar: (worriedly) And haa Princess this Kiss is only for me not for others Okie
Swara: I know this only for u bcoz I have only 1 husband and that is u
Sanskar smiles and say I’m only ur husband and if it husband is going to snatch by other na u should get him back to u and fight for him okie

Swara: sanku wt r u saying I’m not understanding anything
Sanskar: Sven I don’t shona y said that okie now chalo we will sleep and woke up after few hrs u want to toys na we will today
Swara started clapping in excitement
Swara: Sanku u r my best husband thank u sanku saying this she kissed on his cheeks and says I want ? also ? and and and thinking

Sanskar: smiles okie for now u sleep after that we will think
Swara smiles and slept hugging him

After few hrs Both wake got ready to leave for shopping
Both are in ? swara is laughing in excitement she was contionosly talking and keep on irritating him
Soon his car got out of control and stopped with jerk
Sanskar: (thinks) Wt happen to this suddenly
Shona u sit here don’t get down Saying he came out and see his car tyres are punchered
(thinks) how all tyre got punched at a time soon he saw some nails on the tyre before he think someone came from back and hitted him with rod
He was trying to see at his back but soon his vision got blured

After sometime when he opened his eyes he Found himself in a dark room where He can see only a glass And he was tied to a chair he looked around to find his life but she was no where
Sanskar got panic and started to call her
Sanskar: shona shona where are u Shonaaaaa
Voice: don’t shout like that Sanskar ur shona is here Saying this 2 mask ppl showed swara was crying holding her teddy

Swara: (crying) sanku leave me I want my sanku sankuuuu these are very bad take me from here
Sankar: shhhh don’t cry Princess im here na don’t cry u do wt I said before be brave okie
Swara: (remember something and that work which Sanskar said Reveal it later) don’t worry sanku I won’t cry but ask these bad uncles to leave me I want u Saying this she cried more
Sanskar: don’t cry princess hey plz leave her u take wt ever u want but plz leave her She is a kid plzzz leave her

Voice: how can I leave her she was more precious to me like ? Saying one mask man started touching her face lustly
Swara hugged him and ask him to not to touch him U r bad uncle u bet my sanku
Sanskar: (anger) u basted leave her or else I will break it bones
Who r u???? Y r u kidnapped us???
Voice: OMG u want to know who we are so see us saying both removed their masks

Sanskar was shocked to see them whispers kavhil
How come u both are out
Kavitha Went near Sanskar and stood beside him
Kavitha: baby how r u u know how much I missed u saying she kissed him on cheeks (don’t scold me guys but it’s necessary to show her lust)
Swara: (anger) u bad aunty how dare u to kiss my sanku only I can kiss him saying this she pushed Sahil with full force and went near Sanskar and pushed kavitha (cute anger)
Kavhil was shocked for her sudden action but Sanskar smiles seeing his love act

Kavitha git angry and slapped swara she felled down and her head got hurt with the force her head was bleeding slowly she fell unconscious
Sanskar got angry on Kavitha he slapped hard as hard as he can slap Sahil was shocked to see him free

Kavitha: (anger) How dare u to slap me and how u got free (keeping hand on cheek)
Sanskar: u fool when my shona came to me then only she opened buy thread knot but u both didn’t even notice may she was kid now but still her brain will work faster than u jerks
Sahil went to beat but Sanskar was beating him blue and black mean while kavitha called his goons and ask them to hold him all the mens holder him tightly

Sahil: u dare to slap me right now see wt I will do to ur love
I will r*** her in front of ur eyes but u can’t stop me to complete my work saying this he hItted him on the head with bear bottles But kavitha didn’t stopped him bcoz Sanskar slapped her

Sahil came near Unconscious swara and dragged her in for the of Sanskar About to tear her dress but all are surrounded by ?

