I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 7


As soon as Sanskar came from office,

Ram:sanskar ji sanskar ji
San:wat bhaiya
Ram:Ragini ji didn’t have food from mrng. .i askd her but she refused.
San::she didn’t have anything from Mrng,, he immediately goes to the room
And saw Ragini who is silently sitting in the bed …

Sanskar goes towards her. .
San:concernly y u didnt have food? R u not feeling well
Rag:angrily y do u care??it’s my wish
San:shocked by her behavior, ,k go and have food, ,Ram Bhaiya kept food for u
Rag:i don’t need..
San:then it’s k, ,ur wish,, he went …

He tries to be casual but he can’t. .OMG y she is not eating, I’m asking her to eat but she is showing attitude. ..after few minutes, he came along with the food and sits in front of her on the bed. …

San::forwards the food plate,say have it
Rag:angrily I don’t want, before she finishes sanskar put food in her mouth. ..
Both had cuteeeeeee eyelock.. .
Sanskar is making her to eat, Ragini in mind u still care for me. ..
Ragini finishes her food by sanskar’s

San:starts to move.. But immediately Ragini pulled him and kissed on his cheek ,sanskar widened his eyes. .

Rag::thank you for ur care hubby. ..smiles
Sanskar don’t know how to react, he silently went out …he carcasses his cheek where Ragini is kissed, an unknown happiness filled in his heart and smile appears on his face..

Sanskar is not getting sleep as he is thinking of evening incident. ..he turning over the bed. .When he heard the door opening sound, he gets alert and acts like sleeping. In order to avoid the embrasement. ..

Ragini locked the door and lie on the bed, beside sanskar. ..And turns towards him,
Rag:cupping his face, I know u can never hate me,,but I have faith our love has unite us And v will live happily like before. ..she kissed on his forehead, and hugged him and doze off. .

San:opened his eyes and see Ragini’s head on his chest and her words are came into his mind, he too kissed on her head unknowingly and hugs her back tightly. …..

As soon as sanskar woke up, he see Ragini in his embrace,, ,he admires her beauty. .
Her forehead,, her thin eyelashes, her cute chubby cheeks and her soft lips,, he lost in her beauty. .and slowly carecassez her cheek ,when he rubbed her lips with his thumb, ,he saw eye movements of Ragini.he get sense. He immediately take his hand back and closed his eyes and pretends as sleeping. ……

Ragini woke up from his sleep, and see sanskar is sleeping peacefully. .
She smiles and goes towards him and kissed him on his cheek.. .gud mrng hubby .she starts to mve, something came into her mind

San:i won’t leave u, until u will give my kiss,tightnes his grip on her waist
Rag:i already gave u, so I won’t
San:then k, stay in the bed itself.. Let be like this and I like it
Rag:sanskar plz
San:ragini Plz
Rag:k she goes close to him to kiss on his cheek but he immediately turns so both their lips meet, ragini widened becaz of the sudden kiss… After they break
Ragini :hits him on his shoulder, Wat u did
San:same question Wat u did
Rag:wat Wat I did
San:im not a kid..u don’t know where to kiss ur husband. …
Rag hits him repeatedly, sanky cutely smiles,,

Fb ends

At present
Rag smiles thinking of the incident,again she came towards Him and peck on his lips ,say sry hubby, I forgot it

Rag blushingly went.. .sanskar shockingly open his eyes and remind their kiss. ..

Hope u people like it, sry if u get bore,,
Thank you for ur support

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