I’m only yours RAGSAN Season 2 (EPISODE 1)

One beautiful house is shown,, it is decorated nicely,, ,some occasion is going on,, ,everyone r very happy in the family. …except one girl

A girl is shown, ,she is in bridal dress,,she is crying madly.. ………she says to herself, y god, y, it’s always me.. .I dnt want this marriage to happen.. .how can Laksh do this ,,he told me he will save me in this Mrg,, ,but he.. …cries,

I’m only belongs to my sanskar. ….my heart,body,soul everything belongs to him. .she goes towards the cupboard and takes the photo (ragsan’s marriage photo) …carcasses sanskar face,, and immediately turns her face towards the wall, ,which has sanskar’s photo with garland,,,she cries.. .

After few minutes. …
Janaki came and ask her to come immediately as everyone r waiting for wedding. ..

Ragini ::2 minutes mom. .I’ll come by saying this she goes to restroom. ….

In mind I didn’t have any other option to stop this marriage by saying this she takes poison from her closed hand…which she hided till yet.. .she cries and took the medicine in a single gulp.. ..she says to herself, I’m coming to u sanku

Janaki:#till how much time u will take, come fast,banged the door
Rag::coming. ..
She opens the door and gives a fake smile. ..
Janaki ::she patted her cheek, v r doing for ur goodness only
Ragini ::gives a faint smile.. .when she moves sees Ganesh idol, in mind plz take me to u before this marriage happens…

Both goes down, ,,,Ragini sat beside laksh whose face was covered under veil.. .

As soon as she sat beside him, ,she felt something strange, ,when laksh holds her hand for doing pujas,,she felt happy inside her heart,, ,she doesn’t know why?? ?she felt dizzy but avoids it,, before she can sense Wat is happening around her,, Laksh puts sindoor in her hairline and tied mangalsutra… .Ragini was feeling happy inside. …

She did 7 pheras with him without her knowledge.. After pandit declares them as husband and wife. …laksh immediately removed her veil. …all r shocked.. ..becaz it’s not laksh. …its Ragini’s sanskar. ..ragini was numb, ,before everyone could react.. .Ragini fainted

Hope u like this, ,,do u people like it or not


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