Kavhil where shocked how come police arrived at this place

(guys remember when Sanskar told swara to do work she holded his watch and presses the bottom for 10 times Gus it’s a watch which is for safety if we press that 10times police force will arrive at our locating I guess sonata I didn’t remember clearly there is watch like this for girl safety and this watch was given by Sanskar he said to her when ever she is trouble or anything he asked her the press the button)

Sanskar: thank u sir And I need this both to get severe punishment for giving pain to my princes

? smiles and took them both and they back to jail again

Sanskar took swara to hospital and called raglak and shemish to xyz hospital

Sanskar was waiting outside the ward in meantime Raglak and shemish also came to ? Seeing laksh Sanskar hugged Him tightly
Laksh: don’t worry Sanky swara will be fine
Sanky: she will be fine na bhai
Ragini: of course she will be fine Sanky now stop crying like a ? if ur princess see u like she will start scolding me
(mimic) di u don’t even know how take care of my sanku

Sanskar smiles ha ha now all smile I known my princess can’t leave me
Doctor came out of the ward
Doctor : ntg to worry it slight injury if she takes rest she will be fine
Sanskar: thank u doctor can We see her
Doctor: of course go a head
All went near unconscious swara who sleeping on the bed peacefully he went near her and kissed her forehead and pecks her lips without anyone knowing that

In mean time a nurse enters to room And came near Sanskar She gave Prescription to him ask him to get the medicine he nodded his head
Sanskar: okie thank u sister
Maa I will go and get the medicines u all be here I will come in few hrs I have some work
Laksh: Sanky can I come
Sanskar: arey bhai no I say here only I will go and get the medicine and even I havhato somewhere and I will come soon don’t worry bye saying this he left the place

After sometime
Swara was getting conscious she woke up with a thud seeing sumi and ragini she got some relaxed and again she started crying
Ragini: swara wt happen y r crying I know u crying for ur sanku na he will come soon don’t cry
Laksh: swara wise be ur mini is here na y to cry
Swara looking at them in confusion

Swara: wt u ppl are jiju and who is this mini
Sumi: wt did u said who is mini Swara u r fine
Swara: maa wt happen to me but that Sanskar saying in crying tone he tried to mo…..molest me maa.
All shocked to see swara normal but tensed about Sanskar

Swara: (anger) I won’t leave him maa I will send him to jail I thought he is a nice guy but no I hate him I hate him to the core maa now I will show who s swara gadodia is
Ragini: u r not swara gadodia more u r swara Sanskar maheswari
Swara: (shocked) diiii wt r u saying
Laksh: ha swara ur Sanskar wife (tells her everything how he got drugged his Care And everything)
Swara: (tears) No this can’t happen I know Ur lying to cover ur brothers mistake
How can u stoop low jiju
Ragini: swara laksh is right and u know ur mini can’t lie to u sry jiju
Swara: dii before she completes her words Sanskar entered with ? and teddies for swara

Sanskar: see princess I got ur ? and teddies u want new one see this nice na saying this he saw tears in her eyes
He immediately cupped her face shona y r u crying don’t cry I know u r afraid of that bad uncles na see they are getting punished I only bested them see saying this he took phone from his pocket and showed the video where he bear kavhil blue and black

Sanskar: now don’t afraid of those bad uncle and aunty he wiped her eyes now eat dinner after that I will give u ? okie and don’t move and try to play we will go to home after the dinner doctor we can take u okie now smile

Swara shocked to see Sanskar she want to burst in anger but ragini holded her tightly not say a word so she was silent

Nurse came and kept the food he took it and ask raglak and shemish to have their dinner in ? cateen but all are tensed to leave bcoz of swara reaction they don’t want to move but still they left the place for Sanskar

Sanskar kept dinner for her he was talking random talks but swara was not in a state to respond anything she was just in shock Sanskar observed her and thought may today incident was effecting her so he thought to give her time
After completing dinner Sanskar swara to rest he made her to sleep and kissed on her forehead and pecked on lips he left the ward for discharge papers

All are present in the room laksh was about to tell him about swara but ragini stopped him And even ask shemish to keep quiet Sanskar took Sleeping swara due to medicine effect in arms and left to mansion

In car swasan and shemish one car and raglak on other car
Laksh: y u stopped me ragini he want to know truth na
Ragini: no laksh swara only should say that and I want my sister to forgive him if u tell the truth Sanskar won’t face swara in fear and I don’t want that I hope u understood that
Laksh: okie ragini I won’t tell him
All reached mansion as usual left to their respective rooms

Swasan room
Both sleeping hugging each other tightly he was hugging her tightly has if his life depends on her if he leave a inch also she will leave Him
Sanskar: u don’t know shona seeing u in that state I felt like I’m lifeless body shona I want to kill those bastards but bcoz of u only I left them or else I would killed both of them with my hands how dare they are, to touch my shona But u don’t worry shona I won’t leave then that easily saying this he pecked on her forehead and dosed off

