I’M YOURS- A Shivika OS

Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS….this is YAZHU… back with another OS for you all…Thanks a lot for your support guys…I’ve got happy by seeing all your lovely comments for my previous updates…Love you guys a lot…this one will be on SHIVIKA, some cute and romantic moments between them…hope you’ll like it…lets get into the story…

In kitchen, Shivaay is preparing breakfast for Rudra and Soumya while they both were busy with their kitty fight, Shivaay saw Anika coming there. She too saw him and walks towards kitchen. Shivaay forgets his work and just stares at Anika, she too smiles and they share an eye lock which got disturbed by Rudy’s voice.

‘Shiv bhaiya…you can look at Anika di afterwards… prepare the breakfast soon na…I’m so hungry…’ Rudy says making a baby face and Soumya laughs at his comment

‘Yeah…yeah…just wait for a minute’ Shivaay says and started doing his work again. Anika smiles seeing this, just then dadi calls her and she left from there stealing a glance at Shivaay. He too looks at her and smiles to himself. Rudra and Soumya watches all this and signs each other. Shivaay then serves the breakfast to them, and sees Anika coming.

‘I have to make some call…you guys carry on…I’ll join you later’ he says to Rumya and they nods yes

Shivaay then looks at Anika and signs her to come to his room unnoticed by Rumya. Anika understands and nods in yes, he then left from there smiling. Anika goes to Shivaay’s room and got surprised to see him no where. She hears the sound of the door and turns back, to saw him standing before the closed door with a pleasant smile on his face.

‘So…why did you call me Billu ji???’ she asked him crossing her arms

‘Don’t I have the rights to call you Ms.Panika???’ he says with a smirk, walking towards her and then he stand besides her leaning on the table

‘Of course you have…after all you’re my…….boss’ she says

‘Boss???That’s it…nothing more???’ he asks her seeing straight into her eyes

She came and stood before him. She smiles widely and stood still lost herself in his eyes.

‘Your eyes are beautiful…’ she says gazing at him

‘That’s not the answer…’ he says narrowing his eyes, ‘Did Rudy gave you fruit punch again???’ he ask her being confused at her gaze

‘No…’ she says simply

‘Then why are you speaking like this???’ he ask

‘Maybe your blue eyes would’ve casted some black magic on me…’ she answered looking at him

‘Maybe it’s true…and that’s why you’ve become mine…’ he says with some pride

‘When did I become yours???’ Anika asks narrowing her eyes

‘The day when you said yes to me…you’ve become mine then itself’ he says

Shivaay smiles widely, while Anika moves close towards him. His heartbeat rises and he holds the table behind him to get balance. She moves much close to him as if their faces were only an inch apart. He closes his eyes and felt her fragrance which made him go crazy. As he didn’t sense anything then, he opens his eyes, just to find Anika’s laughing and standing away from him.

‘Not so soon Mr.Bhagat Billa…you’ve wait for some more time to get that…’ she says laughing and runs from there

‘Anika…’ he says and started running behind her

Shivaay stops at the door, seeing Prinku with her. Priyanka asks Anika about something and she drags her asking to come with her. Shivaay sighs seeing this, while Anika turns her face and winks at him. His eyes widened seeing her and he smiles to himself. When he turns to get into his room, Om and Rudra stands there crossing their arms and smiles at him.

‘Bhaiya…I thought you were busy with your call…but now it looks like you were busy with something else…’ Rudy asks him in a teasing tone

‘You’re right Rudra…even I’m thinking of the same…’ Om too joins him

‘Shut up you two…’ Shivaay says and smiles sheepishly, while OmRu laughed at him

‘Have you spoken with Tia???’ Om asked him

‘Yeah…I’ve asked her to come here’ Shivaay says with a sigh

‘Don’t worry Shivaay…she’ll understand…’ Om says and pats his shoulder

‘I wish the universe make that Lady Baba to understand…that she’s not right for my bhaiya…’ Rudy says making a puppy face, while ShivOm hugs him and says that everything will become fine.

After some time, OmRu and Anika went to Shivaay’s room and sees Tia with Shivaay. She was about to leave and sees Anika there, she gives a week smile to her and left from there without looking at anyone else. Anika felt bad for her, just then Rudy places his hands on her shoulder, and she looks at him.