Next day morning
Swasan room
Both sleeping hugging each other tightly but Sanskar was not sleeping peacefully he was in fear of losing her he was more tightly so that no one can take from him
Swara sensing the grid on her getting tight her sleep got disturbed slowly he opened her eyes and seen her in his embrace she was blushing but soon reality hits her she broke the hug suddenly

Sanskar woke up and seen swara was awake Sanskar immediately cupped her face worriedly
Sanskar: shona wt happen touches her head is it paining Don’t worry shona
If it’s paining alot say me we will go to ?
Swara: Sanskar ntg lime that I’m fine
Sanskar: shona u r alright y r u calling me Sanskar u r angry on me I’m so sry princess if I did anything wrong
Swara: (reality strikes) ntg sanku just thought to call u Sanskar I want to see how it feels
Sanskar: I don’t know that but plz call me sanku not Sanskar
If u call me Sanskar na I feel u r not my shona remember swara is Sanskar and Sanskar is swara
Swara just nodded her head Sanskar took her in arms and went to washroom Swara eyes got widen in shock
Sanskar took her and made her brush
Sanskar: swara wt happen to u y r u behaving weird today Are u alright
Swara: ntg y r u asking
Sanskar: then y r u not playing with paste today
Swara: simply
Sanskar nodded his head confusingly

He took her near bathin side he was about remove her dress
Swara: Sanskar wt r u doing
Sanskar: wt I’m doing making u ready shona
Swara: no no no today I will get ready by my own
Sanskar: but shona daily I will make u ready na y sudden change I know u was to play with water na but I wont allow u today u will catch cold
He just removed her clothes without even listening to her she was in Shocking state before she could react he removed her dress completely

He Was just Concentrating on her bath She was shocked seeing him he immediately dried her hair and make dress as usual and he was making her ready

Sanskar : now see u got ready now waiting for 10 min I will come after freshen up go down to mini and no ? I will give after bf go down now
Saying this he left to freshen up

Here was shocked to see his care towards her with her thoughts she was slowly going down to the dinning area she went and sit on the chair without any word

Ragini came and Shakes her too get her back to reality
Ragini: swara now u got to know na y asked to forgive Sanskar
Swara: thank u di thank u so much if u would have not stopped me na then I don’t know wt should have done
Now it’s my love turn to make him feel happy In mean time all came for bf Swara was blushing seeing Sanskar she was stealing glances on him without His notice

(guys I don’t want to drag the forgiveness part bcoz he was already guilty for which he didn’t done intentionally I don’t Want any punishment for Sanskar if u ppl don’t like this I’m sry for that plz forgive me)

All completed their bf all happy to see swara happy seeing they all got to know that she forgave him
Swara: mini my ?
Laksh: (though to tease) ohh sry doll I forget to get ? today wt will u do know
Swara makes pout I don’t wana talk to you go
laksh smiles took ? from his pocket and gave it to her
She happily yelled and took ? from his hand started munching and went to room followed by Sanskar

In room
Swara munching her ? with full concentration without knowing a pair of eyes where watching her with desire that is our hero

He was unable to control himself he went near her now both are lost in each other eyes he about to kiss her but reality hits him he immediately stood up
Sanskar: sry….sry shona Vo vo not getting anything to say he just simply clean the lips and left the place hurriedly
Swara was laughing seeing his reaction but soon her smile turned into guilty for acussing him for which he didn’t done intentionally but she thought something and smiles
she called raglak (mute)
After sometime sanskar came to room to check swara she was playing with doll (we can acting)
Sanskar: shona now it’s time to sleep
Swara: no Sanku I want to play more
Sanskar: I told u na shona if u sleep now then only I can go to work na and I have a meeting today which is fixed after 1hr I will go come soon till that time plz sleep after that we both will play okie
Swara smiles secretly and says okie
He made her sleep and went to meeting

Soon he left swara woke up from the sleep and went out for shopping with ragini and came Back to home After 2hrs and started her work in the room it took 3hrs for her to decorate the room She came down locking the room door so that Sanskar can’t enter to room

In no time Sanskar came ? To the mansion bcoz its already late and he know if he didn’t and for lunch his love won’t eat
Sanskar: (breathing heavily) shona I’m so sry I know u r angry on me But plz forgive me
Swara: (fake anger) no I won talk to u u know I’m so hungry from 3hrs (pout)
Sanskar: I’m sry na shona see I got chocolate for u plz not forgive me
Swara: okie I will forgive but not only ? we will for park today evening
Sanskar agreed and both had their lunch she was eating late and irritating him alot after lunch swara didn’t even let Sanskar to go to room she directly took her to the park which is near to their home both played in the garden with kids soon they both reached home Sanskar: now chalo my punishment is completed now come with me I will make u ready
Swara: no u sit here I will only then only come
Sanskar: shona I known u want to play with but I wont allow U for that u will catch cold soon now stop ur drama
Swara: sanku plz only 5min after that I will only call now plzz sit here and I promise I won today with water
Sanskar Was getting confuse by behavior

Sanskar: shona u r fine na y r u behaving strange I was seeing u from hospital u are not at all my shona u different
Swara: sanku plz wait okie maa will tell u everything u go and ask her
Sanskar went near sumi nodding his head in confuse manner
Swara immediately ran to the room and switch of the light And stood in front of the room
Sanskar: shona wt is this S maa is not at Home then y u said maa will say u saying this he came near swara
She smiles sheepishly
Swara: I will give u all answer for all ur questions Sanku
Sanskar: okie now tell me wt
Both went to the room it was dark Sanskar about to switch on the lite but swara stopped him
Swara: wait sanku when I tell then switch on the light
Saying this she went aside from him
Sanskar: shona where r u leaving u will fall in the Dark something strike him
He immediately started shouting

Sanskar: (shouted) who r u U r not my shona she has fear of dark who r u before swara could reply Sanskar immediately switched on the light
He turned back and shocked to see the decorations in the room
Sanskar: wt is th… But his words left incomplete Seeing swara on her knees
He was about to lift her but swara stopped short her hand

Swara: I love u Sanskar I love u so much I’m not telling u has ur kiddo I’m telling has swara gadodia because she was no more kiddo now she was fit and fine
Sanskar was shocked to listen she was normal he was happy but soon his smile was changed into fear yes guys fear of loosing her his mind was fully occupied with on one word she was normal bcoz he know If she gets fine his love will leave him for his work which he has done out of senses
Sanskar immediately hugged her tightly as if she will leave him
Sanskar: (tears) plz shona don’t leave I know u are angry on me bcoz u r normal now but plz don’t leave me u can any punishment u want to give I will everything for ur forgiveness plz swara but don’t leave me I can’t live without out plz I AM SORRY SWARA PLZ FORGIVE ME

Swara was shocked to see his reaction she Thought he will shocked that the reason she told love u 1st before the truth but still he kept only the word normal not the love

She was trying to break the hug but Sanskar was not all ready to leave her
Sanskar: plz shona Don’t leave u punish me but plz don’t leave he was crying like a baby boy even letting her talk
Swara: (breathing heavily) Sanskar……. im…… getting…….hard……to……breath…….
Sanskar finally came to senses and immediately broke the hug he was shocked to seeing her Coughing badly
He immediately went near the bed and got a glass water she drank in gulf
Swara: wt Is that Sanskar wt If I will die..
Sanskar immediately in dangerous voice swaraaaa
Holds her shoulder he made her look into his eyes
Sanskar: don’t even dare to think to leave me
Swara was shocked for his sudden action but she was feeling happy seeing his love for her
Swara realise from his girp and hugged him with force due force he feel fell down

Swara: thank u so much Sanskar thank for loving me this much thank u for taking care of me thank u for coming in my life thank u for for everything Sanskar

Sanskar was happy to listen her words he can’t express how much happy today he was he just holded her has tightly has possible to feel her presence

Both are feeling blessed and complete now no one said a word both are just trying to feel their presence

Soon both break the hug
Sanskar: (teasingly) ahhhh shona u r so heavy now get up from me
Swara: ohhh hello Mr maheswari u have to bear me for life long okie and don’t dare to tease me Mr meaheswari u don’t about swara swara gadodia she can….
Sanskar: (before she completes) not swara gadodia ur swara Sanskar maheswari now And waise bi I’m ready to bare u not only in this life but I can say in every life Mrs maheswari