‘Don’t be sad Anika di…It doesn’t suit you…’ he says in his innocent tone, Anika smiles and Shivaay too smiles seeing them

‘So…what happened Shivaay??? Did you say her everything…about you and Anika???’ Om asks Shivaay

‘Yeah…I’ve said everything…she understands…It’s quite tough for her but she accepted it…’ he says with a sigh

‘That means Lady Baba won’t come here again…’ Rudy says in excitement

‘Shut up Rudra’ ShivOm says together

‘I felt sorry for her…because of me her dreams were shattered…I snatched you from her…’ Anika says seeing Shivaay

‘No Anika…you didn’t snatch me from her in fact…’ Shivaay stops in the middle to find words

‘He’s always been yours…’ Rudy completes the sentence and pushed Anika towards Shivaay

Shivaay holds her and they share a passionate eye lock. Anika hugs him and rests her face on his chest. Shivaay while hugging her looks at Om and smiles. Om too smiles at him.

‘Come we’ll go outside…let them spend some time together…’ Om says and drags Rudy. And they both left from there.

‘I love you…Anika’ Shivaay whispers in her ears
She smiles and tears flow from her eyes which wets his shirt. Both were lost in each other and stood like that, without knowing how many hours were passed.

So how was it guys??? Hope you all would’ve liked it…pls pen down your thoughts in the comment section…actually I didn’t satisfied with this part…as I’ve got busy with my work and wrote this when I got some time…don’t know whether it’s good or not…if you feel it’s not good don’t hesitate and just let me know through your comments…sorry if I did any mistakes in this part…Thanks for reading it guys…
Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…
One for all and All for one…

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  1. Ketaki19

    aww it’s so beautiful <3

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks ketaki…

  2. awesome , it was too good , loved the last part very much , thanku so much for this wonderful os

    1. Sat

      Hi varshini dear, you asked me if I could be your friend,i replied yes but I didn’t get a response from you. And please comment on my ff Yar

      1. i will surely read ur ff and comment on it too

      2. sorry for not responding dear , i am really sorry , i got busy wid my school works after that

    2. Yazhu

      Thanks Varshini…happy that you loved it…

  3. Ayath

    awesome update

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Ayath…

  4. Fantastic fabulous flawless update. Continue posting os

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks janvi dr…

  5. Sat

    Yazhu you rocked it again Yar, I loved shivaay in this ff, when shivaay is truly understanding, he really looks cute.??? I wish you come up with an OS???

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for those lovely words Sat…your words really encouraged me to write more…

  6. Sweet prefect treat dear good one…
    Plz be back soon

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Bshama…I’ll try to update my next OS soon…

  7. Shaza

    Di …..its awesome…..loved it ..smiling
    all the way while reading 🙂 waiting for more of ur ff’s and OS’s 🙂

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Shaza dr…I’m happy that you loved it…and keep smiling like this always…

  8. Superb…. amazing….. mind blowing!!!!!!!! I just loved ur OS!!!!!!!! That part when Annika come closer to Shivaay n he closed his eyes and breath heavily….. I was laughing…… I mean usually opposite happens!!!!!!! And that last part when Annika rests her head on Shivaay’s chest….. it just look like ur dp…… Saras n Kumud!!!!!!!!! Lovely OS yar…… keep on writing more n more…… on Shivika!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for that cute comment Mukta dr…happy that you loved it…and why should boys have all the fun…again thank u for those encouraging words yaar…

  9. Sweet os ??

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Aniya…

  10. Normally don’t read fan fictions but this was very nice. Very well thought a outnd written. Too cute!! Good job!

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for that lovely comment akann…I’m happy that you read it and loved it…

  11. Hai yazhu ur os is rocking, waiting for ur nxt os. Superb scenes, if possible also include some rudy jokes

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ash…happy that you loved it…

  12. Alekhika20

    Beautiful os,lvd it

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Alekhika…

  13. Neha

    Awesome OS…

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      Thanks Neha…

  14. Jazz1

    Fabulous os di

    1. Jazz1

      You are right why boys always have fun

    2. Yazhu

      Thanks jazz dr…

  15. Jara

    Superb one dear keep going

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      Thanks Jara…

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  17. Ishqkum

    Supper episode yazhu .I loved it .especially when shivaya locked the door and that sequence was nice.

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Ishqkum…I’m happy that you loved it…

  18. Priyanka_22

    Nice one:)
    Thanks a lot dear for this wonderful os 🙂
    And a request if you’re planning for any other or or something on shvka den
    Plz try to add some cozy moments between dem 😉
    I am sorry but Im obsessed did dem
    A die heart shivika fan Can’t help it 😉
    And plz plz plz come back soon wid another os 🙂
    Keep it up

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot priyanka….sure I’ll try satisfy ur request…next one I’ll try to update soon…happy that you loved it…

  19. VHM

    cute , simple and awesome

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      Thanks VHM…

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      Thanks cuteprincess….

  21. Raksha.manan

    Woh…..very nic
    Shivika last part awesome….
    Keep writing…

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Raksha…I’m happy that you loved it…

  22. Tulasi

    Very cuteeeee dear….

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Tulasi…

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