Swara: (overwhelmed) thank u Sanskar for loving me
Sanskar: swara I’m not loving u swara I’m loving my life but unfortunately it’s u
Swara: (something strikes) Started beating him u idiot monkey donkey ? ? fellow
Sanskar was seeing her childish act With a smile And trying to stop her
Sanskar : are you shona y r u beating me
Swara: u r asking y bcoz of u my full plan was chopat
Sanskar: which plan???
Swara: Which plan are u asking which plan saying this she stood and signed him to stand properly She holder his hand and showed the room which is full decorated with their photos their 1st meet raglak functions all we can say every moment was present there and there LCD projector which is having a apology note for Sanskar to misunderstanding him and his childhood pics and few love quotes

Swara: It took 5 hrs for me to do all this and I have sended u for meeting with much difficulty but still u flopped my all plans (pout)
Sanskar Was overwhelme listening her but when she said she only sended him office he was shocked
Sanskar: wt u sended me to office with stupid meeting
Swara: ha I only sended u (pout)

Sanskar: (smiles) hugged her from back waise swara u know I just love ur pout when ever keep like this na I feel like kissing u Hardly but I used to control myself very hard
Swara: (turns to his side and kept hands on his neck) Huskily who said to control ur emotions now
Sanskar Was shocked seeing her bold actions We can say He was sweating seeing her new avthar for the 1st time
Swara started laughing seeing him so tensed
He understood she was teasing him

Sanskar: acha meri princess is teasing me now I will see who will stop me from this saying he started tickling her
Swara: hahahahahaha Sanskar plzzz Stop hahshah plz plz Sanskar haahahahha
Sanskar: I will Stop but on one condition
Swara: hahaha wt wt hahahah is it
Sanskar: kiss me
Swara: no hahahaha
Sanskar: then okie be ready for more
Swara: okie okie I will
Sanskar: not on cheek understand (future plan bandha)
Swara: okie

Sanskar smiles and stopped tickling her now kiss me
Swara was breathing heavily she took few minutes to get normal
Slowly she went near him both are so close to each other there is an inch gap between their lips
But swara kissed his nose tip and bitted his nose before Sanskar could react she immediately ran to washroom

Sanskar: s
Swara: every thing is fair in love and War Mr maheswari And I didn’t do any cheating okie u just not kiss on ur cheek see I didn’t kiss u there simple (She said all this with opening the bathroom door slightly)
Sanskar frowned for her reply he ranned near before she closed the door he kept his fingers in the middle of the door bcoz of that she was unable to close the door
Sanskar smiled winningly he soon entered into the room

Sanskar: u can’t escape from me so easily Mrs maheswari
Swara was just makes puppy face
Sanskar: shona don’t keep this kind of expression it make me loose my control saying this he was Caressing her lips With his thumb
Swara was lossing her senses in his touch

Sanskar was staring at her lips – shona can I
Swara just closed her eyes in positive sign in no time he kept his lips on her he was kissing gently showing his love even she was reciprocating in a same manner both are lost in the kiss Sanskar was sucking her lower lip and swara was sucking his upper lip Both are tasting their sweet essence which making them To lose their senses soon they both broke their kiss lack of oxygen

Both are breathing heavily swara was unable to face him due to shy she just hugged him tightly Sanskar also hugged her back

Sanskar: shona can I take our relation to next step
Swara: (smiles) sanky u know wt I thought not to take a step forward but I have to keep our relationship to next level bcoz our author swasanangel has no time so I have to accept now ?
Sanskar: thanks to swasanangel
Sanskar took her in his arms and left the place he slowly put her on the bed

Note: mature content read at ur own risk!!!!

(guys I know my mature content will be somewhat boring g without any songs ntg but I’m telling u seriously I’m unable to choose songs but I will my level best to make feel gud)

Sanskar: u know I was waiting for this day from years
Swara smiles and hugged him tightly and (whispers) I’m all urs Sanskar u can love how ever u want
Sanskar before he starts his work something strikes his mind – shona where is maa Papa and raglak Wt is they come when we are loving each others

Swara: (smiles) don’t worry Sanskar they won’t come bcoz I said them not to come home for tomorrow evening I said them to stay in farmhouse for today
(whispers) I said na u can love me has ur wish
Sanskar was about to ask one more question buy swara smashed her lip to stop him for further questions at 1st Sanskar was shocked to see her bold act but soon he also responded to her with same passion

Sanskar: (huskily) I’m loving this avthar Mrs maheswari
Swara was blushing hard Her cheeks turned like red ?
Sanskar started kiss her near the neck he was kissing her with full of love
Swara was pressing him more on her giving more pleasure to him
Sanskar was bitted near the neck the area got red due to his Love bite she hissed in pain and pleasure to reduce her pain he started giving wet kisses

Slowly he started kissing her chin he was doing his work slowly we can he wants feel Her every part of her which is his now he started caressing her face with his nose he was making her more crazy by his act at the same he was pressing her b***** with his hand

Both again get into a kiss now he was not kissing him slowly he was sucking her lips Hard even she was doing the same he bitted her lower lip which started bleeding for his act he slowly break the kiss and licked the blood with his tongue he was still caressing her lips with his tongue her lips was shivering but soon or turned aging into kiss she started kissing him hardly she was pushing him more on her her hands where brushing his hair But soon both break the due lack of oxygen

Sanskar was staring her lovingly but his hands Where Not stopped traveling all over her body which making her to shiver Soon he started removing her Dress no she was only in her inners
Sanskar bitted her b***** to which she gasped in pain
Swara: ahhhhh San… Sanskar plz slowly
But he was not at all in a mood to listen her he again did with another one slowly he moved his hands to unhook her b** he removed and throwed it down

He was about to took her in to deep kiss but swara stopped him and rolled on him
Swara: (whisper near ?) it’s my turn Mr maheswari saying this he removed his shirt buttons
She was caressing his perfect body soon his hands where removed and she started biting him with full of his love and passion soon the bitten area turned into red colour and few of teeth marks
Sanskar: ahhhh sh…..shona
She leave any area without her teeth marks but to soothe the pain of his she started giving wet kisses to him slowly she took his nipples in her mouth and gave him more kisses there which he was unable to control now he immediately rolled her down without giving a chance he started sucking on his ****** and pressing another one with his hands he was giving equal importance to both soon he took another one

He putted his tongue out and started licking whole body of her now she can Feel how much wet she Was now soon she started getting the pain in the lower abdomen
Swara: Sanky…..now….. plz …..stop…… teasing…….. me ……..I …….need……. u…..with much difficulty this words came out from her mouth

Sanskar smiled seeing his love demand and how much she need me now
Sanskar: princess it will pain will u able to bear
Swara: (overwhelmed) I’m ready to take any pain which will give u pleasure if u are happy then I will also be happy
Plz Sanskar make urs
Sanskar smiles and removed his inner arm his pant and inners soon he entered into her

She shouted in pain loudly Sanskar was about remove but she was Not even allowing to remove with no option he started again to divert her he took her lips into his again

Slowly Slowly she Started enjoying the pleasure given by his sweet husband both reached into climax
Both are breathing heavily he slept beside her taking her in his embrace after taking some rest he was trying to woke up her but she was hell tried she was not even able to open her eyes

He smiles and kisses her forehead but soon he took her in arms and left to washroom he made her sit on one corner of the ? he cleaned her properly with wet cloth she was trying to open her eyes but due to triedness she was unable to do that he made her hot shower bath And went out and removed the bed sheet which is filled with some blood drops and wired another bed sheets Soon he again went to washroom and took her in arms he came out and he wored night dress to her and same with him soon both reached near bed and slept in each other embrace

Next day morning
Swara woke up due Sunrays she slowly opened her eyes and seen her love who is sleeping peacefully she hugged him tightly but soon something stopped her that is their she was thinking how she was in normal dress now soon she remembered how he gave her hot shower she was having tears in his eyes seeing his love for her
In no time Sanskar also woked up and seen her in tears he worriedly cupped her face
Sanskar: shona kya hua y r u crying acha stop crying I will give u ? I know u r crying for that only I will give u okie don’t cry (forget that she was normal now)
Swara: sanku I’m not crying it was just happy tears I’m normal now sanky
Sanskar lost in his thoughts she shakes him to get back to reality

Sanskar: shona if I ask a wish to u u will do it for me
Swara: wt do u want Sanskar
Sanskar: I don’t want anything to change between us shona
Swara was confused – matlab?
Sanskar smiles-matlab ye hai I don’t want anything to change between us means I will only woke u up and getting ready has before I don’t want to change this all

Swara: but Sanskar now I’m fine there is no need to do this I can manage and waise no I don’t want to trouble u
Sanskar: no shona plz don’t say like that u r troubling me in fact if u won’t allow then only I will get into trouble u don’t know Shona when u Said I’m normal na I don’t kno…..

Before he completes the word she hugged him tightly
Swara: okie Mr maheswari I won’t stop u
Sanskar smiles and said thank u Mrs maheswari
Sanskar: Now let me sleep I’m tired
Swara: Sanskar okie u sleep I’m not getting sleep and waise bi I Should call jiju and di And have to say thanks to them (but he remembered something and started laughing)
Swara was shocked for seeing him thinking y suddenly he started laughing

swara: sanku y r u laughing
Sanskar: u… know ….when… u …are …not…. normal…. then…..wt ……u …did…
Swara: wt ??? Confusingly

Sanskar: one u woke up early than me but I was not in a mood to get so I told u to go near ur mini and play
Swara: wts in that u r laughing like I kept cockroachS in ur bag
Sanskar: waif Mrs maheswari I will tell u u went near ur mini

Swara started knocking the door of raglak room
Lazily ragini opened the door without asking who is it when she opened the door
Swara: miniiiiii
Raglak where startled for her sound after She came near laksh and trying to open the bed sheet Ragini eyes got widen she was trying to stop

Laksh: doll no doll no

Swara: miniiii get up na y r u not allowing me to ur bed sheet and wt these clothes are doing shattered minion y ur room is so messy Don’t u know u should keep our room neat wait I will complain about u both to mumma (innocent kid)

Ragini: (sweating in tension) swara y u came here at Early morning
Swara: y u both are in tension shall I on ac saying she went near ac
Buy it’s already on

Swara: but y both are Sweating mini leave it come play with me Sanku Is not Waking he was still sleeping
Laksh can’t getting words wt to say he gripped bed sheet more tightly

Ragini: swara y Sanky is not getting up if he won’t wake up then throw water his face he will wake I will also do same thing with ur mini
Swara: saachi
Ragini: muchi
Laksh: now go and wake him up and let me sleep
Swara: okie bye and ha mini and di we shouldn’t mess the room like this okie Sanku only said this to me now both get up and clean ur room 1st if u won’t do this then u fall ill
Okie now bye bye

@fb ends

Swara was embarrassed listening him but he was laughing holding his stomach swara got anger and took water hug on the side table splashed on his face
Sanskar got shocked for sudden action ?

Swara: (anger)sanku after that I splashed on u like this only na She was about to run from there
Sanskar Holded her tightly through waist
Sanskar: where are u leaving Mrs maheswari That to without punishment That not fair na

Swara: sans…
Sanskar kissed her on lips to shut her
Swara: (shocked) wh..
Sanskar again kissed her
Swara: I will….
Sanskar again kissed her
Now she got to know if talk more he will only do this
Swara: okie tell me wt the punishment
Sanskar: that’s like my wifey see I’m half Body wet na now u have to kiss me on till the wetness will become dry and ha Mrs maheswari u have to give wet kisses to me

Swara: wt n…..
Again kissed her
Swara had no option she Silently removed his t shirt and throwed a side and started kissing him from forehead to his abs she was giving wet kisses she started sucking his ?drops slowly she came down started sucking the water drops from his lips but soon he turned into a passionate kiss
After breaking the kiss
Swara: San…..
Sanskar again kissed her
Swara was cursing her and again started her work soon she completed his punishment

Swara: see I’m done In happy Way
Sanskar: shona darling I said I should become dry but still I’m wet
Swara was shocked listening him
Swara: no way Sanskar u can’t do this to me see I’m hungry but…..

Sanskar: (worriedly cupped her face) wt shona u r hungry y didn’t u say before come I will make bf saying this he took her down in arms bcoz he know it will Be difficult to walk properly bcoz of last night

Swara was admiring when was doing bf she was happy to get a life partner like him
Soon both had their bf but they where shocked to see the time bcoz its noon time but they are having bf

Swasan room
Sanskar was leaning to head board and swara was in front of him playing her head in his back he was playing with her Fingers

Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: me and di are thinking to go near ur parents (said in one breath closing his eyes tightly)
Sanskar: (without any emotion) swara I don’t have parents I have only brother
Swara: plz Sanskar they are u parents And I’m sure they where also felling bad and missing u
Sanskar: ( tears) no shona u r wrong they are not missing us they even where garland to our photos bcoz I married u
U know wt when I thought this for that only Bhai and I went to home secretly but the scene which we both seen was made shocked for us swara
They….. Both…… Where…… Doing……. Our……. Shradha……swara

Swara immediately hugged him and asked when u went Sanskar
Sanskar: we both of next of our marriage
Swara: that y they did that bcoz they where angry on u but I guess they will be missing u both now
Okie let’s check ones Sanskar plz for me
Sanskar: okie
They called ragini and same happen with raglak side both reached home mm

Both ap and dp are Sitting in the hall checking some documents 1st sanlak entered into the Mansion seeing them ap and dp got happy seeing them they thought they left swaragini
Ap: Sanskar laksh come I know Sanskar u can’t stay without ur mom
Both thought they where happy seeing them after so many days but listening dp words their smile got vanished
Dp: Im happy Sanskar Finally u left swara
Ap: I told u na dpji they are our sons see they proved Now we will get Sanskar to Marry that girl which we choosed for him before swara
Dp: smiles of course ap then Our business will be in top 10
In mean time both swaragini entered into mansion

Dp and ap looking at them in confuse manner
Sanskar: I’m sry Mr maheswari we thought u both are changed thats y we 4 came to see u but Mr maheswari u thought I left her But the truth is I came with her
Ap: Sanskar how can u call ur papa with name he is ur father
Laksh: then wt will he call u both didn’t left a chance for us to call u both as maa and papa
Dp: lakshhhhh
Swara: Sanskar Mini relax let me talk

Listening swara they got to know she was normal
Dp: u got normal swara
Swara: ha uncle I’m normal now
Dp and ap are somewhat happy but they want Sanskar to get marry another girl they don’t want to accept her but still they accepted bcoz something better than ntg

Swara: I know uncle u both are angry on them bcoz of me they left u both I’m sorry for that uncle
I thought u both are missing them but u both made me wrong still u both are the same
Uncle in life money Is ntg uncle love and relations are most important than money
Money should be our need not our priority but I got to know u both give importance to money than love I’m sry uncle now we can’t stay here

(guys Swara listened everything sanlak and dp ap conversation)

Swara: (tears) sanku I’m sry I though u where but uncle and aunty made me wrong chalo we will go
Laksh: are doll y r u crying they have to cry not us u don’t need feel bad u know bcoz of u we got real mom and dad
Sanskar: we know shemish where not out real parents but they are more than that
Swaragini Were smiling in tears

Laksh: acha Now chalo we will leave saying all 4 left the mansion
Here ap and dp where more angry bcoz of swara they where feeling insulted

@ gadodia mansion
Shemish where waiting for 4 both are really hungry and guys they don’t that t egg u went to mm
Seeing all 4 they where happy that now they can eat
Shekar: ha finally u all came I’m happy come let’s have dinner im so hungry
Laksh: arey papa u both can eat y u stayed for us
Sumi: arey laksh wt r u saying how we both eat without children
Acha chalo e sab u know my mouth is watering seeing the food chalo come fast
Sanlak are happy to get shemish

Sanskar: even I’m hungry chalo we will eat
Come shona saying he dragged her and sat to eat he was feeding her Happily
Ragini: (teasingly) arey Sanskar ji My sister is normal now
Sanskar: (got that she was teasing) ha I know she was normal but I think u r jealous of ur sister don’t worry bhabi I will Say to my bhai To feed u

Laksh: I’m ready
Ragini Was shocked and beat him with her elbow Laksh hissed in pain
Laksh: arey y u beat me I said truth only na
Ragini was eembrssed

Swara: wow mini u r so cute
Laksh: thank u doll
Like this all had their dinner and spender some quality time with ?
____________ THE END ____________

I hope u guys liked it and once again sry for late update

Keep smiling guys
Bye ? ? ?…….

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